Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) Movie Review

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) Movie Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of Joshua Tan, Wang Wei Liang, Tosh Zhang, Maxi Lim, Wesley Wong, Jasper Lai, Jack Neo and comedy movie fans

ah boys to men 3

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) Movie Synopsis

abtm3 stillsIn an alternate timeline, Ken, Lobang and Wayang King are transferred to the Naval Diving Unit (NDU) and have to overcome obstacles and personal issues to grow as people.

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) Viewer Rating: 3.5/5 ***

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) Movie Review:

I watched the ABTM3 rather late, about 2 months after it’s screened, partly because of the numerous films shown during that period of time. I was surprised to see many of my fellow actor friends such as Jasper Lai and Yoro Tan in the film.
abtm3It provides an alternate view of the life in the navy camp for guys who were not posted to the regular national service. Albeit having similar storyline, the peek into navy’s camp life was pretty interesting. My brother was from the civil defence, and he often shared stories of his life as a fireman back during his National Service years. I won’t be surprised to see more ABTM instalments showcasing the life in other units such as Air Force and Civil Defence.

wesley wongThe first person who left me an impression was Wesley Wong from Hong Kong. Perhaps it was his tattoo, or the Cantonese spoken, he did a pretty good job transforming from a rebellious kid to someone who treasure his “brothers” in the camp. The contrast between the Hong Kong style “gangster” and Wang Wei Liang’s Singapore’s “Ah Beng” style was something I like too.

20150225_BOYSI caught snippets of the first 2 Ah Boys To Men film on TV over the Chinese New Year. As compared to the first two film, Joshua Tan’s acting had somewhat matured, but the limelight had to be shared with his fellow team-mates who were equally eye-catching. But I believe his physique (together with many others) have definitely caught the attention of his female fans.

abtm3a_-_week_5The most awkward scene is perhaps the scene where the frog statue was animated, came to life and flew away. I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw that. The ABTM series is a film that has plenty of potential to develop into something further and more. While I won’t say it is a fantastic film (you know, the super in-your-face product placement is really NOT subtle), it is a timeless film where many guys in Singapore will be able to relate and learn from.

Do You Know?

ahboystofrogmen_goldenvillagepicturesThe film was shot at the Naval Diving Unit in Sembawang Camp

abtm3 interviewThe cast of this movie comprises mainly of YouTube users.

abtm3 trainingBefore they can portray as the divers (frogmen), the main artistes are required to pass the driver’s training. They are also required to maintain a four-month long diet of water-boiled and skinless food during filming to maintain the physique of a diver.

beijing-april-23-2015-xinhua-actress-angie-chiu-c-293149Wesley Wong, the son of famous Hong Kong acting couple Melvin Wong and Angie Chiu. According to The Straits Times, his mother was a huge star in the 1980s after starring opposite Chow Yun Fat in the drama series The Bund. Wesley snagged the role of Black Dragon, a gangster recruit in the naval diving unit, in the new movie because of his father, who is the director of the Chinese movie company Grand Olympus Cultural Investment Group, and also an investor in the movie.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) is out in cinemas on 19 February 2015.

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22 thoughts on “Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (新兵正传III:蛙人传) Movie Review”

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  2. i’ve watch 2 times.
    realistic, passionate, and singaporean humor is very distinct.
    it mention a journey towards manhood for every singapore guy who has to undergo army, to protect their country and citizens.

  3. Raymond Vasquez

    I might watch. I am a fan of feel good movie or funny movies. Although, I am not sure if this is already available here. 😀

  4. I Love Paars by: Lee

    Wesly Wong’s bod is wow! He is gorgeous! Ohh wait I should comment on the movie not on the actors great body?! Lol
    I’ll try to find this movie online.

  5. this one I will be watching with my kiddos! as a mum to two boys i constantly wonder how I will feel when it comes time for me to send them to NS. ah boy to man 1 was a hilarious look at the scenario. my boys love it to bits too!

  6. I’ve never seen or heard of this before now. I think it might just be in your part of the world but I would love to see it.

  7. This is a film my husband would love to watch. He loves watching army life with a touch of humor.

  8. ive never heard of wesley wong before but oh my, he is very good looking! id watch this because hes in it lol

  9. Karen of MrsLookingGood

    This looks like a movie specifically made for young female teenagers! It’s nice to hear that they mix the cast with popular actor and youtube stars.

    And how awesome to see you friends in the movie too!?

  10. I’m a total sucker for movies on camaraderie among soldiers. At first I thought it’s just a funny movie on a group of misfits forced to defend the world, but I’m not sure anymore….

    is that joshua tan without a shirt? HOTheehee

  11. My hubby absolutely loves these types of movies because it gives us a glimpse to the army life. Though I have never heard of the title until reading the review, it made me more interested to watch it.

  12. I do think that these series of military service series of movies has became too commercial. The story may be interesting but I probably will not watch it.

  13. I am not sure if I will like this. I am not really a fan of Chinese comedies. I like Chinese drama more, and of course, Martial Arts. – Fred

  14. watched this! as usual, it’s funny, got pretty ridiculous at some points, and after some time, i forgot most of what made it funny for me back then in the cinema.

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