Skin Science Forlle’d Review: Deluxe Customised Treatment For Acne

Skin Science Forlle’d Review: Be Acne Free Journey continues…

Friends who had read about my mum’s anti-ageing Luxury Treatment at Skin Science will be familiar with the salon and Skin Science Forlle’d Review that I’m going to write. 2016 was a year of changes for me. From someone juggling 3 jobs at one go, to dropping them one by one, and then moving back to acting on screen and living off my savings, I was at a loss several times a year.
skin-science-luxury-treatment-before-afterMany things like hair treatments and facial treatments became a luxury when you have little income, but I was blessed to have clients who believe in me and are willing to help better myself.

Skin Science Forlle’d Review: Deluxe Customised Treatment

Rebecca and Jaslin from Skin Science introduced to me the new range of products from Forlle’d and told me how the treatments are able to help reduce the breakouts on my face. On my first appointment with Skin Science, after my skin analysis, these are my skin conditions: oily, acne prone, uneven tone, rough texture, congested pores, pimples marks, small pimples, superficial dehydration ( inside oily, outside dry ).
Skin Science Tiffany Yong Facial ReviewRebecca decided to do Deluxe Customised Treatment with Micro Dermabrasion for me. And each treatment consist of cleansing, peeling lotion, extraction (must have for acne skin!), mask and massage, customised according to my skin condition before my treatment.

While most facials started off with a deep cleansing by the therapists, here, Rebecca uses two brushes and cleanser that has been beaten (yes, like eggs!) into a foaming texture so that the cleansing can be done thoroughly without harsh rubbing!

Skin Science Forlled Tiffany Yong ReviewAnother part of the facial where I enjoyed most was the facial massages. Many therapists will avoid massaging my face so that it doesn’t trigger and make my skin more sensitive. However, Rebecca would apply accu-pressure points to help with the lymphatic drainage as well as to balance my hormones.

Results After 4 Treatments:

That being said, I guess this is the most important part of a facial review. Anyone can rave about facial treatments and the quality of the products used, but the results can’t lie. I had my first treatment on 21st November and due to my terrible condition, I was asked to go for a weekly treatment so that my skin can be quickly purified, cells renewed and skin hydration restored. My skin was very congested and there were a lot of extraction to be done.
Skin Science Forlled Cheeks Results 3During the first few treatments, I was told that there will be occasional bumps and pimples popping out as they had been previously suppressed by my overly-drying regimen. Rebecca, my therapist focused a lot on rehydrating and normalizing my skin so that sebum can be produced and remove normally without clogging.
Skin Science Forlled Results 1After 3 sessions, the clogging were soften and reduced. It was much easier for the therapist to extract and inflammation was reduced. I was also provided proper home care products to speed up the “Be Acne Free” journey!
Skin Science Forlled Results 2By my 5th treatment on the 30th December 2016, areas where there will be pre-menstrual breakouts (chin and lower cheeks) reduced , and the skin texture became smoother. The skin is also less oily and brighter. I can finally “upgrade” to a monthly facial! Will be sharing more about my progress soon!

Home Care Products: Forlle’d Hyalogy AC Clear Products

Regular facial treatments can only help to a certain extent if you are not using suitable home-care products. As I was often told that my skin is oily, I usually do not apply any moisturiser nor any serums. After checking my daily skincare routine, Rebecca recommended me to use Forlle’d Hyalogy AC Clear Products to replace my non-existent skin care steps.
Skin Science Forlled Hyalogy AC Clear ProductsI started using the above range of products 2 weeks into my facials, and I feel that they deserve a proper review! So here’s my review on the new range of Forlle’d Hyalogy AC Clear Products as well as their individual effects!

P.S. These products can be purchased directly from Skin Science and it can be used without the facials. If you don’t know which product will suit you best, call Skin Science to arrange for a free skin consultation and Rebecca will be able to advise you!


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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Images of the Before and After treatment are taken with SONY Xperia tablet and provided by Skin Science. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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  2. I so wish I could afford this right now. My skin is so dry and need a treatment. Will look into this further, Thanks

  3. Wow!! It looks so great. Wanna try that treatment and also Forlled product. What a great skin care product.

  4. The results are AMAZING! You’ve reminded me that I need to get my skin together! They provided very good (and effective) services to you.

  5. Many thanks for posting this! I love learning new skin care secrets. I’m looking forward to following your blog!

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