我要嫁出去 Marry Me Behind The Scenes Part 2

Thomas Ong

我要嫁出去 Marry Me Behind The Scenes Part 2

I received this role on the day of filming, and I was told that I had a few lines to say. I was supposed to be the friend of the voluptuous babe called “Ice” and we were ‘bitching’ about this guy Michael who always live off rich old ladies.

“Ice” and me

So for part timer actors, we do get a little more screen time and lines, compared to calefare, where your face don’t even get seen sometimes!

Is taking up extra roles the way to climb up or get in?

Unless you are super duper ultra lucky, usually, and most likely, an extra usually remain as an extra. So why even be an extra? Like what I said in the previous post, no REAL acting skills are needed for extras, but in order to be an actor, it is important to use the opportunity to OBSERVE how the actors act! Many extras usually keep to themselves and chit chat or have fun, collect money and go home. But if you are hard-working enough, try watching how the main leads act. The way they carry themselves (as a character in the story), the way their eyes act or even how they walk and position themselves in front of the camera.

For those who are interested in the back-end producer, camera crew work, being an extra is a useful way to check out how they work too. When I was involved in student films, the common problem students had was with the lighting and camera angle, something professional crew are experts at. They are able to spot where the problem is and rectify it quickly without having the director asking for it repeatedly.

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