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Recommended Audience: Fans of Vivian Sung 宋芸桦, Wang Da Lu 王大陆, Jerry Yan, Joe Chen Qiao En, Andy Lau, Dino Lee 李玉玺, Dewi Chien 简廷芮, Frankie Chen 陈玉珊, and romantic comedy movie fans


Our Times (我的少女时代) Movie Synopsis

We all had to live through and rise above the awkward years in high school, and regardless how long it may have been a distant past you wish to forget, there’s always a beautiful memory somewhere waiting to be awakened. A joyful moment that truly belongs to you. An ordinary high school girl Lin Truly (Vivian Sung) pines over the most popular guy in school Ouyang Extraordinary (Dino Lee). Our Times StillsThe school’s troublemaker Hsu Taiyu (Ta Lu Wang) falls for the prettiest girl in school Tao Minmin ( Dewi Chien). Together, Truly and Taiyu, work through misadventures to help each other win their dream dates. Through this youthful rite of passage, their friendship evolves and they learn a thing or two about true love.

Our Times (我的少女时代) Viewer Rating: 4.75/5 *****

Our Times (我的少女时代) Movie Review:

If you are a fan of Mario Maurer’s Crazy Little Things Called Love (aka First Love สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า…รัก, Sing lek lek thi riak wa… rak, lit. “A Little Thing Called Love”), you will definitely find many similar scenes in the trailer. I went hysterical when I first saw the trailer in August 2015, as I’ve watched the Thai movie more than 10 times (Yes, I’m that crazy)… and cried over the same thing every single time. So here’s 6 reasons why I simply love this film (without too many spoilers), and why it is missing 0.25 marks. Our Times vs Crazy Little Things1. It’s like watching the Chinese version of my favourite movie.

While some dislike how the film make many references to the Thai film, I love how the director was able to reproduce a similar film, yet uniquely Taiwanese. Yes, some say it’s out-right plagiarising, but who cares? There’s at least the nostalgic elements from the 1990s (think autograph books, friendship bands, and chalkboard) which makes all the early millennials reminisce about the non-smartphone era.
KO One2. Wang Da Dong from KO One (终极一班) Anyone?

With elements similar to another drama KO One (终极一班), this movie is like bringing a F4 lookalike Dao Ming Si (道明寺) who turned into the boss of the worst KO One class in the school, always getting into fights (no super power this time) and intruding into the relationship of the Thai film. OK, this is getting a little complicated for readers who did not catch any of the dramas mentioned, but for those who watched, it will make perfect sense! So how cool is that? Dino Lee Vivian Sung3. Eye Candy Dino Lee – it’s P’Shone kicked to the side 🙁

I’m glad the director was able to find someone who looks good in the classic middle parting long-fringe Jimmy Lin/ Aaron Kwok hairstyle. And I personally think he looks better in this hairstyle than the ones in his current albums! 😛 (No offense, Dino!) Also, he looks more like Mario Maurer’s character P’Shone in First Love Thai Movie, with a little twist this time. Anyone find this particular picture familiar?
Our Times 44. That Idol We All Went Crazy Over

It’s Andy Lau in this film, and anyone who knows me will know my “imaginary husband” is Jimmy Lin. Ok, I’m just joking, unlike the characters in this movie, I didn’t really regard my idol as my “husband”, but I was actually thinking (back then) that I can accept guys who are 14 years older than me because Jimmy Lin is 14 years older than me! So “Our Times” is really a film I can resonate VERY well with.  Our Times5. When Studying Together is Happiness -You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩)

I guess many people will be waiting for me to mention this film. Despite the fame and popularity, I wasn’t really a fan of Gidden Ko’s You Are The Apple Of My Eye. Maybe because I wasn’t really able to relate to many of the plots as it was from a guy’s point of view. Plus, I’m still a sucker for happy endings. So “Our Times” is one coming from the girl’s point of view.

Know what? Back then, happiness is simple. To be able to study together (at MacDonalds) with the person you like and revising for the same examinations, you don’t even need to be labelled as an item. That’s just so sweet, to think about it now. Aww…
Our Times Still16. The One Guy Who Always Bully Me, The Friends Who Were By My Side, The Love That Got Away

Do you have that one person in your memory? Some people might have. This film also serve as a gentle reminder to all the “working zombies” who had gradually become jaded with all the workload and forgot to live their dreams. It is good to look back, and recall the past. Maybe your younger self was much braver than you now.  Jerry Yan BTSDon’t get me wrong. I love Jerry Yan and Joe Chen’s performance. They were fantastic. Being the pioneers of Taiwanese idols (F4 and Prince Turn Frog female lead)- now veterans, both Joe and Jerry were able to bring me straight into their scenerio in a blink of an eye. But why was it imperfect?
Although they were great in their character portrayal (looks-wise), the same lines said between them was touching but unable to trigger the same impact as it would be if it had been done by both Vivian Sung and Wang Dalu. Oh well, I still cried. I was just nit-picking, really.

