[Jul to Dec] 2018 Horoscope – Tarot Forecast by Rowen Ong

[Jul to Dec] 2018 Horoscope – Tarot Forecast by Rowen Ong

Editor’s Note: Six more months. Six more months till the end of 2018. Plays 时间都去哪儿了 (Where has the time gone) If you are one of the many who had made New Year resolutions, it’s probably high time you take a look at your list, tick off the ones you’ve completed, and re-evaluate if the rest are achievable. If you have been experiencing changes, or if you are feeling a little lost, here’s a July to December 2018 monthly Horoscope – Tarot forecast by Rowen Ong for your guidance.It seem just few days ago when The Epiphany Duplet completed the trilogy webisode “二见钟情 Love at Second Sight“, and me taking part in the ICON Search Competition. There have been many a times in the past few years when I felt like being lost in a maze. Rowen Ong is a tarot card reader whom I felt comfortable doing reading with. He provides advice in a tactful and yet, frank way. He doesn’t beat around the bush, at the same time, he provides the various perspective to a question instead of giving an outright yes or no.

For example, with a question like “Should I take up this job?” He will provide you a predictive insight on the obstacles I would encounter if I were to take up the job, and still leave the decision making to me. So, rather than blatantly promoting his services, I invited Rowen Ong to do a general reading for my readers, for you guys to experience for yourself!

