Experiencing Betrayal: When love gets too crowded

Experiencing Betrayal: When Love Gets Too Crowded

My bestie messaged me early this morning (with an angry or anxious tone) and ask me if I know someone by the name of Zoe Raymond, a supposedly very famous blogger. I say no (since I’m rather new in this blogging industry), and she wanted me to go google about Alvin & Yuki.

Alvin Yuki

So I found their Facebook Page, and my heart went cold. So I’m not the only one. I guess I knew it all along that I was never the only one to be betrayed. But my heart went all the way out to Yuki. I shared the FB page without liking it, because… to me, it’s not something to be “liked”. I wrote: “一个让我感同身受却不能按“赞”的网页。

Yuki is really brave… and she had sisters who are willing to go all the way out to help her, be it stalk ZR, or to help her during the confrontation. She is really brave… to share this all. I once thought I was brave… but she’s braver, because she dare to do all the things I wanted to do but never had the courage to do.

Experiencing Betrayal
What Xiaxue thought about ZR

Many of my friends have heard of my story, especially those who asked me questions like, “How do you get so slim?” or even “How did you get to join all these MV filming and hosting stuff?” Some heard the gist of it, some heard a portion of it, some (the unlucky ones who had hours with me) get to hear the whole story…

I decided, that I should stand up for once, and share my story… hopefully, this is help whoever is in the same situation as Yuki or me to stand up. I also hope this story can help Yuki to stand up too…

Here’s my little story

I was with him, shall call him G, for 4.5 years. On our third year, everything was still fine and sweet, occasionally squabbles like every couple, when one day, I start noticing him on the phone more and more frequently when we were working together (at roadshows). Then the sudden “disappearance” till late night without notification started. Call it sixth sense, but I was never the type to check his phones etc, but when he started not answering his calls, not at home when I call till 3-4am (which had NEVER ever happened before), I started getting suspicious.

So here comes the third party, whom he knew through gaming, whom KNOW about my existence. We finally broke up, when I saw an email notification saying he bought 2 tickets to Night Safari Halloween on the day we were going to the Spooktacular Sentosa under the invitation of OMY. I cried on my way there, and he insisted that it was a treat from the girl (when I asked him why was he spending $50 per ticket on someone else besides his gf) and that it was a group outing. (HA, do you think I’m idiotic enough to believe that?)

On the day he was going, I plead, cried for him not to go, but he said nothing was going to happen and they were really just friends. (In the end, I found out that they were actually friends with benefits from then on- Hotel bills came in, photos of gifts on beds etc). Even till the day he asked her to be his gf, (just 5 days after breaking up, and we were still working tgt), I couldn’t sleep at night and went to his house at 6am in the morning, from Seng Kang to Clementi… he insisted they were still just friends, but the girl admitted that they were together. I saw messages describing their kisses and hugs and my whole world crashed. They had gotten together on our monthiversary date, and it was just 2 months after our 3rd year anniversary.

Skipping all the emo period… That girl dumped him after a few months, and he tried to come back to me. But the trust was gone. I gave him a chance, because I loved him. But I was shocked when I saw what he told his friends during the period of time when he was trying to salvage the relationship between the girl and him. He told the girl’s friends, that I was forcing him to patch back, by slitting my wrist, and making a mess in his house. When I double-checked with our common male friends, and took a picture of my wrist as a proof, the male friend said, he managed to stop me from slitting. I might have love him a lot, but never enough to kill myself.

After 11 dramatic months, in 2012 January, just a day before my birthday, something told me something’s not right. I checked his phone when he went for his shower, and I discover a brand new third party. Thunderstrucked. I confronted, he tried denying, followed by him apologizing, pleading, kneeling down, hitting himself, crying… my heart felt numb. I gave him another chance. again.