Do You Know?

Our Times 5In order to bring out the actual setting and scenes from the 1990s, the props in the movie, from pens, eraser, bookmark cards, recycling bins, motor bikes, convenience stall, school hostel, book shop and railway trains were aim to achieve accuracy. The main cast even went online to bid old items to rebuild the scenes from the 1990s. Director Frankie Chen even went to buy the rights of a few 90s classic songs. Our Times Vivian SungAlthough Vivian Sung was the female lead of the high grossing movie Café. Waiting. Love (等一个人咖啡), the director did not decide to use her because of that. It was because Vivian Sung was well prepared for the audition, and after trying for over ten times, the director requested her to cry in one of the scenes, Vivian Sung broke down and cry, hence the director’s decision to use her as the female lead. Also Vivian’s appearance was made ugly, and her salary doubled due to that. Frankie ChenProducer of many classic taiwan idol dramas, such as My MVP Valentine (MVP情人), The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog (王子变青蛙), Fated to Love You (命中注定我愛你), this is the first time Frankie Chen directs a movie. Joe Chen Our TimesIn the film, Joe Chen (陈乔恩), Jerry Yan and Andy Lau was invited to cameo in the show. Joe Chen acted as the older version of Truly Lin (林真心).

Andy LauThis is the first time Andy Lau acted as himself in a movie, and as this is a Taiwanese film, he even invested in the film and made many guest appearance to conferences and fans’ meeting. Jerry Yan Joe ChenJerry Yan acted as the older version of Hsu Taiyu. Although he filmed for 2 days, half the scenes were cut away. He was supposed to have pass by older Truly Lin (Joe Chen) several times but missed seeing each other.

Our Times MovieDino Lee (李玉璽) who acted as Ouyang Fei Fan, the Prince Charming of Truly Lin is the son of notable Taiwan singer Li Ya Ming. He is also a rock singer under Eagles Music. HebeHebe of Taiwanese Girl Band SHE supported this film by singing the theme song of the movie. The song went viral before the movie started.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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Our Times (我的少女时代) is out in cinemas on 22 October 2015.

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  3. Im American living in China teaching and I saw this movie in the theaters. I enjoyed it, and I liked the Taiwanese pop songs from the 90s they used in a few scenes. Do you have any song titles that I could look for. They play a good song during the scene where the girl is trying on different clothes in the mirror right before she gives herself the makeover. If you have any ideas about song titles or artists names I’d appreciate it and add them to my music collection… Thanks

  4. Steph Asio (@phetsoisa)

    Just finished watching the movie and it does have similar elements to the Thai film, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and other youth/high school Asian films I have watched. It has too many cliche and predictable scenes but I really enjoyed it! The acting was good and the main actor really charmed the pants off me! Haha. But I have the same sentiment as you. I really wish the actors for both the HS and adult characters were the same. I loved Vivian and Darren’s chemistry in the movie. It might have made more impact if both of them played the adult characters. Maybe there’s like an alternate ending out there? Haha. Just hoping.

    P.S. I have fallen in love with Darren. I think I’m going to watch this again.

    P.P.S. Watch the korean drama Reply 1988, it was a similar, nostalgic vibe! 🙂

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  6. geeky naive girl gets into trouble by anonymously challenging school bad boy? check.
    bad boy finds out who she is and makes her his slave? check.
    the taller, calmer guy which the girl likes, is actually old friends with bad boy? check.
    bad boy became a bad boy after a traumatic event in the past with tall calm guy? check.
    bad boy believes he is the reason he and tall calm guy’s best friend drowned? check.
    best friend drowned in the sea because of a swim farthest challenge? check.
    geeky naive girl and bad boy bond over an animal? check.
    girl dresses in an outrageous outfit and goes out with bad boy? check.
    bad boy has a hidden health issue? check.
    bad boy disappears because of said hidden health issue? check.
    bad boy actually goes overseas? check.
    many years later they reunite because of a promise bad boy made? check.

    this is the plot of 그 놈은 멋있었다 (geu nomeun moshissota/he was cool), a korean movie based on a korean novel in 2004.

    i like 我的少女时代, but I saw this Korean movie when I was a child, and the similarities go on. Hopefully you can watch this Korean film, and maybe tell me if i’m just imagining the similarities haha. 🙂

    1. Hahaha…what you said sound similar to Taiwan’s Meteor Garden out in 2001. And they reunite not exactly because of a promise, more like by fate. I think I’ve watched 그 놈은 멋있었다 before, but didn’t exactly remember the plot. Will check out the movie again!

