Shunji Matsuo 9: Emcee for CNM Alumni Dinner 2015

Do You Regret Your Degree?

Ever heard of the saying, “What you study may not be what you end up doing”? Or have you ever regretted taking up a particular major because that was not your interest, and you only took it up only to make your parents happy? There were countless people, be it acquaintance, colleagues, friends or relatives who had asked me this question, and my answer had always been the same.
Tiffany Yong CNM AlumniNO! I graduated with a National University of Singapore (NUS) Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Communications and New Media (CNM) and I’ve NEVER EVER regretted choosing this major!

Emcee for CNM Alumni Dinner 2015 X Shunji Matsuo

Loving my department this much, you can bet how excited I was when I received the notification about a CNM Alumni Dinner! The dinner was held at NUSS Guild House @ Suntec City, a place which I’ve always heard about but never stepped in. CNM Alumni Dinner 2015This was the first time CNM has organised an alumni event at this scale. Although there were many unfamiliar faces (there was no one from my year who came 🙁 ) it was still fun to be reconnecting with the alumni from various years starting from the class of 2004 up until the recent class of 2015.

Shunji Matsuo Tiffany YongAnd guess what? I was the emcee of the dinner! As I was saying during my introduction speech, I’m now no long an ABC girl but officially an ABCDEFG! Actor, Blogger, Consultant, Drama, Emcee, Friendly Girl!

Haha, ok, I’m just joking. While my studies in CNM has nothing to do with my decision to be a Full time freelancer, it has helped me survive, and shaped how I chose my path and kept me alive with the ad-hoc projects which paid for my bills. The studies on media writing, the projects on designing and cognitive theories on games etc were put into use when I’m working on various projects.Tiffany Yong CNM Alumni DinnerIt was really nostalgic reminiscing with my juniors from the CNM Society (I was the external projects director) about the orientation camps, the activities we did etc. I couldn’t help but feel old suddenly with all the updates about everyone’s life!

Shunji Matsuo CNM SocietyWhile I was quite nervous about hosting the dinner for that night, meeting my juniors kinda help soothe my jitters. It’s like having some moral support and that helped when I was trying to get the crowd warmed up!CNM SocietyLast picture with one of my favourite tutor (Julian on the left) who gave me an A+ for my module despite submitting my portfolio late. Super grateful for that! Haha, but I did put in 200% effort back then! To read more about what happened during the CNM Alumni Dinner 2015, check out the CNM Official Blog!

4 Hours Before the CNM Alumni Dinner 2015

Now that you have seen the glamourous photos, this is how I looked a few hours before the dinner. >.<
Shunji Matsuo 9 Before hair rootsMy hair looked really unkempt right? Haha… I actually thought it was pretty ok and was planning to visit Shunji Matsuo to just style my hair. But when Fannie saw my hair, she was horrified and insisted in having my hair roots dyed.Shunji Matsuo Hair reviewAs this was not planned, (hair styling using takes about 30-45min) Fannie tried to perform some magic by getting my hair roots dyed within a short time!

Shunji Matsuo treatmentOf course, there are still procedure that can’t be rushed and usually, that’s my favourite time of my pampering Shunji Matsuo visit! Casual Belle CurlsBelieve me, I’ve tried (twice) to get such nice curls at home, but my end-product always resembles a bad hair day! I call this the Casual Belle Curls, with my bangs, it’s not exactly like Belle, but somehow I feel like a princess with the hair!


Here’s the Tiffany Mint outfit from MIYOC I wore during the CNM Alumni Dinner 2015.


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20 thoughts on “Shunji Matsuo 9: Emcee for CNM Alumni Dinner 2015”

  1. Alumni events such as this one is a great event to reminisce good ol’ days. Good job on being the emcee for the night. Your new hairstyle looks good on you by the way

  2. Too bad you did not have any of your batchmates with you. It would have been a lot of fun catching up. You must be the most popular graduate of your program by now! – Fred

  3. I’m glad things still worked out for you in the end and that your degree still helps you with the path you have chosen. I know a lot of people who considers their degree a total waste. I’m a nurse so my BSN was definitely necessary to get my profession started and I truly love it!

  4. Ah, a fellow NUS grad then – hello 🙂 I graduated with a Science degree, and majored in Economics. I enjoyed my time half partying through uni, though it really had little bearings on what I subsequently chose to do in my career! I do feel that if i am to do it again, I might have chosen a course that would have led to some professional qualification of sorts… maybe!

  5. You look like a credible emcee. It’s great that you ended up loving your chosen career. I see career choices as layers of experience, it may differ from time to time but at the end of the day, you get to be more equipped in the next chapters.

  6. I miss my school life… or rather, I miss my friends in school. 🙂 I never really liked my degree, but I guess if I didn’t take it, I won;t be in the same place as to where I am now. You’re really amazing Tiffany. 🙂

  7. I actually don’t regret my degree, but I know some people do. I get to use my computer and programming background on a daily basis now that I got into blogging, a lot of DIYs that saves me a lot on hiring people too haha. Plus I met my husband because of studying the course, he was my classmate. 🙂

  8. the curls looks pretty! i know it feels when you see how your hair turned out when you tried to diy the curls at home. hahaha! i’ve tried before too and i think mine was definitely worst than just a bad hair day. your outfit looks cute too! i love the colour and the ribbon at the back.

  9. I don’t regret my degree – and it looks like you don’t either. It’s lovely to participate at such events. Love the outfit!

  10. I did not, and guess won’t ever regret my degree! I have learned a lot when I took the course, and right now, my profession has provided so much blessing to me and the family. I guess I was right with my choice back then. 🙂 I just knew, that whatever you would venture on to study, you should make sure that you really really really want it.

  11. It’s so nice to be able to talk to the people you used to see everyday in school, be it a classmate, a teacher or a staff. What’s better is that you got to host the event! I love the outfit, by the way, it’s very fresh! And your hair is beautiful.

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