Month: November 2012


Funamania 2012 | By It was really fun chaotic at FUNaMANIA 2012 (haha, that”s why it”s called Fun-a-mania right?) Thanks for watching the video.  I know it”s really short as there were a lot of parts where I couldn”t capture (because I was busy taking photos with the celebrities! haha) But I will elaborate more …

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Beach Photoshoot

Beach Photoshoot | By I started thinking: ‘Okay, what’s wrong with wearing a bikini? I look better than I looked in quite a few years, so why not? What am I afraid of? -Valerie Bertinelli Photographer: Yasu Goh I’m really new in this, so do feel free to provide me constructive comments 🙂 xoxo …

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