He went to the extent of buying a pair of tickets to Hong Kong to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

He told me that girl was his colleague, and when I found out that he changed the girl’s number to a male’s name, I went hysterical again. This time, he threw his iphone down the HDB, saying that the phone is the cause of the trouble. I went down to pick it up, and it was surprisingly still working, with a cracked screen. But he changed his phone and we quarrelled over it. He was supposedly attending his company’s BBQ and had invited me. But because of the quarrel, I did not go. I had the same image-less nightmare like 1 year ago, waking up in sweat… He was uncontactable for 18hours.

I went to his house again, his uncle answered the call and said he was sleeping. I was relieved and was planning to do the apologizing for throwing tantrum. But when I reached his house, his room was locked and he hadn’t been home the whole night. His grandma said he went out late at night again the day before after coming home for dinner.

No answers fom 7am till 12noon, I was worried if he had met any accident, I went from threatening to call the girl to pleading him to answer. I did not have any of his colleagues’ contact. I start searching for any contact list, and what I found was a thumbdrive full of a girl’s fat but skimpy + near naked screenshots and messages. Same methods, flowers made into heartshape, messages promising till death do us part…Some of them were dated my birthday, after I went home.

He finally came home, reeking of alcohol. He said he got drunk at his colleague’s place. To believe or not? I don’t know. I wanted him to call the girl immediately to break it off if he still want to be with me. He hesitated. But in order to patch back, he did, switching the call to speaker mode.

Girl: “hello, G?”
Me:”Who are you?”
Girl: “Errr… his colleague?”
Me: “Don’t you know he has a girlfriend?”
G: “Erm, we cannot meet anymore.”
Girl:??? Ok…
Call ends.

After this drama, he went overseas for a business trip for a week. Over this one week, something made me call the girl.
Girl: “喂?是谁啊?怎么不说话啊?”
It was not the same girl at all. The third party was china girl, and the “colleague” who answered the phone was a Singaporean.

I really don’t know what to say, but he returned a changed person. He couldn’t be bothered with me, he didn’t want to meet me. And 2 weeks later, after much pestering, he finally met me and said, he didn’t love me all along.

He know later on that he was actually attached, and they got together just shortly after he got back from his trip. This girl, was the girl who sold him the hair loss treatment package, and I was the one who convinced him to sign up for it. What an irony.

When I got the news of him getting married, and saw the wedding photos, I broke down. I thought it was just a proposal like with the first girl. (He actually proposed to the first girl when they went to Taiwan, less than 3 months of being together) One week before his wedding, the girl added me on Facebook. I was shocked. I thought the girl was innocent. I didn’t want to blame the girl for my relationship failure.

I was trying my best to let go, and God (be it Buddha, Allah, Jesus or whichever Angels protecting me) showed me a path. I was chosen as one of the contestant for Cheryl Wee’s Happy Shiny People Contest, the winner gets to be the male/female lead of her MV. I won the contest, and acted in the MV. I was lucky. Really lucky.

Then, in September, just one day before our supposedly 5th year anniversary if we were still tgt, the wife came and followed me on weibo. Thinking I won’t know it’s her since she removed her display pic. But what an idiot. I decided to give her a message.
Experiencing Betrayal
She got furious and messaged me about how she’s the wife recognised by law, and how I am the one who cannot get over everything. Hmmm…
I called him, for the first time after 7 months… and asked him to stop his insecure wife from stalking me. He spluttered lamely, trying to find excuses of how my message “popped up” (Hey idiot, messages don’t POP Up unless you follow them!)

And apparently, some of my friends told me that he lied to her about how he “settled” me, when it was the other way round. Sigh, I’m really glad I’m not the insecure one and not the one being lied to now.

Then I also found out, she’s pregnant and it was a shotgun marriage hidden under wraps. G’s best buddies since high school, supposedly his best mates if we got married weren’t invited to his wedding. All of our common friends were blocked from his fb, and people who knew he was getting married, thought the bride was me.

I’m not saying that I’m completely fine, I don’t think I will ever be, but I just hope to tell all the girls and guys who were betrayed by their partners, whatever religion you have, god or faith will open another door for you. I didn’t believe it, until all these happened to me.

