Slim Fit Review: Bust Enhancement Results in One Session?

Slim Fit Singapore Review: Natural Bust Enhancement?

When I was younger, I used to think that Big Boobs Equals More Confidence. Hence, when I lost 5kg within a month due to the lack of appetite 5 years ago, affecting my cup size, I panicked. I was desperate to get back my cup size, and in the end, succumb to advertising lures and paid several thousands for bust enhancement treatment packages, only to be sold into a never-ending package upgrades (not Slim Fit though), and little results.
Slim fit Tiffany Yong Sarong Review5 years later, with a few kilograms heavier, a little more matured, I thought I would review the natural bust enhancement treatment of Slim Fit Singapore to share the experience, results and difference. Founded in 1997, Slim Fit Singapore is an exclusively female clientele beauty and health salon which does natural beauty therapies such as pigmentation removal, stretch mark removal, body massage and customised weight-loss programmes. They are also the pioneer in natural bust enhancement in Singapore.

Slim fit Ngee Ann Office TowerLocated on the 14th floor of the Ngee Ann City Office Tower, the salon is pretty private and away from the public eyes for those who are concern about privacy. The whole place uses earth brown to ground, stabilize and neutralize the energy.

My Slim Fit Experience

While most people will be concern about the effectiveness of the treatments, I thought I would share my experience (on top of the results) as I was pretty impressed with the service.
Slim fit Treatment RoomIn every treatment room, customers get to choose between listening to music or watching TV. If you are chasing after some idol drama or KDrama, you can even bring your DVD to play and watch it during the treatment!

SF-BabaoteaOne of my favourite experience was having the delicious and nourishing Eight Treasures Tea or Ba Bao Cha (八宝茶) before and after the treatment! This sweet Chinese herbal tea is said to be Empress Dowager Cixi’s secret recipe for beauty, longevity and youthfulness as it has anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifying, “qi” balancing properties, improves digestion and reduces fatigue (basically VERY beneficial for ladies!)

Natural Bust Enhancement through Massage?

Our breast is a mass of glandular, fatty, and fibrous tissues positioned over the pectoral muscles of the chest wall and attached to the chest wall by Cooper’s ligaments. A layer of fatty tissue surrounds the breast glands and extends throughout the breast. This is also why our bust size increases and decreases together with our weight. Unknown to many, doing intense workout and consuming slimming pills (or appetite suppressant) will decrease your body fat, and in turn, your cup size too.
Breast Structure

While the therapist won’t be able to increase your fat content, what they can do is to increase the size of the glands (blue) through massage. Each breast has 15 to 20 lobes that are arranged like the petals of a daisy. By massaging the breast with the correct breast massage techniques, the therapist helps to stimulate the glands which will grow in size.
Slimfit Singapore ReviewIn the past, I had the misconception that I have to endure the pain (from massage) in order for the treatment to be effective. I was told this isn’t so at Slim Fit. Bust massage should be a gentle procedure and any move that hurts or applies too much pressure must not be attempted. In fact, it is supposed to be relaxing and at most only provide slight discomfort.

Breast Cancer Prevention Through Massage

Another reason why I decided to take up the invitation to review Slim Fit was to spread the awareness of Breast Cancer. Unknown to many, breast massage is known to be very beneficial in preventing breast cancer. Wearing bras all day long restrict blood flow and cut off lymph drainage. This contribute to the development of breast cancer as your body will be less able to excrete all the toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis.
Slim fit Bio oil Massage ReviewHence, with massage, our lymph circulation will improve, increasing blood flow, making it easier for our body to get rid of the toxin build up in the tissues. It also prevents chemicals like cortisol and noradrenaline which get released due to stress from building up. Massage also triggers oxytocin release, reduce the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and the occurrence of cysts. This applies not just for our bust but the whole body too!
Slim fit Abdominal Massage ReviewJust like regular exercise, massaging your breasts regularly will provide shapely, firmer and toner breasts, while the tissues will be oxygenated and detoxified. After the massage, a mask will be applied to help absorption of the essential oil while the therapist will move on to abdominal massage which helps ridding the body of backed-up, compacted waste. This eliminates constipation, and promotes proper metabolic and digestive function.

Products and Maintenance

Different products are used for different customers with different needs. I try to be very careful with what goes on to my skin. Luckily, Slim Fit uses natural herbs essential oil. I would say the smell is pretty subjective. I love the herbal smell but according to the therapist, there are customers who doesn’t like it!
Slimfit Products ReviewThe fenugreek essential oil (white bottle) was used during my treatment as well as daily maintenance. With estrogen-like properties (diosgenin), fenugreek is a well-known spice which can help lessen the effect of mood fluctuations. The oil helps to regulate hormones in your breast to promote growth. Another product which was used is the Propolis Gel, a product to help lock in and retain the beneficial nutrients of the fenugreek essence. I was also thought how to apply the oil and gel at home, as well as the self-massage to pro-long the effects of the bust enhancement.

Results: Before and After 1 treatment

So here comes what most of us will be concern about: How effective is the treatment? Measurements are taken before every treatment as a form of record. But here, I’m sharing the measurements before my first treatment and the measurements before my second treatment. So with one week apart, the results will be more accurate than the measurements before and after a treatment (we all want long lasting results, don’t we?)
Slimfit Result ChartPrior to the treatment, the therapist showed me how I have uneven bust size. Hence, the treatment was focused more on the smaller breast to balance the size. To be honest, I wasn’t keeping track of the results and and I was pretty shocked to see the results myself when I returned for the second treatment.
Before After Slimfit ReviewPhotos are taken before and after every treatment as a record. While such photos cannot be released, I thought I would share the illustration image of what I saw to do justice to the results!

