About Tiffany Yong 熊慧婷

The A.B.C girl who has started her Acting, Blogging and Content Creating since 2012, has seen some changes over the years.

Maturing to a lady and with a shift of priority onto family and finance, it led to a discovery of a new purpose, to help people protect and grow their family, health and wealth. But that doesn’t mean that she has lost her passion for the arts and acting, quite the contrary, Tiffany Yong had in the recent years been producing a range of bite-sized advertorial content for a wide assortment of brands.

With a unique combination of the skills developed from her acting and performance on TV, crossed with her acquired knowledge of working with big brands from her days as a high-profile blogger, Tiffany Yong has a knack for learning the marketing needs of her clients as well as the identity of their label, and artfully expressing them in the form of poignant or catchy short videos.

Tiffany Yong still keeps her passion for acting close to her heart and continues to look out for roles that catch her eye.


DO YOU LOVE ME AS I LOVE YOU (可不可以, 你也刚好喜欢我) Movie Review

DO YOU LOVE ME AS I LOVE YOU Movie (可不可以, 你也刚好喜欢我) Review | by tiffanyyong.com Recommended Audience: Fans of Tsao Yu Ning 曹佑寧, Yuu Chen …

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Sudio Fem Review by Peps Goh

Sudio Fem Review: Fem True Wireless Earphones by Peps Goh

Sudio Fem Review: What Peps Goh Think About Fem True Wireless Earphones Tiffany’s Note: Hola! It’s 2020 and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been …

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Sudio Headphones Regent Tan Genghui

Sudio Earbuds Lookbook by Tan Genghui Photography

Down the Sudio Memory Lane with Tan Genghui Photography Over the past few years, Peps and I often worked with Tan Genghui on lifestyle photoshoot …

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Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå

Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Peps’ Forewords: Before reading this article Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa …

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BenQ W2700 Projector Review: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Can BenQ W2700 Projector Replace Our Television? Peps and I are currently in the midst of doing our BTO (Build-To-Order) and suddenly, all the interior …

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Invincible Dragon (九龙不败) Movie Review

Invincible Dragon (九龙不败) Movie Review | by tiffanyyong.com Recommended Audience: Fans of Max Zhang 张晋, Anderson Silva 安德森·席尔瓦, Stephy Tang 邓丽欣, Kevin Cheng 郑嘉颖, Annie …

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Dr Chung 钟医师
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"An insightful review of "Meeting the Giant". She spotted some of the more subtle points & nuances! Thanks Tiffany! "

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