About Tiffany Yong 熊慧婷

As an Actor

Tiffany first started acting after winning Cheryl Wee’s Happy Shiny People Contest and got to star as the female lead for the singer’s Music Video in 2012. After which in the same year, inspired by her interest in pursuing a career in the media line, she entered Bryan Wong’s hosting competition in Channel U’s ‘Veteran & Rookie’, coming out on top and taking home the first place.

She was best known for her roles as Ah Hua, the elder sister of the well-known Ya Hua Bak Ku Teh franchise in award-winning Sense of Our Flavours 本土味之亚华肉骨茶. The docu-drama won the World Bronze Medal at the 2014 New York TV Festivals. You may also have seen her in Changi Airport’s ASEAN horoscope commercial in the leading role.

Apart from that, whenever Tiffany wears her hair in a shorter cut, she is also often recognised as the distressed extorted damsel from the highest rating episode of Crimewatch – Sextortion in 2014.

As her priorities shift in recent years, Tiffany Yong has continued feeding her passion in acting by taking on bite-sized cameo role in several well-received dramas such as My Guardian Angels 《单翼天使》and After the Stars 《攻星计》as a reporter.

As a Blogger

Graduated in 2011 from National University of Singapore, majoring in Communications and New Media, Tiffany Yong is best known internationally for her asian film reviews. Her reviews were featured on Well Go USA Entertainment film trailers and shared by international celebrities and directors such as Donnie Yen, Tay Ping Hui and Ryon Lee.

In 2016, she represented Singapore to become the Youth Ambassador in the #4BillionDreams UN Environment Programme in Asia Pacific. 

Not only did she collaborate and feature local staycation spots, Tiffany Yong also received invitations to travel to various cities such as Bangkok, Chiangmai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea to feature their facilities and tourism spots. On top of that, Tiffany had collaborated with Brunei Tourism and Malaysia Tourism to promote the places of interests of each respective nation.

She also shares honest reviews and products that she feels help her readers make a sound decision before making a purchase. The brands she had worked with ranged from local brands like Beijing 101, Clover Films, Indulgence Beauty to international brands like SKII, SONY, Casio, Sudio and Gaston Luga. Her successful branding got her the Best Personal Brand Award in 2017, awarded by Marketing Institute of Singapore.

As a Content Creator

With a unique combination of the skills developed from her acting and performance on TV, crossed with her acquired knowledge of working with big brands from her days as a high-profile blogger, Tiffany Yong has a knack for learning the marketing needs of her clients as well as the identity of their label, and artfully expressing them in the form of poignant or catchy short videos.

One of these is the Love At Second Sight series; a 3 part web-series featuring the same story, but told from the point of view of 2 different characters, and subsequently from both of them at the same time. Each episode solely dedicated to featuring a single brand of its own

Koi Plus; an upscale cafe concept featuring premium quality tea. Gaston Luga, a Scandinavian-concept backpack brand hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. And lastly W Eye Clinic; a private eye care clinic located in Suntec City.

And despite each one being such vastly different businesses, they are woven organically into the stories, much like what one would expect from those viral Thai commercials. Tiffany aspires to produce adverts that focus on story first and foremost with the goal of creating not just a one-time catchy post, but instead, memorable pieces that would survive the test of time, and remain re-sharable even years after it was first released.

Apart from content of that scale, there are of course smaller options available. Another flagship content that she offers are the Couple Fights series.

Couple Fights are short 1-minute plus long videos featuring brands via fast-paced short fight scenes in order to present brands in a new rarely seen flavour. Especially in the current social media landscape with an over-saturation of content for F&B services, this is a sure way of standing out from the noise.

Like most people, Tiffany was very much against the idea of being a financial consultant. That was until 2017 when she was hospitalised twice within 4 months for kidney infection and became the recipient of hospitalisation claims, seeing first hand how insurance really helps especially when one is unwell and in pain, nothing quite helps the situation like an agent who knows what their doing handling everything at the counter while you head straight for medical aid.

Coming from a freelancer background herself, Tiffany understands the concerns of the self-employed and aims to utilise her experiences to assist wealth management and insurance. Tiffany prides herself in her ability to learn and understand each clients’ unique needs in order to provide them with personalised solutions above and beyond the typical services.

Outside of financial planning, Tiffany also runs seminars and lunch talks, value-adding her clients by providing marketing and social media consultations and services as well.

Tiffany’s clientele comprises mainly of affluent (but not limited to) professional from Singapore and China, and she had met most of her clients largely via word of mouth or personal introduction. And she had worked her way into the ranks of  the senior financial consultants within a short span of 1.5 years since entering this line of work.

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Past Clients & Sponsors

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