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Review: Halloween Horror Nights 5 @ Universal Studios Singapore

Hi guys, it’s October and that means Halloween for everyone! I realised that there were many people checking out my past Halloween articles so here’s one from Resort World Sentosa for 2015’s Halloween for everyone! If you haven’t noticed, the Halloween Horror Nights 5 is the ONLY scare fest in Singapore this year. This means *Scape won’t be having their haunted house, neither do Sentosa have their thai-horror Spooktacular. But Sentosa do have a family-friendly + child-friendly “Spooky Junior” carnival held at Port of Lost Wonder on 24 & 31 Oct 2015.

HHN4 versus HHN5: What’s The Difference?

HHN5 HHN4Quick Recap: In 2014, Universal Studios Singapore’s HHN4 has 4 haunted houses [Secret L.A.B | Mati Camp | Jing’s Revenge | Jack’s 3-Dementia] and 4 scare zones [ Scary Tales | Canyon of the Cursed | Demoncracy | Bogeyman] revolving around the Minister of Evil. This year, the Blood Moon has turned USS into an evil place and unleashed 4 haunted houses and 3 Scare zones during the Halloween month. Out of the 4 haunted houses, 3 of them are uniquely Singaporean (You can’t find them in other USS!) and also the first ever dark house.

Expect To: Scream Through the 4 Haunted Houses

HHN5 Tiffany Yong James FongChristians will be familiar with the Blood Moon prophecy. The Blood Moon is a lunar eclipses where the moon appeared red. According to wikipedia, it serves as an omen of the coming of the end times comes from the Book of Joel, where it is written “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

Indeed, the day month DID come, and the prophecy has befall on the Universal Studios Singapore, turning near 400 people into monsters, zombies and aliens. HHN5 Asia361 RanoadidasThis year, I experienced the Halloween Horror Nights 5 twice within three days and here’s my verdict:

1. Tunnel People

HHN5 Tunnel People HouseLocation: Sound Stage 28 Breezeway
The Story: Dwelling in the darkness of subterranean passageways, the Tunnel People have been biding their time for the rise of the Blood Moon. As you feel your way into their forbidding domain, what horrors await, and will you be able to see them?
HHN5 Tunnel people Tiffany YongScare-meter: ☆☆☆ 3/5 Personal Favourite Rating: ❤❤ 2/5 Tiffany’s Survival Advice:This is USS’s first ever dark house and there is two paths through the smelly “tunnel”. One is big and the other smaller, you will be shuffled through either one into complete darkness. With your sense of sight hindered, your other senses will become more aware of your surroundings. If you’ve watched The Maze Runners: Scorch Trials, recall the moment where Thomas and Brenda escaped pitch dark underground and was attacked by full-blown cranks. Yes, that was what I felt. I don’t like the feeling of vulnerability and unable to see anything, so this is definitely my least favourite. HHN5 Tunnel PeopleP.S. Try spotting the 1.9m tall monster while escaping!

2. True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

HHN5 True Singapore Ghost StoriesLocation:Waterworld The Story: An underground train station built at a Malay burial site is torn asunder as a curse is fulfilled by the rise of the Blood Moon. Toyols, hantu rayas and pontianaks now stalk for victims, as the tracks lead you back in time, to the author of the curse and his murderous henchmen. HHN5 MRT Singapore True Ghost StoriesScare-meter: ☆☆ 2.5/5
Personal Favourite Rating: ❤❤❤ 3/5
Tiffany’s Survival Advice:This is the first time Universal Studios collaborated with a local franchise – True Singapore Ghost Stories (TSGS) by local author Russell Lee. The original story created just for HHN5 was inspired by familiar characters like Pontianak and Toyol. If you are not familiar with TSGS, fret not, because this house will bring you into the book (literally!) and you will definitely recognize the realistic MRT train, this time, wrecked and littered with dead bodies and cursed creatures.

