Shunji Matsuo 8: My Travel Hairstyle (BKK)

What’s Your Travel Hairstyle? Shunji Matsuo Tames My Tresses With…

Do you often see girls who travel around the world, take fabulous instagram photos with beautiful curls and wonder how they do or maintain that? I do, because it seems like Mission Impossible for me! I don’t even have enough time for sleep!
Shunji Matsuo 8 BeforeSo behind the dozens of glamorous photos, this is the real me! All the nice photos you occasionally see on my Facebook and Instagram showing my hair, Fannie from Shunji Matsuo is actually the one behind it! While I am the last person you will link me to a “Fashion/Beauty Guru” (I’m more a goondo), Shunji Matsuo put me a little closer to this title with their skills! Shunji Matsuo 8 FrizzyI know my frizzy ends don’t look THAT bad, you know, I can easily pass off as soft curls on good hair days >.< But on bad days, my #OutOfBedHair (first photo) looks terrible! So, it is definitely a MUST to visit Shunji Matsuo to get my “travel hairstyle” ready! Drum roll please

Tiffany Yong Shunji Matsuo 8Ok, I’m doing any of the funky hairstyles or wearing any of the hats behind me, but to no-one’s surprise, I’m going to do the Cosme Cream Japanese Straightening Treatment! This will be a really short post as I won’t be repeating my rave about the treatment since I’ve wrote about it in detail the first time round here

Cosme Cream Treatment Results

Shunji Matsuo 8 Tiffany YongI was pretty amazed how the first treatment last me 9 months (Fannie initially told me 4-5 months) before I have to do the next one. What’s more, I don’t have to go on a sneezing fit as the treatment cream doesn’t have a strong smell.

Shunji Matsuo 8 After Cosme CreamIs it just me or did my hair look longer than before? If you’ve realised, I love to take photos after my visit to Shunji Matsuo, simply because my tidy hair made me look better! This is also the reason why I will always visit Fannie before my overseas trip. While I can’t bring her along with me, getting her to make my tresses more manageable makes my trip more fuss-free!

All Ready For Bangkok!

Tiffany Yong BKK FoodWhy do I choose soft-straightened hair as my Travel Hairstyle? It’s a no-brainer, but having rebonded straight hair means any sleep-curls you get from the night before will be super obvious. But with soft-straightened hair, it will looked tidier and natural!

Tiffany Yong BKK SelfieI can easily do a low-side ponytail if I want to or just sweep all my hair to the side. When in Bangkok (it was my first time there) I spent so much time window-shopping and selfie-ing that my friend Lynn was a little pissed off! Haha, nah, she was just amazed by how I was taking photos for almost everything as I was taking over 2 other instagram accounts (@aroimakmak and @honeyzcube)Tiffany Yong BKKSo what is your travel hairstyle? Do you like it fuss-free too? I don’t think there are many girls who are as lazy as me, so do share with me what hair tools do you bring along on your trips! (Yes – besides my comb, I don’t bring any with me!)

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Quote ‘Tiffany Yong‘ to receive 10% off any chemical service at Shunji Matsuo Ngee Ann City! Shunji Matsuo 8 FannieNgee Ann City aka Takashimaya
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14 thoughts on “Shunji Matsuo 8: My Travel Hairstyle (BKK)”

  1. They have creative styles. But you look great in each style. 🙂 great service for women like you. 🙂 How are their prices?

  2. Bangs! Tried to sport one once and I had good feedback, but it was hard for me to have them, haha. I wasn’t used to having hair fall on my face. Looks great on you btw. Hasn’t occured to me that you get treatment for your hair to look that way. Looks natural.

  3. Your hair looks great on you. Personally, I get a very short haircut before I travel so I would not be bothered too much about styling it on the go.

  4. I like the results. It works great on your facial shape! I’ve never gotten rebonded and don’t think I will ever because I do like my volume especially when I’m at the beach. I love beachy waves. Sadly though, my hair is so stubborn and it’s too straight and uncooperative!

  5. wow, the treatment really works wonder! your hair looks comparable to those of the hair models flipping their hair on tv. i’ve never heard of cosme cream treatment though. is it like a milder, less permanent version of rebonding? i have a feeling it wouldn’t work well on those with really stubborn curls….

  6. You can definitely see the results. I love how straight and shiny your hair is afterwards. It looks so soft and hydrated!

  7. I think I would like Fannie very much too! I think services but Shunji Matsuo are awesome because I’ve been their other outlets once or twice before. And I agree with you, I tend to get my hair treatments before going for a holiday or staycations 🙂

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