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Sense of Our Flavours《本土味》之亚华肉骨茶 Behind The Scenes

Sense of Our Flavours: Ya Hua Bak Ku Teh 《本土味》之亚华肉骨茶 This is a docu-drama I did in 10 months ago, back in February 2013 (Yes, it was a loooooong wait for me). I got the role after doing a cameo in Director Qing Liang’s previous show (彤心絮语 Art Beats). Using dramatic re-enactments to reconstruct the …

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Channel U: Crossroads 十字路口 (三个人的婚姻)


Channel U: Crossroads 十字路口 (三个人的婚姻) For those who have been watching Channel U recently, you might have spotted me on a trailer for a talk-show called Crossroads or 十字路口. Yes, you didn’t see wrongly, I’m indeed one of the panelists for two of the episodes. So here I am, sharing a bit more about the …

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Funamania 2012 | By It was really fun chaotic at FUNaMANIA 2012 (haha, that”s why it”s called Fun-a-mania right?) Thanks for watching the video.  I know it”s really short as there were a lot of parts where I couldn”t capture (because I was busy taking photos with the celebrities! haha) But I will elaborate more …

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