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Rowen Ong: The fiery ram is one who likes to rush head on into any work or passion. Once he has an idea or interest in a hobby; he commits his time headfirst into it; often neglecting many other matters.
Aries Rowen OngIn the month of July: The magician appears. Everything is in order for action to be taken. Choices need to be made and action is required. You need to start that project which you have thought very long about. That girl or boy whom you have been eyeing many days; perhaps it is time to let them know about your passions and turn your dreams into reality. Dreams can become real once action is taken.
In the month of August: the high priestess appears. Secrets will be revealed to you. You will encounter matchmakers or the middle man in a relationship. You will be introduced to a new venture which you have not thought about. A month of learning will begin for you.
In the month of September: Much strength is needed as the stress of life overwhelms you. Stay firm with your work and do not give much. Much issues will become clear as your charisma and firmness will yield good results. DO NOT LET others push you around.
In the Month of October: Seven wands challenges you to not give up. Although September is over; your troubles are not totally resolved yet. Stand firm on high ground. Your courage will be rewarded.
The month of November: Page of Pentacles will be a month of opportunities and rewards. Your issues will be resolved in the workplace and money will come in. New plans are to be formulated for the next year and new opportunities of work and
investment are abound.
The Month of December is the month of good relationships as the Ace of cups shows new reconnection with old friends. That person whom you like will return a liking to you. Much new hopes in love will be rekindled.
Overall the next half of 2018 will be faced with challenges and rewards. Remember dream the impossible dream and you will be rewarded in the end.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Rowen Ong: The steady Bull who moves slowly. Slow to anger and Stubborn in changes. Loves to eat; Loves to cook; Steady in saving money and finances. Yet bad to changes.
Taurus Rowen OngIn the month of July: The fool beckons to new beginnings. You will embark on a new job. A new interest or passion will enter your life. It is a month of discovery. Step into the unknown and a new recipe will be found.
In the month of August: King of wands is the taking responsibility for one’s actions and lead others to follow your dream. Be the trailblazer of the pack.
In the month of September: Eight of cups. Walking away from a situation will not help you. Within this month; you will seek out others and leave familiar territory behind.
In the Month of October: Four of swords. A period of rest awaits you. Time to take a break from the life and seek within for answers. Not talking to a person and give a time out will solve your relationship issues. Cooler heads will bring new solutions.
The month of November: Queen of swords. Diplomacy is the key to success. Balancing the different issues and taking a meditative stance will give you the answers you need. Many will seek your influence into issues. Be selective and you will succeed.
The Month of December: Death. Though it may seem an ominous card; this month is also the end of the year. Resolving debts and paying off one’s credit card bills is essential this month. It signals the closing of a door and opening of new ones.
Over all the next half of 2018, it is 6 months of discovery and balance for the bull. Using one’s logic will be the key to succeed. Do not always think with your heart and new solutions will be found.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Rowen Ong: Eager for speech. Quick of wit. Faster in thought than a speeding bullet. The mind of the twins is very very quick. Commitment in relationships are issues for them yet being alone is a fear for the twins.
Gemini Rowen OngIn the month of July: The Chariot. Travel are in the cards for you this month. You seek direction and keeping in the race. Do not give up on your project and your dream. Persistence will earn you rewards.
In the month of August: Ace of swords. A new knowledge will come your way to solve your issues. Be eagle eye sharp and you will solve many issues this month.
In the month of September: Six of wands. Victory will be yours this month. You will earn the rewards for solutions solved and your presentation and hard work recognised. Yet be careful of other’s feelings in the moment of triumph as they may feel that you have become more arrogant.
In the Month of October: Nine of cups. Success brings self satisfaction. You can take time to relax and pat yourself on the back. Recharge yourself for new opportunities to come.
The month of November: Three of Pentacles. Presentation of your skills is important this month. If you are courting a person, take more time to plan your actions and you will be rewarded.
The Month of December: Six of swords. You will be a problem solver of many other’s issues. Helping others get their goals will be your key to solving your own issues.
Over all the next half of 2018, it is 6 months of Solutions. Do not only seek answers yourself. Through interaction with others will bring about new keys for the future.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Rowen Ong: A fearsome shell you possess. To everyone you are strong and mighty. Yet beneath all that steady exterior; a sensitive side you possess. Kind and nurturing to kids and protective of family values.
Cancer Rowen OngIn the month of July: the Queen of cups. Strong passions will develop and deep friendship. If you are seeking help and resources, you will find them on hand easily.
In the month of August: Two of cups. Make love and not fight. It is a month of communicating with the other party and forming friendships. Deep connections of love will be understood clearer this month.
In the month of September: Seven of Swords. Beware of the thief of hearts and the stealer of glory. Many a time relationships will be betrayed and what hardwork you put in may become the glory in another person’s yard.
In the Month of October: The Devil. Ill habits are getting a hold on you. Dark portents lurk this month. Be prepared to sign certain long term agreements and binding oneself to life long commitments.
The month of November: Ten of wands. Too much issues are on your shoulders. You have over committed. Take stock of your situation. Get your priorities straight and learn to say NO.
The Month of December: The Moon. Uncertainty is abound this month. You do not see things clearly. Perhaps your relationship is rocky now. Take heart that you do not commit overly to things this month.
Overall the next half of 2018: It is 6 months of Love and betrayal. Ups and Downs, a rollercoaster ride is installed for you. Center your heart. Remember who is most important in your life. Blood is always thicker than water.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Rowen Ong: A playful kitten at times. A fierce protector at other times. One thing for sure; you are the life of the party.
Leo Rowen OngIn the month of July: Two of swords. A veil clouds your vision, yet a choice you need to make immediately. Remove emotions out of the equation and the solution will become clear.
In the month of August: temperance. Control of all the elements is needed this month. Multiple tasks await. Getting the time just right will be the solutions to do everything in order.
In the month of September: Page of Swords. A message of quarrels await you. You are fighting desperately for your position. Tough times indeed are here for you.
In the Month of October: The Emperor. Who leads? Would it be you? Plan issues and show that you are the boss in this time of confusion. Perhaps maybe you will really be the leader which others seek.
The month of November: Justice. The right will be rewarded and the wicked punished. An adjustment will take place this month to seek an address of all past issues.
The Month of December: King of pentacles. Hard work is finally rewarded. Money and projects will come to a good end. You have worked hard and is justly rewarded.
Over all the next half of 2018, it is 6 months of Control and fairness. Be sure of your point and sticking to it will ultimately be good for you.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Rowen Ong: A Keen eye you possess. Details are key to your life. A line which is crooked is not acceptable. A speck of dirt on the napkins is not your calling.

