Snow Skin Mooncake Singapore: Golden Moments Review

Golden Moments: Mao Shan Wang Durian Snow Skin Mooncake Review

As the first day of Lunar seventh month strikes, it seems not the start of the Ghost month but the month of Mid-Autumn as the news release of the various mooncakes by different companies are sent out. One particular invitation caught my eye with the charcoal black skin and golden sprinkles.
golden-moments-mao-shan-wang-snowskin-mooncakesWe all know most Singaporeans are crazy about durians. New in Singapore, Golden Moments, the Durian Artisan was created by three young Singaporeans who aim to bring families closer through these lovingly handcrafted durian delicacies.

Each glittery, gold dusted mooncake stars a rich and creamy pure Mao Shan Wang filling encased in a healthy bamboo charcoal snowskin. They contain no preservatives, no cream and no added sugar, which makes them perfect for wholesome indulgence with family and friends.
Golden Moments Mao Shan Wang DurianTo be honest, I’m the only one in my family who avoids the king of fruits. But the golden cooler bag caught my attention and the thoughtful efforts was good enough for me to create a little stop-motion gif. I shared it with my family, Priscilla and Peps, and they were all surprised by the quality of the handcrafted mooncakes. So here is Peps’ take on whether the new Golden Moments Signature Premium Durian Snow skin Mooncake is worth your dollars and cents~


Peps’ Verdict: Right off the bat, the visuals are a plus point already. It’s distinctive colour paired with a luxurious golden dust finish really sets it apart. On first bite, it’s rich fragrance comes as a wonderful surprise, the heavy gushing flavours makes it a real treat for any durian lovers.

And as for non-durian lovers, this really isn’t for you. This has none of those artificial snow skin type of imitation flavouring that people who aren’t a fan of the fruit can still somehow stomach. Golden Moments is the real deal, every single bite seemingly as if I’m eating some of the best of durians.

If there are any bones i can pick with it, would be that perhaps in our local weather, it sometimes begins to melt in the heat pretty quickly. Be sure to eat it right away upon taking it out from the refrigerator!
tgft-mao-shan-wang-mooncakeThe Golden Moments Signature Premium Durian Snowskin Mooncake is now available online at and at Takashimaya, Nex and VivoCity. Get 30% off your purchase with promo code: TGFT30!

The Epiphany Duplet wishes everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance~

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28 thoughts on “Snow Skin Mooncake Singapore: Golden Moments Review”

        1. Hi Alloiscius,

          I believe the pre-orders/ordering might have stopped as today is Mid-Autumn. You might have to make your purchase directly from the shops or contact the website to ask if they still take in any orders.

  1. Sg is such a food capital and I love roaming around the city to explore good food. You gave me another great reason to come back very soon 😀 Thanks it’s good to know!

  2. All the fruits that are interesting and amazing. This is one of them ^.^
    The moon cake and presentation look beautiful. When cut it looks interesting … like a pudding inside a cake form, if that makes sense.

  3. These look too gorgeous to eat. I’ve never heard of these before but I’m so glad I have now. Its exciting to find out about new dishes and cultures.

  4. Calleigh Keibler - TheForkBite

    I’m a traditional red bean fan of moon cake and prefer flaky crust, that’s the one that I always buy.

  5. Wow I didnt know Singaporean people love durians like that. I never had one before but I heard of its reputation as not being that tasty. This looks mooncake looks super pretty for this kind of delicacy!

  6. Ok first the cooler bag got my attention, I love anything that is golden 🙂 For cake design is fabulous, though I did tried durian before and I was not a fan. Mabe I should give it another go ?

  7. That looks absolutely beautiful. I too had to do a little research, I’d say I’d try it! The presentation and packaging look so indulgent!

  8. Normally I would find food that is black in color to be appealing but this looks so beautiful with the gold dusting on top I would feel like a million bucks just having on my plate.

  9. I had absolutely no idea what a durian was, I had to go look it up on google 😉 It looks like such a fascinating fruit with all those spikes. And someone said it tastes like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream, but smells really bad. Sounds really interesting. Thanks Tiffany, I really enjoyed reading this and now I’m dying to try some

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