Chinese New Year Fashion Shoot 2015

CNY Fashion Shoot @ Chinatown (Singapore)

There were a few bloggers who asked me where can they take nice portraits in nice Singapore setting without travelling too far from the MRT station. So I thought I will share some Chinese New Year themed fashion shoot that Ben from SIM Video took for me and some fellow blogger friends in Chinatown!
CNY Honeyz 6The colour red symbolizes good fortune and joy in Chinese New Year. While I won’t avoid black, I like to start the first day of the New Year dressed in prosperous red to welcome the year of goat! This is a simple woven cropped top I wore for the photo-shoot.

CNY Honeyz 3Mandarin oranges or tangerines (桔) in Chinese sounds similar to the word “luck” (吉). Chinese usually associate the gift of tangerine as having an abundance of happiness and prosperity. So of course, the oranges are a must-have prop for Chinese New Year themed photo-shoot!

CNY Honeyz 4If you noticed the little “gourd-shape” necklace I’m wearing, it is a cute little Prosperity bottle (福袋) from a crystal shop called Pure Origin (People’s Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross Street #B1-15, (S) 058357). I love how it has a little stopper and I can put a drop of my favourite fragrance inside and smell nice all day!

CNY Honeyz 2Done with the oranges, selling one for 50 cents! Any takers?

CNY Honeyz 7Sending off the Year of Horse and welcoming the Year of Goat! It’s not uncommon to see animal soft-toys when taking Chinese New Year themed photos, but using this scarf with horse prints is indeed something different and subtle!

CNY Honeyz 9Besides the soft toys and oranges, red packets and the Chinese fan are some of the common props to represent the Chinese culture. While red packet is a channel representing good wishes and luck, the Chinese word “fan” (扇) has the same sound as the character for “kindness”(善). Thus, fans are viewed as good luck charms and expressions of generosity.

CNY Honeyz 10So how will you dress up for the festive period? Here, we have 4 different ways you can dress (Yes, 4 different skirt lengths too) and some fashion tips from the fashionistas!

Alice Ng: Go for a high waist long, flowy pants to lengthen your leg, and if you want to avoid black, go dark blue! Focus on only one part of your body. I wore an off-shoulder top to bring attention to my hair and neckline instead of my legs.

CNY Honeyz 8Jody Liu: Floral/ Messy print dresses are still trending and classic. If you are visiting your partner’s relatives, this dress will be appropriate (throw on a simple sweater if your prospective-in-laws are conservative!) yet classy! What’s more, you can remain cool and comfortable in the warm weather (especially in Singapore!)

CNY Honeyz 11Juliana Chong: Chinese New Year is not only a time for family members, I do visit my clients too. Sometimes, my clients visit me too! With this textured dress, I can look both work-appropriate and posh at the same time!

CNY Honeyz 12If you are not getting anything new, why not change your hair colour instead? Go hot pink like Juliana or rainbow like Alice! You can either go to visit Shunji Matsuo (10% off Chemical services when you quote “Tiffany Yong”) or use Home Kits to DIY like Alice!

Who Are The Models?

ilovebunny Juliana ChongFeaturing Juliana Chong Stryker from Check out her CNY Fashion highlights here!

jodulu jody liuFeaturing Jody Liu from Check out her CNY Fashion tips here!

Alice Ng honeyzcubeFeaturing Alice Ng, the Beauty Poet from Check out her #OOTCNY post here!

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*Photography by Ben from SIM Video

14 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Fashion Shoot 2015”

  1. nice red sweater! it looks cute on you! i like alice’s ootd best. but such long flowy pants are a nightmare when you’re visiting the public (WET) toilet.

  2. Nice choice of the color red. You stand out in all the photos. About wearing black, my family has a strict rule about this. – Fred

  3. Oh wow, what an amazing shoot! You all look stunning and I love the first image! I did not know that about oranges and tangerines symbolising good luck… you learn something new every day! 🙂 Sim x

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