Never EVER take your own life, because there are so many people out there who can’t live a second longer even when they want to.

As for those 小三, or in my case 小四, I know people keep saying how all these relationships won’t last, I’m not sure how true that is, but I think karma will have its turn on you.

*Update: My answers and replies to the questions posted here

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  2. I would love to share my experience to every mother and to those who wished to be a mother someday. I have been in marriage for 13 yrs with no child of my own and my husband loved me so much that he never do things without me. We do almost everything together and that made my marriage so romantic and interesting for me but i have always worried about having my own kids even if it’s just one. My husband never seem to be worried or talked about it and it bothered me so much. I am really short of words of what happened later but i will try to put it in a short note because it’s my greatest joy on earth. Few years back my husband fell into the hand of a gold digger who tried to take him away from me. This lady manipulated my husband and he took her side and left home to stay with her for almost a year i was alone crying day by day waiting for him to call me and come back home until it got so bad that I couldn’t bear it anymore and i was about giving up on him because of these online Fake spell casters and Scams who rip off my money. This is certainly a shocking and genuine living Testimony of mine and it does goes on right now in my life. I came across some suggestions and i was convinced to work with this man after i expressed what i have been passing through to DR M. He told me what i needed to know and requested for an ancient items he needed to work for me I cant get those items myself and i sent him some money for him to help me and hoping this is another Scam. But when DR M. called me and told me he is done with my work. My husband came back home with a surprised apology gift. I had him back and right till this moment we have loved each other again more and more and i am 6 months pregnant and i will be having my third child soon. This is an extraordinary blessing and to all soon to be a mother I am telling you nothing but my true life story.

  3. Hey Tiffany, stumbled upon this post when I was googling the whole zoe raymond saga (have no idea why I was doing that, bored at work etc). Anyway, I ended up reading your story about your ass*ole of an ex bf and I just wanted to say that I am glad that you have moved on since. I believe you are now a stronger and better person because of what you’ve been through – not many can go through it like you did without faltering mid-way by taking their lives. All the best with the future and all the good things that are coming your way Tiffany. Take care and continue being strong 🙂 -Colleen

  4. I just read this though its already a old post! Sort of went through the same thing these few years, being blinded by my own perception of love, thinking another chance will always make things right. Now I’ve woken up, it still hurts but I’m trying to get over it. Your post comforts me somehow so thanks for such awesome posts (:

    1. Thanks Sheranne! I’m glad the post had helped comfort you, because you are actually not alone. Waking up is the first step to getting over the pain. Well, I won’t say the second chance is bad, because if he was really sorry, the second chance might have been the best thing. But of course, the second chance is also a reaffirmation of how things will never be the same again.
      One day, if you are ready to share your story and encourage people to stand up (like me), do feel free to email me and I can help you share them! 🙂

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  7. after some thoughts, i really think what is portrayed online is not what it seems. After following Y’s FB for a while (like months…), I can’t help but to now feel that right from the beginning, it was already a malicious intention by Y to ruin Z. Putting all the blame on her. Those sentences about condoms and clothes in car, Y didn’t mention they belonged to Z, but the way it’s written, made us think that way. On 2nd thought, it is clear that Y & A use condoms. I now find it strange that Y had never felt that she needs to take any responsibility for the break-up. If Z was a nobody, no one would care abt Y’s problem. I definitely won’t be interested. She actually leverage on Z’s popularity and now, raises her own. She is now a “Auntie Agony”. Z’s tolerance actually speaks more depth about her now, can’t really pick on her. Everything are claims by Y ley…. I think it’s time we netizens think again. Y may not be telling the whole truth. That slapping incident, for all you know, it was a setup, Z’s been framed. After reading all of Y’s FB posts, I already can tell Y and her sisters are very fierce.