3. Hell House

HHN5 Hell HouseLocation: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Back-of-House The Story: Make yourself at home. But be warned: the Blood Moon has awakened the Paper servants of the Effigy House and you will soon be feeling the heat, because everything here is made to be burnt. HHN5 Hell House EffigyAverage Scare-meter: ☆☆☆☆ 4/5
Personal Favourite Rating: ❤❤❤❤ 4/5
Tiffany’s Survival Advice:Most Chinese will be able to relate to this life-size papier-mâché house and effigies which are often burned in Asian funerals to ensure that the spirit of the deceased has lots of good things in the afterlife. Remember the taboo that we are not step onto offerings or the ashes of burned joss paper or you might offend the wayward spirits? Here, there’s almost no way of avoiding the papers, so be prepared to be disturbed by the dead! HHN5 Hell House PunishmentI like how the walk brings one not only through the House, but also give 5% feel of what it is like to be cast into infernos, as well as witness several punishments of the sinners. The passageway filled with hands and then hanging bodies is prolly the two scariest parts of the haunted house. So enter at your own risk. P.S. Try counting and see if you can find 13 paper effigies in Hell House.

4. Siloso Gateway Block 50

HHN5 SG Blk 50Location: Sound Stage 28

The Story: The HHN-5 virus is turning residents of a HDB block into rampaging, flesh eating zombies! Emergency Services has been brought in to contain the situation, but it may all be in vain! Can you find your way out through the carnage, as heartland turns into hell?
HHN5 Siloso Gateway Block 50 residentsScare-meter: ☆☆☆ 3/5 Personal Favourite Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ 5/5 Tiffany’s Survival Advice: This is my favourite house as this is the only place where you have (飞虎队) Flying Tigers-lookalike Rescue team inside protecting you from the infected citizens. While I did not find this ultra scary (thanks to the guards), my friend Basil found it scary as there were possessed zombies of Chinese, Indian and Malay races as we walked through the familiar setting of a high-rise building. He hated the possessed Malay ghost most as it reminded him of the horror films he used to watch.

Photo-taking opportunities @ 3 Scare Zones

HHN5 Hungry Ghost tiffanyAt the Scare Zones, there are plenty of odd creatures for you to do a selfie with for momento. Just a note, flash is required, or your photos will turn out pitch black!

1. The Invaders

HHN5 The InvadersLocation: New York The Story: A gargantuan extraterrestrial race called the Horde is using the cover of the eclipse to invade Earth. These sightless, ruthless monsters have opened a portal to swamp our cities and will stop at nothing until our planet has been laid to waste. HHN5 The Invaders PerformancePersonal Favourite Rating: ❤❤❤ 3/5 Tiffany’s Survival Advice: This is the most attention-catching zone as you will see it the moment you enter (right) of the Universal Studios. HHN5 Invaders Tiffany YongCovering a large area, the zone is filled with ultra tall aliens which will be more than happy to take a picture with you, if you can catch a full shot of them, that is. There will also be a 4-5 minutes performance at certain timings, where some of the guards are being captured by the aliens. P.S. Can you find the 6 types of aliens in this zone?


HHN5 conTERMINATED zoneLocation: Sting Alley

The Story: A secret colony code-named Sector #5 was set up by the government to quarantine the deformed and the diseased. Left to fend for themselves, they have developed a bloodlust for their oppressors, which the Blood Moon is stoking to a fever pitch. HHN5 conTERMINATEDPersonal Favourite Rating: ❤❤❤ 3.5/5 Tiffany’s Survival Advice: Here, I got to encounter many deformed and odd looking people in a (pretty cool) alley, which include a chubby butcher, a mean witch and some straggling beggars. HHN5 Tiffany YongAll of them are angsty and can’t wait to drive you out of their territory.

3. Hungry Ghosts

HHN5 Hungry Ghosts Scare ZoneLocation: Lost World The Story: The Blood Moon has wreaked havoc on the Lunar Calendar! In this forsaken village it is eternally the seventh month, and villagers perform rituals of the Hungry Ghost Festival every night. Are they apparitions, or have you “crossed over” without realising it? HHN5 Hungry Ghost RedPersonal Favourite Rating: ❤❤❤❤ 4/5

Tiffany’s Survival Advice: Previously an area where fairy tale characters go demonic (in HHN4), this area turn into every Asians’ nightmare. I like this zone as visitors have to pass through this area to reach the Hell House and the Hungry Ghosts-filled zone definitely sets the mood for Hell House.

P.S. Can you spot HHN5’s almost 70 year old ghost?

Join the beasts @ B.C. Beast Club

HHN5 Beast ClubLocation: Ancient Egypt This is where the Chinese underworld guards Ox-Head and Horse-Face (牛头马面) chill out and dance after their shift work. HHN5 Beast Club PerformanceYou can enjoy deathly cold beverages and frighteningly good entertainment all night long at the Beast Club, where misfits, beasts and monsters hang out. It’s going to be an experience that’s literally out of this world.

