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Do you know that I’m the new boss of Golden Village @ City Square Mall? Yea, it’s true, I run the cinema @ City Square! What? You want free tickets? erm… ok, forget what I said, lol. I’m not the boss, and it’s just the name of a new campaign “I RUN THE CINEMA @ GV CITY SQUARE” (so yea, don’t try asking me for free tix huh :P)

golden village
Da boss need tickets to enter the cinema too!

Muahaha, so what is this whole thing all about? I was planning to make a short video on this, but the deadline was to near, perhaps I will do one later on 🙂

Long story short, so Golden Village has his 11th baby at City Square Mall, and as we know, movie-watchers nowadays are the “in” and “trendy” people (like me :P) who knows how to appreciate the cool techy stuff (ya…right?), thus they spent about an estimated S$6 million to design and build new automated features to enhance our cinema-going experience.

Typical Singaporean X, “Wah, S$6 million, that’s like 600 000 tickets LEH. -.-“

golden village
Carman and Me (Credits to Priscilla aka Pingerrain for the photo)

Ok, but what are the cool stuff?

To put it simply, going to GV @ City Square Mall will be like entering a train station! They are the first to launch an auto-gate system via a confirmed booking code sent to a moviegoer’s phone. I have yet to experience that, so I’m definitely looking forward to it the next time I go City Square Mall for movies again!

GV also managed to save space and manpower by implementing a Theatre Management System (TMS) system, a centralised control system which enable the cinema managers to create, schedule and amend playlists based on their screening requirements by just dragging and dropping the required content into the playlist.

Typical Singaporean X, “Wah, cham, less jobs for us liao, computer replace us again. Eh, with the TMS, does it mean that the managers can watch whatever movies they want too? Wah, make friends with them can watch free movies first hand. Shiok ah.”

With this new campaign, basically everyone have the opportunity to take control of their outing which range from choosing  the movie title to be screened, personalizing their movie snack pack to having the option of paying less when they book tickets early. The movie-going public will also have the chance to premiere their own film productions at GV City Square’s ‘Couple’s Cinema’.

Typical Singaporean X, “Ah ya, you are DA BOSS as long as you pay money to watch at GV LAR)

My review about Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Go to the Golden Village website now to book your tickets!
More details about the  I RUN THE CINEMA @ GV CITY SQUARE video (coming soon)


Event invitation from Golden Village, thanks to
No monetary compensation was received for the event coverage of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie at GV City Square. All opinions are my own.

Sneak peak here:

golden village

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