Editor: This is le bf, Peps’ horoscope!
Virgo Rowen OngIn the month of July: Nine of wands. Repeated trials face you. You constantly fight off challenges and are getting weary of the issues.
In the month of August: Empress. Harvest time is now for you. Results are in and you will reap the fruits of your labour.
In the month of September: Hanged man. Thinking in an alternative way, will give new insights. Think out of the box, do not follow the crowd. Yet fear of commitment will leave you hanging in relationship issues.
In the Month of October: The Eight of swords. Responsibilities to prior commitments haunt you. You cannot do more for others as your hands are tied. Move slowly and surely this month; bearing in mind the commitments you have already made.
The month of November: four of pentacles. Remember to save for a rainy day. Consolidate your power. Keep secrets well this month as you do not know who will steal them.
The Month of December: Four of wands. Things are coming to the end of a cycle. Harvest time is the here again. Reap much good harvest for good work done.
Over all the next half of 2018, it is 6 months of Harvest and hard work. Remember your hard work will be rewarded.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Rowen Ong: Decisions decisions; you just cannot make up your mind. You want to be fair to all parties yet it takes long to make sure what is really fair.
Libra Rowen OngIn the month of July: Page of wands. A new adventure awaits you this month. New passion will come this month for you. See that hot new colleague. Is he or she your cup of tea?
In the month of August: three of cups. Celebrating friendship and socialising are the way to pass this month. Many new relationships will form.
In the month of September: Knight of wands. Trials of competition face you this month. Stay passionate to your goal and it will be yours for the taking.
In the Month of October: The Page of cups. An unexpected romantic encounter will develop this month. Poems and visions of love come naturally.
The month of November: Queen of wands. Seeking passions and friendship is easy this month as well. Help is available once you ask.
The Month of December: The World. What you seek; you will find. What you want to get; it will be in your hands. Using the right tools and relationships which you will get; things are looking up for you.
Overall the next half of 2018: It is 6 months of Networking and socializing. Getting the right team together will ultimately result in success.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Rowen Ong: Intense and resourceful you are. Secrets you keep and scores as well. Do not step on you and be wary of the sting.
Scorpio Rowen OngIn the month of July: Seven of Pentacles. Time is not right for you. Patience is required. Wait for things to mature if not failure will be ensured.
In the month of August: Seven of cups. Hasty decisions are not advisable. Your path is not clear. Too many options.
In the month of September: Tower. Plans must be changed. Beware of one’s own ego as it will be much challenged. Steer carefully as things will go awry. Murphy’s law. “WHAT WILL GO WRONG, WILL GO VERY WRONG.”
In the Month of October: Three of swords. Heart break and sadness will result if ego is too great. Think with your head this month and not with your heart. Painful decisions must be done.
The month of November: Five of Pentacles. Money is not enough this month. A lot of expenses will be incurred. Be careful with your wealth.
The Month of December: Knight of cups. All is not lost this month as finally help has arrived. Friendship which was sorely tested will be renewed.
Overall the next half of 2018: It is 6 months of unexpected heartbreak and loss. There are moments of wealth and moments of hell. This 6 months seem like hell to you.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Rowen Ong: Straight as an arrow you fly. You go straight to the point. You are a bit too honest at times. Yet you have wanderlust. Never remaining at a spot for too long.
Sagittarius Rowen OngIn the month of July: Four of Cups. A new opportunity is offered. You are given a new job; a new friendship.
In the month of August: Queen of pentacles. Be careful at your work this month. Carelessness will be costly and you may be nagged often by those closest to you.
In the month of September: Hermit. Seek out new knowledge and a good teacher will come. Seek out new job and one will show up. Seek out a new partner and you will find. Seek and you will find this month.
In the Month of October: King of swords. Challenges and test await you this month. It is trying and will be challenging for you. Be prepared and factual in your answers.
The month of November: Ace of wands. New good turn in events are in the cards for you. It’s a second spring of sorts. Grab the opportunities as there will be many for you.
The Month of December: Knight of swords. An overseas trip will beckon for your attention. Go flying overseas and take a break.
Over all the next half of 2018: It is 6 months of Travel and new experiences for you. Take the correct ones and it will blossom to something really good.

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20)

Rowen Ong: Careful and ambitious you are. Surefooted and careful plans are layered by you. Never in the limelight yet the chains of power you hold.

