The Inspirer: Home Transformation Made Easy By Dulux

Weee… I won the second Challenge: The Savvy Shopper. My mum was actually at the state of disbelief when I told her that. She was questioning what I did to won the challenge. I was starting to fidget when I realised that answering her truthfully meant that I had to tell her what I did! So after a few days, I finally got the courage to show her the videos that I did when she was out of town.

For those who couldn’t catch what she said, she was looking at the video (horrified) and asking if I managed to erase everything away. I showed her the video after the Dulux Painting was done. But she was still as horrified, you can guess how good I was when I was young :P. Anyway, if you are waiting for my Post-Painting video, I will be working on them AFTER decorating the room and taking the photos of the Room Transformation. I had been busy with my friend’s wedding recently and totally neglected the transformation part.

3. The Inspirer: 5 Tips to Make Your Room Transformation Easier

Before showing you the room transformation, I thought I will share the lessons learnt and mistakes I’ve made over this three Dulux Challenges.

(1) Research, and RESEARCH

I felt that I did not do enough research prior to choosing the colours, and this became one of the problems I had after choosing the colours for the wall. So I definitely hope that you guys learn from my mistakes and don’t repeat them. I’ve collated a list of places you can search for inspiration and references, and some are of course, repeated from my previous posts. 🙂

References and Inspiration sources:
a) Dulux Website: This is a fantastic source for anyone who have trouble deciding the colours of your walls. It also provide tips on painting your own walls, like how to paint straight lines or geometric shapes etc.The suggestions are all written by Colour Experts. Do note that they only provide an abstract photo instead of a full photo, which might good in a way where it allow you to picture the room with other furniture.
b) Pinterest: Search for Bedroom (Or whichever room you are painting); Wall, Colour, DIY, DuluxSG and you should get plenty of ideas!
c) Google Images: Who doesn’t know Google Images! Haha, but do note that most of the images might not be suitable for Singapore’s houses. So Google just for reference!
d) Others: Colour Futures | Home and Decor – A website which provides images of homes, products, blogs, and even listing of renovation professional!

a) Dulux Colour Inspiration Book: This annual book is good for anyone who wants to know the local trends, as well as the most popular colour amongst the Singaporeans. Also, they have all the details you need for the purchasing the paints, the different types of paint, the list of colours etc.
b) Home+Living Magazine: Provide images of designer spaces, celebrity homes, design and lifestyle solutions focused on cosmopolitan living. It also provides nifty home solutions.
c) Library Books: The local libraries have pretty extensive books about Home and Living, although a high percentage of them might not be relevant to our local flats. However, it’s still good for references!
Perfect Palettes (by Stephanie Hoppen) | Color Your Home (by Carol Bass, Dennis Welsh) | House Beautiful Colors For Your Home (by House Beautiful Magazine Editors)

Dulux VisualizerP.S. Test out your colours with the Dulux Visualizer App to see how your room will look like with the colours you’ve chosen. Trust me, you will need it. The colours I thought is good came out looking weird on the Visualizer, so glad I didn’t choose it in the end.

(2) Know Thy Master

It’s not the same painting your kids’ room, your own bedroom and your parents’ bedroom. You get to choose the colours according to your taste or even be adventurous (especially with the kids’ playroom) with bright and loud colours. But, when you are painting someone else’s room, you got to cater to their preferences, and the difficulty level is raised when
(a) They want it simple. Like white.
(b) They can’t decide on any other colours, and criticise every design you show
(c) You are in a bedroom transformation contest
(d) All of the above.

So, keep in mind for whom the room is for. If it’s for you and your spouse, will they appreciate it when you want it all pink or black. If it’s for your kids, things will be easier and try to go for two-tone – darker shades at the bottom and lighter on top, so that whatever scribbles they had won’t be so visible.

(3) Remember Your Budget

My mum got really excited when I went into the project, and told me how she wanted to change the lightings, the curtains, the bedsheets, the television and the bedroom cabinet if possible. You can imagine how happy I was. But when the budgeting kicks in, she got kinda worried, and started cancelling the things on the shopping list.

That was when I got really horrified, because we had painted the walls on the basis that she wanted to change the stuff she mentioned. So regardless whether you are painting or redecorating a new house, or transforming your room for the new year, keep in mind the budget for your furnitures too!

(4) Be Inspired, But Don’t Copy

3DULUX inspirationIt’s very easy to be taken in by the various beautiful images on Home and Living magazines, but remember that this is going to be the room you or your family members will be staying in for the next few years. Take into consideration the usability and durability of the decorations and furnitures.
– These ornaments will get dusty after a week or more, will I have the time to clean it often?
– These pots of plants look pretty, but will I knock into it when I walk by.
– It might look good now, but will I still like it as much in a few months time?

(5) Trust Your Instinct (if not, ask the experts)

3DULUX INSTINCTAfter considering all the above points, last of all, you need to trust your instinct. For example, if you really want the colour black despite what the guides say, then go ahead. After all, the house is the place where you are going to be in for years. It’s not the interior designers, not the colour experts, and definitely not me staying in the rooms!