  7. I watched Our Times long time ago but suddenly this movie popped up in my mind & I wanted to read what others thing about the movie. And yeap, my first reaction after watching the movie was same as yours; IT FEELS SO SIMILAR WITH CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE! But I love this movie more, it hit me more at the feels.
    Anyway if you enjoy this movie, I guess you’ll also enjoy KDrama REPLY 1988 as it is also nostalgic and the love story line is really good too:)

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  9. Hi, im a guy. I enjoyed the great acting and chemistry in the movie.But im disturbed that girls love it so much without mentioning about the extreme bullying of Taiyu on Zhen Xin. Its like he owned her. Do girls really accept this as a normal part of growing up? All the more disturbing that he was excused becos it turns out hisbguilt turned him bad, and that he did all those bullying only cos he liked her. Sounds like lazy characterization used to normalizing bullying to me.

  10. Hi Tiffany! I just finished watching this movie when I stumbled upon your review! I found some interesting facts here thank you very much! Although I really commented because I LOVE JIMMY LIN TOO! He’s my idol and I’ve watched all movies and music videos and reality shows with him in it that I can find in our country. I’m rambling lol I’m sorry I’m just happy to find another fan of Jimmy Lin’s and read thru a review of my fave taiwanese movie!

    1. Hi Princess Lin, thanks for commenting! Glad that you are a Jimmy Lin fan too! Try watching the Thai film “Crazy Little Things Called Love” if you haven’t!

  11. I couldn’t agree more with the comparisons that you made about how the plot of 那些年was some how ridiculous as it was from a guy’s point of view, and that 少女时代 was much more relatable for girls!

  12. The first part did reminded me of “Little Things Called Love” also, but luckily this movie has it own charm. I really love the 90s’ decorations and clothings are really cool. And Ouyang’s middle-split hair is right on!

    @HADIWIDJADJA – That’s the song from “A Moment of Romance” (袁鳳瑛 – 天若有情)

  13. I’ve just watched this movie and I absolutely loved it! It has Andy Lau in it! I like him a lot. The show is very touching. Ya, I agree I didn’t have that emotional connection to the older versions as much as the younger ones.

  14. I just found your web and immediately looked for this movie’s review!
    At last someone else realised wang da lu resembles wang da dong in that very scene!!!!!!!!

  15. I cried so hard while watching this movie. What I really like about this movie is I find it hard to predict what is gonna happen to Lin Truly and Hsu Taiyu. Such a tragic love/friendship story yet with a happy ending. Love it!

  16. I literally watched this film 4 times and i am still going for the 5th even 10th. I cried like a bitch 4 times too you guys should watch this!!!!! Its a must!!!!! Must must must!!!!!

      1. This movie is not showing in Australia and i really want to cry because of that. Can someone give me a hint of what the ending is like? Or can u at least give me the name of the thai version one? Plsssssss i’m begging you. There’s no way for me to see this movie

  17. A must-watch-movie!..At first i watched it because of joe chen and jerry yan.. but i end up falling for hsu taiyu..i think im gonna have to watch it your review on this film..**thumbs up**

  18. High School is such an awkward phase and it’s the time we start to blossom as a person. I’ve watched crazy little thing called love and it was a great feel good movie. I’ll check this one out too.

  19. Wow! Just 0.25 from being perfect for a highschool type romantic comedy! You got me curious even if I do not like romcoms too much. Jerry Yan and Andy Lau playing smaller roles, interesting.

  20. Our Times seems like a fun film to watch. It does bring you back to the 90s, and the awkward stage we all went through back in high school. Traveling back in time through watching a movie can be refreshing.

  21. Wow Jerry Yan! I wanna watch this. I haven’t heard about this movie here, though. I hope this will be available in local cinemas here too.

  22. This sounds like a fun movie that will give you nostalgia. I have a lot of fun memories in High School as well as memories I’d rather forget. Thanks for sharing this movie.

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