  8. Hi Tiffany, I feel for you and Yuki case. Mine happened years and years ago when I was young and naive. I moved on, and had my heart broken more with another r/s that didnt work out due to our own differences.

    Though at that time, I never thought life will be better and I can find someone better and whom I can truly love as much. But turn out that I was very wrong. I am currently very happily attached to someone who cherish me and gone through a huge ordeal with me. He healed all my wounds, to the extend that I can finally forgive the ex who betrayed me. The best part was not only he loves me alot, but I can love him just as much as he does without any reservations or regrets from the past.

    So stay strong, stay positive and happiness is coming your way very soon. 🙂

    Qoute from my bestie:

    “good things are worth the wait. and you are getting the best one so time shouldnt be the problem”

    1. I’m so happy you found someone who loves you as much as you him. Do show him your comment and let him know that you appreciate him.
      I am definitely waiting and looking!

  9. 很欣赏你+喜欢你~ 我也被自己的老公背叛,我时常会接到private number打来的电话,然后打来的人都不出声。我不以为然,但是我的前夫会很紧张的马上拿起我的电话查看是谁打来,我开始怀疑。他说没钱买生日礼物给我,可是他却有钱办护照去泰国,而且是在我生日的时候。不管我怎么闹,他都不管我。


    1. 你真的好勇敢。很多时候会以为自己很惨,但比起别人,有些人更糟。

      1. 一开始我并没有那股勇气,我骗自己好久勒,至少有两年,到最后我还要被我家婆骂,我才决定离开他~
        嗯,在那当下我觉得我好可怜,为什么命那么苦,难道就不能像其他人有一个幸福的家庭吗? 但,在想想我身边的人,我觉得我已经很好运了,至少我有一个很疼爱我的妈妈,弟弟,他们无条件支持我,才让我能很快的重新站起来,并过得更好。

  10. Sincerely hope u find ur Mr. Right & happiness soon as that jerk don’t deserve u. I’ve been deceived & betrayed by my ex before too in my last 7 yrs r/s with him. That 7 yrs I undergo physical & mentally abuse by him. I’m glad that I have decided to leave him and fate let me meet my current bf who treasure me so much. Stay strong Tiffany!

  11. Hi Tiffany, thank you for sharing your story. I really like what you wrote on Weibo, when we learn to be grateful that is when we learn to let go. Stay positive, angels will bring the right person to your life! 加油! 🙂 也祝福妳 🙂

    1. Thanks Eleven. It’s not easy to let go. And I won’t lie to anyone that I have let go, because if I had, I wouldn’t be sharing it here. Thanks for your well wishes, and I hope it will encourage whoever is at their lowest point of life to stand up again and stay strong.

  12. I found your blog on Google. I had a similar experience with yours too. But I think yours was worse. My ex married the third party after less than a year.
    Really felt that at least I wasn’t alone, but still rather sad that such guys exist!

    1. Yes, I’m glad Jasmine, you’re definitely not alone. It’s indeed sad that such guys existed. And even sadder when he’s my first, and the last I hoped to be with.

  13. Hi Tiffany, I have never commented on blog posts before, but the recent Alvin and Yuki issue and your this story struck a chord with me as something similar happened to me a few years back. My ex gf betrayed me and to make it worse, it was with one of my best friends at the time, and I was overseas during work.

    We broke up of course, but things turned out well for me at least. I met my wife at a friend’s gathering and we are now happily planning our life ahead together after getting married this year, while my ex is still single and the guy she cheated on me with, never got together with her.

    What i want to say is, things always seem darkest before the dawn. There is always a reason you never end up with someone, and that reason is probably waiting for you at the next corner, promising you a life of happiness. So Tiffany and also Yuki, be strong! Things can only get better 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing. I used to blame guys for being heartless, until a guy I met shared his past about being two-timed by girls. I know it’s not easy for guys to share their experiences. And it was then I realise (or open my mind) to the fact that it’s not only the girls being dumped all the time.
      I am glad something great worked out for you, and do treasure your wife. Whatever happened in future (touch wood, quarrels etc), do remember to communicate and discuss it. I wish you and your wife forever happiness. 🙂

  14. Omg so horrible one your ex! And all these dumb, sneaky girls wtf so angry. From the way his wife being so insecure now even after they married (not surprised, cheater always afraid they being cheated!) I guess it’s enough karma for them, they don’t sound so happy right now. You, please continue live a happy life. That’s the best revenge!

