MIS Best Personal Brand Award 2017 | Winner List & Acceptance Speech

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 by Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Woohoo… I won the ‘Best Personal Brand 2017 Award’ as an Entertainment Blogger! Never thought of classifying myself as one, but given that 65% of my articles are movie reviews, this is indeed a pretty fitting category for me.
tiffany-yong-terence-chiewSo, I received an email notification in November from the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) informing that I’m one of the winners for the Best Personal Brand 2017 Award. My first response was 😲 (wait, what? how! why?) And I’m guessing (pretty accurately) that there’s some people out there who are thinking out loud the same thing…

What is the Best Personal Brand 2017 Award?

This award is a prestigious form of recognition given by the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) for individuals who had made a positive difference in their professional life by utilising their personal assets, strengths, skills and positioning. The individual have distinguished themselves from their business peers by curating their own personal image and identity.
joe-teh-tiffany-yong-amanda-yong-hong-pengShared by Media Strategist and Professional Speaker Mr Andrew Chow who was also the curator, he explained how there are many individuals whose great personal branding has helped them to expand their business, increase their social influence and make a huge difference in the network they are serving. Many awards in the marketplace are meant for companies. Hence, this award focuses on the individuals whose brand and personality are the game changer.

What are the nomination criteria?

To qualify for nomination or curation, at least one of these requirements:
• Notable achievement like Tribe-building
• Extensive community services
• Have published a book solely under their name
• Enjoy local and regional presence, social media following, media coverage, and charity
• Won awards in their respective industry before


Acceptance Speech for winning MIS Best Personal Brand Award 2017

When you win an award or honor, it’s traditional to share a few words. I’m glad I’m not made to do that on the Awards’ Night upon receiving the ‘Best Personal Brand Award’. While this is not the inspiring and powerful Golden Globes speech by Oprah Winfrey, nor is this my Oscars acceptance speech, I thought it’s only right for me to write something on this website, just because I was awarded for the efforts I’ve put here.
Best Personal Brand Award 2017First, a very big thank you to MIS (Marketing Institute of Singapore) for the invitation to the MIS Glittering Awards’ Night and those who had nominated me for the award. I started to share my acting experiences, but alas, the lack of good acting opportunities slowly steered me to watching films, observing how the great actors act, and also attempting to dig out the trivia that might help anyone who read my reviews enhance their appreciation for the film. This is pretty much an unpaid and sometimes unappreciated work. Many questioned if it’s worth it to do so much work for a pair of tickets. Some tried to dissuade me from continuing. But it was all along not for ‘the pair of tickets’, as what most people assumed most bloggers work for.

Entering my sixth year (in 2018), I would like to thank the defunct for the invitation to the numerous film previews in my first year of blogging. Those were the ones that kept me going, and in some ways, led to where I am now. Also, Clover Films Singapore, Shaw Organisation (Asian Films), Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Singapore (from VML Singapore) for the recognition and invitations. Most importantly, Mr Donnie Yen (Yes, you’ve read correctly) for the repost of my review of his Kungfu Jungle (2014). That was one of the milestones in my blogging life, and it did helped me get more invitations, hence saving quite a sum when I (finally) do not need to spend so much on movie tickets. Teehee.
mis-best-personal-brand-award-winner-bloggersNext, the PR agencies and brands who trusted me and worked with me back in the days when it’s not just about following and likes, but quality and honest articles. Thanks for working with me even when my website was not exactly a ‘lifestyle’, ‘beauty’ or ‘fashion’ website that you need it to be. I am humbled and I wouldn’t have survive till now if not for you all.