For Slim Fit, their bust treatment is most effective to natural busts (that means you have never been through any breast related plastic surgery), and every customer will have to undergo a bust assessment to determine suitability. Just like how different people respond differently to different exercises, the results vary for each individual. I was pretty satisfied with the results of one single treatment!

Slim Fit Singapore

Sharing with you the results after 5 treatments soon 🙂
Slimfit Tiffany Yong ReviewAddress: 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-07/08/08A, Singapore 238874
Contact: +65 6235 6897
Operating Hours: MON – FRI : 11:30AM – 20:30PM | SAT : 10:00AM – 19:00PM | Closed on Sundays
Slim Fit Website:
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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

20 thoughts on “Slim Fit Review: Bust Enhancement Results in One Session?”

  1. I’ve signed up $9k worth of package but even a cup of water hard to get, some more the Eight Treasures PEE Tea before and after the treatment! Please lah…. this blog likely written coz Slim Fit paid you to blog. For others, please do not fall prey by Slim Fit. Reality is that no such scientific proofs that massage can achieve such claimed result. This is to cheat your money only. Blogger did not mentioned anything about the what-so-called “treatment” was a mere hand massage on your bust using cheap oil, that’s all. Further, it’s pain like hell!!!

    1. Hi Kirei Sakura, I believe you’ve been sending similar messages more than once to various bloggers or customers. While most might choose to ignore or delete your messages, I thought I will reply you.
      1) The article is written with the invitation from Slim Fit to try out their services. We do not have to write “positive” reviews if we don’t get positive results.
      2) Do you have proof that you actually paid $9K worth of packages and not get anything? I do see all customers getting tea served, so I’m not surprised if you are actually trolling.
      3) I DID mention that the treatment IS a hand massage using oil. I guess you haven’t read the article properly if you are saying that. Also, pain tolerance varies from person to person, same for facial. So rather than spending time going around criticizing, why not concentrate on improving yourself? I’ve done my research to know what is proven and what is not. Here, I concentrate on the health of our breast (Breast Cancer Awareness) rather than enhancement.

      1. That’s the different between invited and paid customer, right? Surely they would serve you like queen bees when they know you would blog and so easy for you to write such nice review when u don’t pay. If they are so honest in doing their business and do so good in the service, they should refund the $$ that customer had paid when their service is not up to customer’s expectation. They do not have to resort so low by cheating and lying and by forcing customer to take other services for the balance package when they don’t deliver their service. They even accuse customer of lying when they all concluded to save their own ass. I only came to Slim Fit for a mere body massage using Groupon voucher that clearly states “BODY MASSAGE”, until they kept me for hours in the room to sign up their package despite refusing it many many times. Other salons had stopped forcing customer long time ago but they still practices it.

        So, here, I concentrate on preventing more women from being their next victims.
        Just for your reference of an honest review:

        Go figure and ask your self why now they only left with 1 salon… from the many many branches that the sales manager clearly said that they NEVER had any branch. Such liars…

        So much of breast cancer awareness, such massage might do body harm instead, as certain pressure, if too much, might cause your blood vessel to bursts. Go try it out…

        1. Hi, nice to hear that you insisted your stand and haven’t been “convinced” of signing packages, which means you didn’t pay the $9K that you’ve claimed you were being conned of! What makes you think only negative reviews are honest? I’ve experienced the change myself and this is honest as well. Similar, paid customers are the real “queen” as they are the ones contributing to the company’s profits. Not invited guests.

          Like what you wrote, too much pressure will cause blood vessel to burst, so it’s both the therapist and the customer’s duty to ensure that the pressure is tolerable.

          I don’t think sharing posts from 7 years ago will prove much. The staff might have changed, same for company policies and practice. As I am not an employee, I am not oblige to answer you any questions regarding your experience as I was just sharing mine. You have the right to live in the past and harbour unhappy thoughts.

  2. I would much rather go with this treatment than pick something invasive. I appreciate the fact that they also do the massages to prevent breast cancer, that’s very important. I hope everything goes well, and I’m looking forward to the results.

  3. Whoah! that’s interesting. I didn’t know that massage can help bust enhancement but sure with its supplements’ help as well but the idea is really new to me!

  4. This is really good ,so natural and no need surgery , i think i should do this roo because I’ve been consuming detox tea and now i lose weight and yeah also the cup size and I’m pretty sad now

  5. well this treatment seems promising on you.You got a good result though I don’t prefer to go through such treatment much.

  6. This is a very brave experience for you, and a very brave blog article to show these intimate photographs. How are the long term effects as far as the size was concerned (which I think should be more important than immediate effects)?

  7. Hmmmm. You are so brave to actually try the treatment. I have a bit of apprehension with another individual touching me – that didn’t sound right, but you get what I mean? Lol. I would often waive these chest check-up at work because even if they don’t mean to, I feel violated. I like though that you also aimed at helping increase awareness for breast cancer.

  8. I’m amazed at how you actually had results in such a short period of time! I wonder – does it continue to get bigger with more sessions or is there a limit in how much improvement can be made? I also wonder how long the effects last.

  9. i didn’t think you’ll need bust treatment, though. hmm, and having someone else (even though is a professional) massaging our chest feels… weird? I think i’ll feel extremely violated. HAHAHA!

    1. Depends on how you look at it! I rather do it the natural way than going for implants. It’s actually pretty good for the body especially for people who have been wearing bra the wrong way.

  10. thewhimsicaltales

    This is a great alternative to expensive cosmetic surgeries and going through the recovery period! I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery and this is a great option for all those girls who are looking to enhance their breasts!

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