P.S. 18 out-of-the-world creatures can be found here.

Tips to survive HHN5

HHN5 Bood Moon Scaremony1. Reach by 7.30pm to be in time for the Opening Scaremony held at the Hollywood Lagoon Stage. It will tell you why all hell broke loose for Halloween Horror Nights 5 and get you in the mood by be dashing with the rest of the visitors victims to the haunted houses. hhn5-map2. Plan your route by using the 2015 Survival Guides (located everywhere throughout the park) or use the digital map on HHN5 website! It will provide reference for everything you need to know about the event: the haunted houses, the scare zones, the map, the food and the merchandise.
3. Kids under 13 are not advised to come to Halloween Horror Nights 5. They can be placed under care at the Kids Club (located at Hard Rock Hotel). Present HHN5 ticket to get the discounted rate of S$8 per hour, for children aged 3 to 12.
On 2, 3, 9, 11, 18, 25 and 29 October, Kids Club is open from 10am to 1am.
On 10, 16, 17, 23,24,30 and 31 October, Kids Club is open from 10am to 2am.

Treats Not Trick!

  1. Attractions Opened: Revenge of the Mummy, Battlestar Galactica: Human (Red) vs Cylon (Blue), Accelerator, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Enchanted Airways, Scared Shrekless, Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey, Canopy Flyer
    HHN5 Tiffany Yong Discount2. Universal Studios Singapore is giving a special discount for my avid horror readers. Click here to purchase HHN5 tickets at a special price of $65! (U.P. $68) If this is not enough, try getting more friends along and purchase the tickets at $58 (Save $10) if you buy 4 or more ONLINE. HHN5 Admission Rates
    Frequent Fear PassCheck out Resort World Sentosa official website or Facebook Page for more information.

Spook You Again!

HHN5 Tiffany Yong USSSo have you experienced the horror in Halloween Horror Nights 5? What do you think and tell me if you have a favourite/most-hated house or scare zone!

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22 thoughts on “What To Expect For Halloween Horror Nights 5 | HHN5”

    1. The rides were closed when I went there (it was a media preview). According to my friends who went there, they were able to complete everything if they reach at 7am and go through the first house quickly (other houses will start having long queues by then)

  1. I would rather skip the fun than have a heart attack. I suck at horror movies. It only makes me up the whole night. But I might give it a go if I’m with my best friends.

  2. That Halloween Horror Night looks terrifying! I am never a fan of horror, anything related to it. But seems you guys had a lot of fun there. For sure, many will avail that discounts just to try that.

  3. I have been to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios but this was in Los Angeles. I did not really like having zombies suddenly appearing in front of you! The Chinese culture ghosts should be interesting in this Singapore version. – Fred

  4. OMG you are so brave! I wouldn’t even think of going inside any of these attractions. That Haunted MRT looks super scary with that bloody girl screaming in front of you and you still managed to take a photo. I would’ve run and scream hahah

  5. i’ve bought my tickets last month but haven’t gone yet! probably going next, next weekend. heh! well, i’m quite a scaredy cat… so not really looking forward to it.

  6. I have not ever experienced entering this kind of spooky event. This has never been an occasion to have one in our place. Hoping soon would be here and I would really experience a haunting moment with variety of ghosts. = Gil Camporazo

  7. Pooh im so excited for al the Halloween festivities! I wish there’s a major theme park here in Manila but I guess the next best thing would be the haunted houses. Hoping for good ones this year!

  8. Thinking about Halloween, Costumes are getting much real and real every year. This time for sure will be much scarier than last year.

  9. This looks like a nice way to spend a day and have fun. I’ll keep this in mind for when I’ll be in Singapore!

  10. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t look at the photos that long, too terrifying for my liking. Really scary stuff are in store for those who want to go to Halloween Horror Nights 5, for sure. I’ll take a pass on it!!!

  11. My sister now is in Singapore to visit Universal Studios and also go for the Halloween Horror Night. At first I was discouraging her because it would be so late at night and they would have to ride a taxi to their hotel. Then again, this only happens once a year and seeing monsters, zombies, and aliens in one location would be thrilling.

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