    1. Thanks Nanda~ Someone once said, it takes two hands to clap. My ex was unable to cope with temptation too. And yes, cheaters are always afraid of being cheated. I am trying my very best to be happy, initially it was for revenge, but now, I can’t really be bothered, I just don’t like the fact that people use my name and describe me as someone (suicidal) when I AM NOT.
      Haha.. all the best to you too!

  15. Stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing your story, its so heartfelt and honest. Its hard having to face a betrayal from the person you love so dearly and it’s hard to fathom how the person can bring himself to hurt you when he supposedly loves you 🙁 You deserve someone who can appreciate your love and is able to do the same for you! chin up!

  16. I’m glad you’re strong. =) I’m only 17 but what I know is that life and love doesn’t necessarily go the way we want it to, and every time we fall we have to stand back up to our feet, only stronger than before. You will find someone who is worthy of you and your love, it might not be now, but soon you will. And you will be blessed with joy, I know so. =)

  17. I can feel you, but at least you are brave enough to walk thru. As for me, I cut myself few times already, next would be jump down from 12th floor.

    1. Hi Gin, everyone can do it. I know it’s easier said that done, but just tell yourself, if Tiffany (or any other girls) can do it, “I can do it too”.
      I’m not any more special, I had the support of my bestie, Viven, who taught me how to make up and stand up. I stood up again the second time, not because I stop loving him, but because I was at the lowest point of my life, just like you. There can’t be anything worse that can happen.
      Remember don’t take your own life because of someone else, because you are just escaping.
      When you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to be afraid about.
      I know many people may tell you, you still have friends and family who care about you… but I guess you won’t be able to absorb that in (I couldn’t either in the past) Do continue talking to me here. I welcome you to share your story with me. 🙂


      1. Because of him, I’m in all sorts of debts. I lose all my friends and support from my family. Basically, I lost everything. Death is the only way out I guess? I cried every night to sleep. I worked throughout to make myself tired enough to stop thinking of him and those girls. I tried all ways to numb myself. Basically I’m just counting of days to live in this world, to do whatever I can. Everyday I wake up, I always asking myself why am I still alive? When can all this be over? It’s a painful 7mths and I’m living with it with no one to turn to.
        Best part is he uses my money to spend on other girls with gifts and even going out with them driving my car, etc…. Sorry it’s too hurting to continue writing.
        I love him a lot and I told myself that he is only playing, after all he will come back to me. Btw I’m still with him now, but seems like I’m digging my own graveyard. Days back, he was beaten up by some guys cos of girls. I felt so shameful to have continue on this rs. I wanna give up many many many times but I just can’t. I’m going crazy very soon. How I wish I can get killed by him, be it he knock me over with my car or in an anguement he grab a knife and stab hard in my heart.
        He care for others more than caring for me. He took all my hard earn money to buy things for his family and treat friends for drink or meal while as i have not a single penny to even buy a bun. Many times I asked myself who am I to him? What am I to him?

        Disappointed, upset, feeling very much want an end to this chapter of my life.

        (I’m crying very badly now, stopping my long essay for now.)

        1. Death is never the way out. Do you think whatever I’ve wrote is whatever that has happened?
          I did not include what happened in the duration of the 1 year while I was supposedly with him. He tried to chase a young girl and tell her friends he’s interested in her (Because no one know we have patched back)

          He gave another girl the same wallet brand just 1 week after giving me.

          He lied to people about me, make me someone I’m not. So many times, just like you, I tolerated, I couldn’t let go.

