Shunji Matsuo 10 X Play By Ear Music School Photoshoot BTS

Play By Ear Music School Photoshoot X Shunji Matsuo 10

Hi guys, here’s some behind the scenes of my commercial photoshoot for Play By Ear Music School, and the photos (besides selfies) are with courtesy from Andrew Yau (PBE) and James Fong. It started with Nic Lee from Mi Lu Bing 迷路兵 asking for models, and then I was selected for the advertisement poster for PBE!

For those who don’t know, Play By Ear (PBE) Music School started in Singapore in 2003 (That’s 12 years!) and offers Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Pop Guitar and Pop Vocal lessons. PBE Singapore is the appointed HQ for P.B.E.S™ (Study of Contemporary Music Improvisation & Aural Techniques), a global teaching methodology for adults and teens. Today, Play By Ear’s global franchise network reaches out to countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan.

Hair Styling @ Shunji Matsuo by Kim

As this is a commercial shoot, who else should I trust my tresses with but Shunji Matsuo? Shunji Matsuo with KimKim was my stylist for that day, and I had a difficult task for her. As I have two to three different roles in the advert, my hair style can not be fixed. Shunji Matsuo Shiseido Hair TreatmentSo while she’s thinking of a solution, let me have my favourite Shiseido Professional’s The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Mask treatment! That’s also the time I try to relax after the soothing head massage and not risk dropping my phone on my face!

Ta da, that’s my final look! It’s much more curly as compared to the one I did for my emcee-gig the previous time as Kim was worried the curls will become limp after a long day of shoot! So she thought me how I can change my hair style according to the roles! So here comes the indoor shoot!

Behind The Scenes of Play By Ear Music School Indoor Photoshoot

PBE Tiffany YongHave you ever wondered what you could be doing besides the job you are doing? You might be an accountant, a sales person, a manager, a housewife, but there will definitely be that little secret desire to become someone you are not. This is the concept of the advert. Play By Ear Tiffany YongAfter having short hair for over 3 years, it was pretty fun to have long hair to play with. I was asked to flip my hair to get the feeling of playing Rock & Roll songs. It was pretty awkward doing that sans the music! Play By Ear TiffanyYongPlay By Ear teach music improvisation catering to both hobbyists and budding musicians and they feel that people from all walks of life should have the chance to learn music in a fun way if they are picking up a new hobby, or a professional way if they want to be a professional. For this ad, you can be a dancer in the day and pick up the pop piano as a past-time!

Behind The Scenes of Play By Ear Music School Outdoor Photoshoot

The next shoot was done outdoors at Botanic Gardens. Tiffany YongKim was right! My curls were not as curly as before now, but it’s still very very very naise! Ok, it’s very narcissistic, but I was so in love with my hair. (You can ignore this paragraph, totally a filler :P) Play By Ear Music School PhotoshootHere’s the rest of the members in the photoshoot. James Fong, coincidentally my Primary School0mate, coincidentally my competitor from “TesTube” and Kristin, the other pretty lady in this group photoshoot! Andrew was the photographer + brain behind the advertisement concept + owner of PBE! Play By Ear Music School Photoshoot 2With 3 main musical instruments, the keyboard, microphone (for vocals) and the guitar, three of us were to take turns with each item and position ourselves every where in the whole field. Andrew even brought out his precious pet toucan for the photoshoot! Tiffany Yong Play By Ear MusicIt is so fun working with a real life bird! Ok, I’m lying, it was actually quite nerve wrecking, as it was quite afraid of us (and us it) and only listens to Andrew. So half of our NGs were because of him! (Haha… Yes, I’m blaming a bird for my NGs)Play By Ear PosterTa-da! This is how the banner look like in the end after Andrew’s editing! Amazing, ain’t it? Being musically-talented is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s interesting how I can do this now. On photo. Maybe on day, I will really be able to achieve one of the above! Vocals first, perhaps!

Heaven and Earth #MatchMadeInHeaven Launch

I rushed down to another event after the photoshoot at Art Trove, and it was a drink launch by Heaven and Earth. Night Owl Cinematics Ryan & SylviaHeaven and Earth launched 2 drinks: Mango Tea with a hint of Chamomile and Apple Tea with a hint of Lemongrass, and they’ve engaged Ryan and Sylvia from Night Owl Cinematics to promote these drinks. With ingredients that seem to be complete opposite yet complementing perfectly, the couple explained how the two drinks are just like them, match-made in heaven!

So this marked the end of my nice curly hair day, and I’m now looking for my hair to grow longer so that I can do more stuff with my hair!

Quote ‘Tiffany Yong‘ to receive 10% off any chemical service by at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio! Shunji Matsuo Kim Hair StylistAlso, follow Kim on instagram to check out her works with celebrities!

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  1. Congratulations, Tiffany!!

    The advert is so cool, I like the poster of you doing the dancer-playing-piano bit. The hairdo by Shunji Matsuo looks so pretty on you!

  2. I Love Paars by: Lee

    Congrats on your new advert. Your hair looks amazing even after the shoot. Great work dine bt shunjo matsuo

  3. The name of the music school is so good, Play it By Ear. It makes you feel like you can learn to play by ear, something which is of course a natural gift. – Fred

  4. You are so stylish girl – amazing result after the editing ! oh the Mango Tea with a hint of Chamomile sounds awesome : )

  5. I love what they did to your hair, curls suit you very well. The photo shoot seems fun and the editing is awesome!

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