SpotLive TV Chinese New Year MV Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes: What Is It Like Filming a CNY Music Video

Every year, during Chinese New Year, I will see new CNY themed music videos from different artistes. They will be singing happily, in various locations and wearing beautiful clothes. It seems so easy as compared to the emotional crying scenes I’ve been filming for my past two music videos. But I was wrong…

Before I share more, here’s the Chinese New Year MV I did with a Malaysia online channel.

Chinese New Year MV featured SPOTLIVE TV Artistes: 锂扇 Ellisan Tan | 潘伟靖 VChin Pua | 唐铭恩 DJ Ano Tong | 廖宇匡 Isaac Dolce | 郑才勇 Kelvin Tee | 熊慧婷 Tiffany Yong | 蔡俊杰 Ryan Choi | 刘俊伟 Eddy JW

Composer:侯文贤 Joven How | Lyricist:潘伟靖 VChin Pua | Recording:刘俊伟 Eddie JW | Audio Mixing:侯文贤 Joven How | Director:侯文贤 Joven How | Production company:JMN Studios 影视制作室 | Distributor:JMN Productions Sdn Bhd

Behind The Scenes

As you can see (from the video), we had to sing along to the song and do simple action like looking at one another and smile. And before that, we had to MAKE UP!
CNY MV Make UpWe were supposed to do our own make-up as it was a small budget video and no make-up artist was provided. I was worried, because my usual makeup were meant for daily basic photo-taking rather than filming. Luckily, one of the artistes brought along a make up artist whom did the make up for every one of us! If not, you will not be seeing such flawless and pretty faces!

CNY MV 2Who are the cast? If you are overwhelmed by the number of people in the video, here’s a photo with all the cast and crew! The cast is made up of the various hosts who had appeared in Spotlive TV channel’s travel program Yo! Traveller. We arrived in the Setia Sky Residences in Kuala Lumpur at 8am in the morning and filmed for more than 16 hours till 1am the next day.

CNY MV 3As this is a Chinese New Year MV, everyone is supposed to be cheerful. But imagine being high and happy ALL DAY LONG. To keep the energy high, the guys would be taking selfies. It’s not one, two but 20 over photos from each of their phones! Do your math to calculate the number of photos taken!

CNY MV 1Look at how obsessed VChin was with selfie! He was holding on to the selfie stick even when he’s sleeping. I can help but take a photo of this sight!

CNY MV 4By 7pm, our jaws were all aching from smiling and laughing. Every time the camera is off, we will go from 😀 -> ._.zZz straight away.

It's a WrapThe only time we had a true smile was when the director told us it was a wrap! Having to sing along to a Chinese New Year song and listening it non-stop for 16 over hours is tiring. The most hilarious stuff was when we became too tired and started going hysterical over a particular line!

Truth Behind the CNY MV 笑过年 2015 :新年贺岁曲子背后的真相

Crazy Little Skit performed by Yours Truly 爱演一家族背后的真相

As there are BTS videos for this Chinese New Year MV, I thought I will save on the words and let you guys watch it!

The song is available for download at

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15 thoughts on “SpotLive TV Chinese New Year MV Behind The Scenes”

  1. hahaha! What an honest look behind the smiles and cheers – truly funny! Looks like you had fun though! 🙂

  2. Awww~ This is the reason why you come to Malaysia… Sad that I couldn’t meet up with you. Maybe next time. 😉 And so fast you are preparing for CNY music video…

  3. I’m so happy to see that you’ve grown so much as a blogger and as an actress. I wish you all the best with your endeavors. 🙂 Btw, I think the hair pulled up like that really suits you. 🙂

  4. I had no idea it was so much work. You all seem to still have a lot of fun doing it. Even though I had no idea what you’re saying it’s totally catchy. 🙂

  5. There has been a great deal of activity getting ready…Hahahaha..what a fun day you have here! All are enjoying doing their part— I love watching it!

  6. This looks like a lot of fun for you guys. Must be an exciting life for you as an actor. But 16 hours hearing and pretending to sing the same song over and over must have been so tiring. – Fred

  7. Jason Panuelos

    It’s so awesome that projects like this happen in your country!! You look so glamorous here, Tiffany! 🙂

  8. The cast looked liked they really enjoyed filming the movie. I’m sure it’s a fun movie worth watching.

  9. wow, you also joined production for a Malaysia online channel? seems fun even though it’s tiring. I’m not familiar with Malaysia tv, so I don’t know any of those artistes…. heh!

  10. I Love Paars by: Lee

    I was laughing hard when I see your co actor sleeping and holding a monopod/selfiepod. You look great on braids

  11. You look different ( almost thought that it wasn’t you ) with your hair pulled up like that, but your make-up was nice.

    If I didn’t read about what you guys did to maintain that high-level energy, making the vid would definitely seem super simple. But you guys did well and the finished product turned out great. It surely gave the feel-good, happy vibe that everyone should be in for CNY.

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