Channel U: Crossroads 十字路口 (三个人的婚姻)


Channel U: Crossroads 十字路口 (三个人的婚姻)

For those who have been watching Channel U recently, you might have spotted me on a trailer for a talk-show called Crossroads or 十字路口. Yes, you didn’t see wrongly, I’m indeed one of the panelists for two of the episodes. So here I am, sharing a bit more about the show and the behind-the-scenes!

That’s me!

For those who didn’t catch it, here’s the 十字路口 trailer!

Complete Episode

Crossroads 十字路口 is a brand new talk-show that talks about current affairs and social issues faced by everyday Singaporeans. In every episode, a re-enactment of a case study will be divided into 3 parts and intercut into every segment; needless to say there will be a decision to make at 3 different parts of the story.
Speakers from all walks of life will form our panelist, discussing and sharing their views on the scenario in every episode. At the end of the show, the host Guo Liang will conduct a final discussion and the panelists will vote on their most desired ending. The outcome with the highest vote count will be aired on TV whereas the other version will be uploaded exclusively on xinmsn.

Consultants and Marriage Experts

Episode 1 Extra Marital Affair 三个人的婚姻:

A couple has been married for 5 years, but remained childless. Their relationship had turned cold, and the husband cheated on his wife. Although the wife eventually forgave her cheating husband, the third-party is now found to be pregnant. Should he start a new family with the pregnant third-party? Here’s a 5 minute preview from Channel U:

Polling results – NO!

Majority of the audience voted that the husband SHOULDN’T start a new family with the pregnant third-party. But should the wife still give him another chance? Then what should he do with the baby? There were SO many thoughts going through my mind when I watched the video.

Before I delve further, I was invited to be one of the panelists because of my past similar experiences. Most of my friends or readers would be quite familiar with my story (Part 1 | Part 2).

What did Yit Hann say that made everyone laugh?

There were three stop points in the story:
1. Should the wife check her husband’s phone?
2. What should the wife do when she discover the existence of the third-party just before their anniversary celebration?
3. What should be done when the third-party is found pregnant?

Sharing my personal experiences

We discussed about the whole story for more than 3 hours, but as the talk-show is cut down to approximately 45 minutes, so I really have no idea what will be aired.

Debating on what’s the RIGHT thing to do

I remembered vividly, the host Guo Liang, asking me this question, “So, have you gotten over the relationship.” I was stunned for a moment and don’t know how to answer it. Should I say yes? If it is so, why does it still feel weird watching the re-enactment? Not over the relationship? But yet, I could calmly deal with situations and no longer feel the wrenching pain when our common friends start updating me about him.

I remembered a particular line in a Korean movie “My PS Partner”,

“When a relationship ends because of infidelity, it’s not about the sense of betrayal that kept you from moving on, it’s the unfamiliarity that you first feel because it never dawned on you that such thing could happen.”

There are tough decisions to make

I guessed that was the reason why I couldn’t answer immediately. Because I couldn’t really accept the fact that he could have done it again, not once, not twice, but thrice. seriously, looking back at all the little clues here and there, I’m no longer sure how many times it was.

What is YOUR decision? Left Or Right?

What do you think? And What would You do at each point of time? The talk-show will be out at 9pm tonight.

Do share with me after watching by commenting on this post what you will do at each crossroad:
A: Look at spouse’s SMSes – Yes or No
B: Attend the party or not
C: What to do when third-party is pregnant (From husband’s point of view and/or wife’s point of view)

Behind the scenes

#OOTD provided by Delilaroselabel
Guo Liang 郭亮
He’s a really good host!
Yit Hann 熊慧婷
Yit Hann with his striking outfit and hairstyle!
十字路口 Crossroads
Group photo with everyone

Here’s the alternate ending:

Feel free to share with me your opinions and thoughts after watching the show here!

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Photos with courtesy from moving visuals production

22 thoughts on “Channel U: Crossroads 十字路口 (三个人的婚姻)”

  1. Personally I don’t watch talk shows like this where someone’s personal problem is discussed to such lengths. What a waste of precious time.

  2. I think it’s fantastic that you are a panelist on this new show. I’m sorry that you have had experience with infidelity, it can be debilitating. I can imagine your shock when the host asked you that personal question. I would be silenced too.
    On the subject of what to do with the pregnancy, typically, if a couple stays married, the husband gives financial support to his mistress; the child’s mother. If he doesn’t, in the USA, the mistress can take him to court.

  3. 3 hours cut down into 45 mins? Hmm… That sounds a lot~ BTW, I have never been to this kind of TV program. I really hope to have a look on it.

  4. hmm, i never heard of this program! haha, not that much of a local talk show watcher, that’s why. but i recognise the yit hann guy from the other talk show on work life one….

  5. You look so cute in the photos! Did you dye the top of your head blue or is it the lighting? 😀

    I would say that between spouses, both parties should be able to access one another’s phones without any worries. If there is a secret to be kept, it is the beginning of the downfall of any relationship.. or at least the other party would feel uncomfortable and cracks will appear.

  6. I enjoyed reading about the first episode & watching it . I really think that the husband shouldn’t cheat in the first place..

  7. Trust is important in a relationship. If you have no faith in the relationship it’s best to walk out of it. And you look great for the TV show.

  8. There is a similar talk show here in the Philippines and they also talk about different social issues that helps not only those persons being mentioned but also the audience to understand how to deal with those kind of situations.

  9. John Patrick Benliro

    Wow! That’s a great experience. No one invited me yet to an event such as this. If this happens, I’m gonna say “yes” in a heartbeat.

  10. That is a great experience seems like you had fun! I would love to live something like this for one time, just to see how it looks like..

  11. Nice seat so close to the host, so you will always be caught on tv! Hehe. You have a nice rich voice I did not exactly expect when just looking at your pictures. I also did not expect a Singaporean TV talk show to be totally in Mandarin since it is a cosmopolitan society. – Fred

  12. Congratulations with this program stint. Supah hot issues you got there Tiffany! Hmm. Infidelity is a big NO NO for me so I’d really think twice in forgiving and choosing to stay with the same partner. It depends on many circumstances really. Anyway- nice show, very engaging!

  13. Being part of such a project seems so much fun so congrats about your appearance there! I think you have a lot to contribute to Crossroads as a brand new talk-show. It is great that you discuss current affairs and social issues there. I think the show will quickly get very popular among Singaporeans!

  14. I choose not to look at spouse’s SMSes if I do trust her and love her. Based on past experiences, when I started to go deeper in investigating, things somehow turn out to be the harsh facts for me to accept. I will prefer she be frank with me if she is seeing someone behind me.

    If anniversary celebration involves large audience, I think there is a need to talk things out first before I proceed. I think it will be quite hard for me to pretend nothing has happened and act blur in front of the audience.

    If she is pregnant with someone’s baby, I guess a divorce is necessary, even though it is painful to do so. Even for the storyline, I think there is a need to divorce since there is already a mental and physical betrayal from the other half. Frankly speaking, I think the alternate ending is just an ideal case where the wife has forgiven her ex-hubby. Most of the cases I have witnessed before, are women still hating their ex-hubbies or ex-hubbies trying to flirt back with their ex-wives or find other women when their current wives are pregnant.

    Like what Guo Liang said, I believe Tiffany will walk out of her bad experiences and find a better guy to love and carry on with her life.

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