          He took the credit card points we earned together (which we planned to go Europe for honeymoon) and spend it with his current wife. He used the same “tricks” he used on me on every single girls…. a website of photos recording everything… using 520 1314… using romantic quotes… couple stuff… heart shape candles,flower petals etc… Exactly the same thing… how do you think I felt when I see all these?

          Do cry, and let it out. Say it out. Share it. But how should you solve your problem? I think you have hear more advice than I need to list, can you do it?

          How do you do it? The answer is usually in your mind and in your brain. You know it. It’s only when you want to do it and act on it.

          But just remember, never say die. Because you would have let yourself down, your family down.

          I know it’s hard. But you are already at your lowest point. Let go of your ego too. It’s hard to admit your choice is wrong too. I had a hard time admitting it. There were times I find myself defending him when my friends criticise him.

          Take it slowly dear Gin. Hope to hear from you soon.

        2. Time to wake up… 留得住人,留不住心。不论做什么都没有用了!不是我的,就不是我的!该放弃的始终是要放弃的!This is what I have been telling myself. But I’m a coward, I dare to say don’t dare to do.
          I tried to leave an hour ago, packed all my stuff and wanting to leave his place. I’m lack of the courage and in the end, I hurt myself again. I realize I have no where to go. I cannot go home anymore, I have no place to go except office and my car. I let down my ego and cried for him to take me back. I guess I’m hopeless. Nothing is getting into my head. It takes a big step to leave him but I really don’t have the guts or heart to leave at all.

        3. Sorry that I’m pouring my hearts to you on your page. I guess this is the only way for me to rage my unhappiness. Take care babe! Be it live or death, I truly wish you all the best. Take care and bright future ahead!

  18. Know always you are not the one at fault. There are many cheaters out there and if they want to hide with all the lies and live a double life, there is nothing you can do to find out but always hear your sixth sense. Woman’s sixth sense never fails them. I heard a true life story too about a guy name Bryan cheating on a very innocent, trusting and attractive girl for years and even went back to her after settling down with Dorothy his wife. And no one can understand why he even bother to go to so much trouble in lying about his marriage and be back with an ex. We can only say the marriage was a betrayal even before it even started. Be happy to know you are not alone, am sure many victims like you out there share your feelings and they definitely are the lucky one though they have been hurt. At least they do not have to live with the betrayal and hurt till the day they die. Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks Angel.
      I do realise I was better / more fortunate in many ways after hearing the stories from my friends and people.
      Thank you for your encouragement and good luck to you too!

  19. Hi Dear, thank you for sharing your story. You’re a strong and brave lady for withstanding and going through all these. Thank goodness things came to an end with this jerk. Like you have mentioned, a betrayal is a betrayal. Please don’t go doubting yourself and thinking that you ‘forced’ him into cheating. Please understand that It’s no fault of yours at all. You deserve so much better and he does not deserve a wonderful lady like you.

    Continue staying strong and know that there are many people who are supporting you! 🙂

  20. Hi Tiffany, I feel you in this entry but I think you should know that you’re drawing alot of flak online for oversharing your post and “riding” on this ZR saga for hits. Just thought you should know.

  21. omg you’re freaking gorgeous
    and from what I can tell you’re a great person as well
    any guy would be lucky to have you

    any guy who cheats on you is an idiot and
    will get major karma in the form of either early balding
    or problems downstairs hahahaha 😀

  22. Thanks for your entry! The hurt of being cheated on is really unbearable… and what’s worse was my ex bf getting together with my friend. Well the bastard and bitch are getting married soon and I’m still feeling pissed off but I’ve learnt to let go because I have a better bf than him now :)) Nobody will understand this unless they have gone through it.. Kudos to us!!!

    1. OMG! That’s like double betrayal! the hurt must be real bad!
      I am very happy you found a better bf. Show your message to him. He should be proud that you said that!
      All the best gal!

