Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå

Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå

Peps’ Forewords: Before reading this article Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå, a disclaimer that I personally prefer earbuds over canalphones.
sudio earpieces
The difference is; canalphones are the ones that fit deep within your ear and has that suction cup like feeling, whereas earbuds that I am referring to are the ones that just fits in a more superficial way.

So with that said, let’s proceed!

The Epiphany Duplet’s Affair with Sudio Products

Tiffany Yong: If you’ve been following our pages, you would have probably seen this crazy video (below) that Peps crashed his computer a few times editing! We have been using Sudio products for over 2 years, and he was totally spoilt by the brand’s quality!

Tolv VS NIVA: Specifications and Cost


WEIGHT4.5g per earbud5g per earbud
PLAY TIMEUp to 35h total3.5 h/charge
Up to 17.5 total
WARRANTY1 year1 year
AVAILABLE COLORSBlack, White, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, GreenBlack, White, Pastel Pink

Tolv VS Nivå: Appearance/ Cool Factor

Peps Goh: The choices for colours is awesome. We went with the dark Green as it’s something really outside of our ordinary choices to change things up a bit! But we were really torn between the elegant Pink with the rose gold button, and fluffy feeling sky / baby blue shades, both of which are super gorgeous. It also comes in the classic Black and White.
Peps Goh TolvTiffany Yong: The new design felt like a little egg in my hand, and I thought the army green colour makes it look pretty cool and manly!

Sudio Tolv Green Tiffany YongPeps Goh: Nivå’s charging port used to be a circular one, and opens up like a foundation make up box would. Whilst the newer Tolv comes in a considerably more compact size and shape (a rough gauge would be if you put 2 standard barbecue marshmallows side-by-side). And the surface is a classy grippy texture that feels luxurious. I’d say that it feels like a nice upgrade.

Tolv VS Nivå: Comfort Level

Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Sudio Tolv Earbuds sizes Peps GohPeps Goh: The convenience of being completely unfettered by wire is definitely nice. I do get a bit worried sometimes of them popping out and dropping somewhere I can’t reach. So make sure to make full use of the range of bud sizes that comes provided to find the most secure fit!

Tolv VS Nivå: ♫♪ Noise Cancellation ♫♪

Tiffany Yong TolvPeps Goh: The canalphones fitting provides a solid amount of noise cancellation! And the sound quality’s bass feels upgraded from the previous models.

Tretton VS Vasa Blå VS Tre: Specifications and Cost

Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Tretton Vasa Bla Tre

COST$189$129$199 (N.A. on Sudio site)
COMPATIBILITYAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
PLAY TIMEUp to 9hUp to 9hUp to 9h
WARRANTY1 year1 year1 year
AVAILABLE COLORSBlack, White, Pink, Classic BlueBlack, White, Pink, Blue, Pastel BlueBlack, White, Pink, Classic Blue

Tretton VS Vasa Blå VS Tre: Appearance/ Cool Factor

Peps Goh: Tretton is reminiscent of the old Tre Model (picture below) in terms of the wire and control panel which I was super in love with, and the outstanding difference would be the loop versus the curved-hook design.
Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Peps Goh TreTiffany Yong: Tre was a unique cool, but Tretton gave me a slightly more secured and comforting feel as it did not give us the impression that it will be uncomfortable on the ear like Tre initially did.
Sudio Tretton Classic Blue Tiffany Yong
Peps Goh: Tretton comes in similar colors; Black and White is the staple, but also in a soft shade of Pink. The one we got was a lovely shade of dark Blue, which was a shade we didn’t see very often on Sudio before!

Tretton VS Vasa Blå & Tre: Comfort

Peps Goh: Tretton would be my clear winner over Vasa as the ear-bud style is something my ears are most comfortable with wearing over a long period of time.
Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Ear-External
Peps Goh: The new loop-designed fitting against the ‘Concha’ part of the ear (see picture above for “Concha”) is as comfortable as Tre’s curved design which I was a very big fan of. Plus the control box of Tretton is now perfectly balanced on both sides as compared to the old VASA that was both positioned and weighted differently on both sides which makes working out in them all that much better.


Tiffany Yong: I loved how snug Tretton fit into my ears and did not give me the feeling that it might pop out any time soon! Given that I’m a pretty clumsy person, Tretton definitely suit my needs!
Sudio Tretton Classic Blue Peps GohPeps Goh: Comes with a range of ear sizes, the smallest one loses the loop aesthetic, opting for a solid protrusion, presumably because if the loop is implemented on such a small scale it might be too fragile.

Tretton VS Vasa Blå & Tre: ♫♪ Noise Cancellation ♫♪

Peps Goh: Similar to Tre, Tretton too has the safety function of not having too much noise cancellation, so that joggers can hear passing bicycles/cars. And seeing how common Grabfood mopeds are in Singapore lately, this is a necessity.
Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Tiffany Yong Tretton
Peps Goh: However if what you are looking for is one that you can shut out the world with, and immerse in your tunes, then canalphone style Vasa Bla would be a better fit for you. If not, the NIVA or Tretton above are great choices.

Peps’ Final Verdict:

Tiffany Yong: Here’s a unboxing video we’ve done sometime back, featuring 6 Sudio products, namely TVÅ, VASA, Vasa Blå, Tre, Nivå and Regent. It was also the basis of our review for today! In the unboxing video, we compared the cool factor, comfort level as well as the noise cancellation of the different models!

Peps Goh: Tretton is my favorite out of the entire catalogue right now, for both the comfort and safety aspect of being able to hear what’s happening around me.
Peps Goh Tretton
Peps Goh: And on top of that, the fact that there is a wire connecting them makes me feel more secure. I’m a teeny bit worried whenever I put on NIVA back then, that it’ll fly off and I wouldn’t notice until it was too late xD. So for me, as a sports-person, I will definitely go for Tretton any time. 

Special Thanks:

Sudio Review of Tolv VS NIVA, Tretton VS Vasa BlåThanks Sudio and Christopher for your generosity over the past few years! It had been a great experience trying out the different types of earpieces and the difference was audibly visible as compared to the ones we’ve been using.

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P.S. From August 2019 to October 2019, every purchase will be given a free Sudio passport cover! So get them before they run out!

Tiffany Yong Peps Goh NIVA Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå Most of our Sudio photos on Instagram were taken by Tan Genghui, do check out his photography works on his website!

Tiffany Yong Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa BlåThanks Kenji and Fannie from Shunji Matsuo for styling our hair for the countless photoshoot we had thus far! Quote either “Peps Goh” or “Tiffany Yong” when you book your appointment for 10% off chemical treatments at Ngee Ann City’s Shunji Matsuo!

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