Of course, I’m not forgetting the people who kept me going – the readers, and your encouraging comments & honest feedback. We all know the saying ‘The Hair Maketh the Man (or Woman)’, and the fans make the celebrity. I’m not yet a celebrity, neither can I claim to be an ‘influencer’. Personal Branding is something not just created by what I’ve written or posted on the world wide web, but also what you guys out there perceive me as a brand, as well as your experience of having a ‘relationship’ with Tiffany Yong. I sincerely hope that I can help you (yes, you readers) out there aspire to be better, even when I’m just the ABC girl-next-door. 🙂

MIS Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winner List (Alphabetical Order)

On top of the 6 Bloggers (Joe Teh, Amanda Yong, Yuki Ng, Sock Peng, Hong Peng and me!) who were presented the certification for ‘Best Personal Brand Award 2017’, there were 72 other winners from various industry sectors given the trophies!
mis-best-personal-brand-award-winnersHere’s the list of winners, provided thanks to the curator aka Mr Andrew Chow.

Alvin Oh Marketer of Residential Properties
Amos Marcus Koh Celebrity Tailor
Ande Lai Life Mentoring
Andrew Ang Financial Service Director
Angeline Teo Executive Coach
Apelles Poh Financial Advisory
Apelles PohFinancial Advisory
Benjamin Ang Advocate of Life Insurance in Asia
Bernadette Chua Business Culture Consultant
Brenda Goh
Makeover Photography
Cayden Chang Value Investing
Celine Chua
Chia Chien Wei
Chris Chen Wai Teck
Financial Service Director
Chris Chew Food & Beverage
Christopher Tock
Digital Marketing Strategist
Chua Kim Leong Cryptocurrency Trainer
Collin Seow
Constance Lim Life Coach
David Seen Financial Service Director
Dominic Peters Marketer of industrial properties
Edmund Khong Children Entertainer
Elias ThamAesthetic
Eric SeahLeadership by Example
Ernest Tan Master Money Coach
Eugene SeahPersonal Branding Coach
Eunice TanEntrepreneur
Eunice Tan People Connector
Grace LinAuthor
Han Kok KwangEntrepreneur
James YapMaster of Networking
Jensen Siaw Star Speaker
Jerome JosephGlobal Speaker and Consultant
Joseph ChewFinancial Advisory
Joseph WongExpert Author
Joshua Luke Entrepreneur
Ken CheeChairman, 8 Holdings
Kendrick NgVisualizer
Lars VoedischPublic Relations Strategist
Loh Teck KwangFacilitator
Marcelly Suhali Entrepreneur
Maxine TeoColourful Inspirer
Millie Leung Women Empowerment
Moon LohPro Recruiter
Mousumi BhatAuthor
Murshidah SaidLife Transformer
Naveen Bhat Author
Ng Choon Seng Master Facilitator
Nick Jarvis TanRegional Trainer
Nick Tan Virtual Reality Innovator
Ooi Lay YongFitness Innovator
Patrick ChangRetirement Planner
Pearl Leong Entrepreneur
Phoon Kok Hwa Publisher
Ram DubeyDriven Counsellor
Raymond ZhengCryptocurrency Trainer
Richard EngReal Estate Strategist
Richard Gavriel Associate Director
Richard Giam Fund Raiser
Ricky OngTrainer
Samuel Seow Celebrity Lawyer
Sara Mei Woo Woman Champion
Serene ZhaoSocial Marketing
Sharlyn LimEmcee
Sim Peck ChengAuthentic Listener
Sylvia ThamMaster of Ceremony
Teo PeiruDeep Innovator
Teo Yong Song Training & Development
Terence Chiew
MVP Advocate
Thng Beng Hooi Trainers' Trainer
Vincent Ng Author
Vivien Goh Ventriloquist

P.S. I’ve tried to find as many social media links of the winners via Google as possible, but due to the common names, there might be some mistakes. So if you are one of the winners looking at this list and want to add in or correct the links, please do leave your comments here!

MIS Glittering Awards’ Night

Here’s a video of the MIS Glittering Awards’ Night held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel by Techielobang Joe Teh.

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  3. Congratulations on winning such an amazing award! I’ve actually read a review or two of yours before and I believe the win was well deserved!

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