  23. Hi Tiffany, I am a guy and well, these guys are really idiotic. I am 21 years old and have never been in a relationship before cause I think life should be spent chasing after your dreams and working hard in life, life is not only about relationship and partnership. Just a quote from Kelly clarkson song “it dosen’t mean that I am lonely when I am alone”, so I hope you will stay strong, live strong and spent everyday meaningfully, chasing and fulfilling your dream and admition. Take care and I wish you all the best in finding a good man in your life!

    1. Hi Henrik,
      Thanks for taking time to read my post. I have male friends who are also being betrayed by girls, so I understand this is not just a “guy” thing. I like your quote, and will love to use it in my next post 🙂
      Hope that you will come back and share with me about your dreams, especially when you have achieved them!

    1. Thanks Jess. We all need to be strong. But many a times, I know it’s easier said than done!
      You too, stay strong and happy, and feel free to come here and share with me your troubles when you have no one to share with! 🙂

  24. 탄미쉘 (@_911109)

    I’m glad that you’ve walked out of the horrible nightmare! Happy for you that better things have come your way! (:

  25. Hi Tiffany
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I may not have been cheated on, but my fiance broke off our engagement v suddenly and broke my heart (in the process) after a 5 year relationship. Unfortunately, he died very suddenly recently and we never got to end things amicably.
    Am happy to read that good things are coming into your life and for all of us who have trusted, loved, and lost, may the Universe shine the way forward towards happiness, love and light for us 🙂

    1. Oh my! I’m very sorry to hear that. I’m actually tearing when I’m typing this message to you… I don’t know why he broke off the engagement and break your heart at the same time…
      But to lose someone you loved or once loved hurts alot. Always look at the positive side of life.
      I am doing so, because that’s the only way out.

      Life can’t get any worse, when you are already at your worst. It can only get better. 🙂

  26. Thanks for sharing, Tiffany. You are indeed brave to walk away. Life gives you challenges and luckily for you and Yuki, both of you walked away VICTORIOUS! Shame to those immoral women like ZR and xiao san/xiao si!

  27. Hi dear, ure such a strong & brave girl. My best friend just got her heart broken recently. Her bf cheats on her after 3 years long relationship. He also acted like he is not in the wrong when she confronted him & finally after push from me broke off with that jerk. Till now he still sms her everyday asking if she has eaten or reach work already…

    I told her to move on & her new year resolution must not include him!

    1. Mine did too. He even made me wonder if I was the one who “forced” him to do that.
      My bestie told me, no matter what reason, a betrayal is a betrayal. No excuses.
      And for advice for your best friend, do what you must, live life without regrets. I did not regret giving my ex a second chance. Because I know I will regret if I didn’t. But I am very disappointed when he did not treasure the chance.
      Of course, disappointed is an understatement.

  28. Hi Tiffany my heart goes out to you. Its these kind of man that stains the name of guys that are good. Continue living happily, down the road there will be someone who will treasure you. L.I.F.E = Living It Fullest Everyday.

  29. Hi, I came across your blog when reading up about the zoe raymond saga. You are a very brave girl too. Just wanna say, there will be rainbow after the rain. You will definitely find a much much better guy. Hope your prince charming come soon! Jia you! =)

    1. Thank you Angie! I’m definitely experiencing the rainbow after the rain, in another form… more career wise than love. But I am appreciating the opportunities given to me@

    1. If such guy can do this I belief he can do such to the xiao san also I myself getting married soon see such thing really and do shock such thing happens but I will never do unfaithful things to my wife.

      1. Hi, many people told me the same thing. But I certainly don’t hope he do that to his wife (Of course, I’m lying if I said that has never crossed my mind) I’m a human after-all. But he has not only hurt me, but a few other girls (which I did not mention)
        Time will tell, and I don’t know what to think already.
        But I’m glad you won’t do such unfaithful things to your wife. I still do believe in happily ever after, and I hope this is so in your case 🙂
        All the best!

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