Editor: Any fellow Capricorns out there! I’m a Cap too!
Capricorn Rowen OngIn the month of July: Knight of pentacles. Slow is the developments. Yet do not rush into things. Plan and move slow is good thing in this month.
In the month of August: Wheel of fortune. Money and fortune will be yours this month. Gain many good things in the most unexpected manner.
In the month of September: five of wands. Differences in opinions emerge this month. Quarrels are unavoidable.
In the Month of October: Five of swords. There will always be ones who will defeat you. Be prepared for challenges and to be bested in a contest of skill or love.
The month of November: Six of pentacles. Help and financial assistance will be given to you. You need to open your heart to the generosity of others.
The Month of December: Six of cups. An old friend you will meet and rekindle old friendships of times of yester years.
Over all the next half of 2018: It is 6 months of forgiving and generosity. A heart filled with hatred; cannot be filled with Love.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Bearer of hope and optimistic outlook. You bring hope to others and a vision of success.
Aquarius Rowen OngIn the month of July: Judgement. Endings and moving on to the next phase of your life is coming. You need to hand over to your next person in order to move on to the next role.
In the month of August: two of wands. Careful decisions need to be made this month. Ponder longer and the correct answer will appear.
In the month of September: Ten of cups. Happiness fill your heart this month. Spending time with family will yield unexpected results.
In the Month of October: Hierophant. Your bosses like you very much and assistance will come your way. The Bank loan which you wanted will be granted. A approval by others will be given.
The month of November: Two of pentacles. Juggling different tasks is what you need to do this month. You may also given an opportunity to change your role.
The Month of December: Nine of swords. Worry of the facing the truth is on your mind. Remember it may not be as bad as it seem. If you are wrong; admit it. It may be a resolution to your fears.

Over all the next half of 2018, it is 6 months of changes and decision making. Note to oneself; please choose carefully. Assistance is there; yet you need to acknowledge what is wrong in order to fix it.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Dreamer of the impossible. Romantic to a fault; yet one who do not like commitment.
Pisces_Rowen OngIn the month of July: ten of pentacles. Money will be coming into your pocket this month. Results of hard work will be seen.
In the month of August: three of wands. Patience and waiting for answers. Investments returns will see good growth.
In the month of September: Lovers. Union and communications with others will be tested this month. A meeting of minds and an opportunity to know what your better half feels will be given.
In the Month of October: Star. Opportunity of job change and a new business role will be given. A new solution for a lingering issue will be made clear.
The month of November: five of cups. Disappointment will be given if your expectations are too high. Look for solutions instead of wallowing in misery.
The Month of December: Ace of Pentacles. Money will come well this month was well. Rewards are there for you.
Over all the next half of 2018, it is 6 months of rewards and making new friends. However do not expect too much from them else you will be disappointed.

About Rowen Ong

Rowen Ong is an accomplished tarot card reader, Rune reader, Astrologer, I-ching and Bazi practitioner.
rowen-ongHe was born to a family of mystics and mediums. At the age of 17, his aunt taught him the art of reading the tarot cards. He has decades of experience as a tarot card reader ever since.
Contact: +65 93876159
Website: Rowen Ong Consultancy

“When people consult me, it’s not that I’m reading the future; I am guessing at the future. Based on the omens of the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it, what comes later will also be better.”

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  1. I use to believe in horoscope when I was younger, but I no longer do! I think it can have some relations in terms what can happen but I’m the queen of my destiny and I am responsibility for all of my choices, thoughts and desicions.

  2. It was a fun read. Although I don’t believe in day to day horoscope. I enjoyed reading my star ⭐️

  3. Horoscopes are nothing more to me but fun though am not a believer. Nonetheless they speak something good concerning my month

  4. I am always so curious about horoscope predictions! My scientific education often times prevents me of believing fully that a person could predict the future, but I always feel compelled to read and many times I find they turn to be right!

  5. This was such an interesting post. It was really handy to read the forecast tarot for my birth month! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. My horoscope seems like it’ll be a tad tough from now to the end of the year. BUT at least December seems promising with the hard work paying off!

  7. Thanks for sharing Jul to Dec Tarot Forecast by Rowen Ong. At least I know what is coming for the next 6 months of this year. I have a good read on my Horoscope 🙂

  8. Deserted_Queen

    For the very first time I have come across a blog with horoscope. I checked mine and to be honest July, august and September are accurate. Lets see for the other months. But I am impressed.

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