Different people have different wants and preferences, for example, my parents like their bedroom to look big and spacious, but I prefer mine cozy and homey. While my mother want the underneath of the bed to be accessible for cleaning, I love the concept of a floor bed. So whatever I’ve suggested here serve as a guide.

Ask The Experts!
Remember, Dulux Singapore do offer free colour consultation where you can email the photos of your room to [] for assistance. I actually called to ask them what colour should my curtains and bed sheets be to match the two-tone wall.
If you need more in-depth colour advice specially catered for you and your family member, you can contact Kase, who is a numerology expert via his email [].

A New Colour, A new Experience: Transformation of My Parents’ Room

3DULUX_FINALThis is the final look! Haha, I was surprised by how a new bedsheet and new coat of wall can make such a big difference. My parents not very used to the colours initially, as it looked really youthful, and it didn’t exactly match our window grills. But after changing the sheets, it felt just like Cinderella, woosh… good to go for the ball!

3DULUX_Before AfterMy mum’s initial plan was to change the lights, together with the curtains, the bedsheets etc. But she changed her mind a week later, after searching a few stores including IKEA, Metro, Robinsons etc. I was really horrified, when she was reluctant to make any changes.

3DULUX_Before After2In the end, we decided to make do with whatever we have in the house, and attempt to perform some magic to it!

3DULUX transformationAs you can see, besides the bedsheets and the IKEA lamp, we did not spend any additional money on the revamping. We make use of So I decided to show you guys how we can still revamp and give the bedroom a new look just by changing the curtains around,rearranging the furnitures, and adding some simple ornaments!

3DULUX transformation2As the saying goes, there’s no ugly rooms, only lazy owners. Ok, I made that up. If you are wondering what’s the process of the Dulux Professional Painting service like, here’s the 3 steps:
3DULUX Prepainting site evaluationBefore the scheduled painting day, Dulux professional painters will first visit your home to assess the condition of your walls and provide reliable recommendations to be provided for the best painting results. This is also for them to prepare the amount of pain and the necessary equipments.

3DULUX precautionOn the day itself, the professional painters will take wrap the furniture to ensure the least damage and inconvenience. They will also carry out necessary wall repairs before job commencement. It is still good to remove any fragile or expensive items beforehand to avoid any hiccups!

3DULUX completionUpon completion and inspection, the professional painters will help to arrange the furniture to their original locations. So the whole painting process is made really convenient for me!

Here’s a video showing the professional painting service by Dulux Singapore!

Now that you’ve seen the new room and the really simple process to achieving it, here’s something that I will require your help!


3DULUX voteThis Colour Journey with Dulux has been a great learning experience for both me and my mum! While I learnt about the different colour combinations, it’s the first time my mum actually got involved in my blogging projects and was interested in them (Yes, she was very against me doing blogging in the past). And I hope my articles have been helping for you guys too! Please DO vote for my room (click here to vote – I’m the last one!) if you have been inspired and 10 lucky voters will stand a chance to win $500 painting package voucher + $100 home decoration vouchers. Get your family members and friends to vote for higher chance of winning! Thanks in advance!

You may vote once daily during the entire voting period.
This contest open from 8th December 2014- 14th December 2014!

Recap on Dulux’s Services and Applications

Dulux Singapore’s Price list

Dulux PricelistP.S. Do note that the price-list is accurate at the point of time this blogpost is posted. For the most updated price-list, do visit the Dulux Singapore Website!

Promotion for You!

Dulux PromotionFrom now till 15th February 2015.
Visit for more information.
Dulux Promotion Tiffany YongBetween Now till 31st December 2014, you can get an additional $30 off painting packages when you call 6265 0677* and quote “TY550”.
*Hotline Operating Hours: Weekdays 8.30am – 5pm

For more inspiration online, visit:
Dulux Singapore’s Facebook Page, Website or Youtube Channel!

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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for the article. The article is written in response to Dulux “Inspired to Inspire” Contest. Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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  1. You definitely deserved to win the Dulux challenge and your tips on how to transform the ugly rooms into pretty ones are a must follow when I do my refreshing reparation activities at home next summer!

  2. I love how your parent’s room turned out! It’s like a hotel room! Very nice! But I wonder if your Dad agree with this? Hehe! Your mom looks really terrified. Hehe! It made me miss my mom! By the way, congratulations on winning! Will definitely be voting for you! You go Tiffany! Go girl! 🙂

  3. I guess you really have to trust your instinct after all it’s your room. Be sure to look for inspirations too and be guided by it but make sure it still has your personal touch.

  4. Really enjoyed reading your posts!! Hahah but I can’t find your original Dulux video that your mum was so shocked about.. I want to watch it!! 🙂 Voted for you too!! ^^

  5. You sure are a good designer. Interior design is your forte eh? 🙂 Great job! Do you do consultancy designing? 😀

  6. I can imagine your mom’s horror based on her facial reaction. Nice! Hehe. Did your father agree to that magenta bedsheet? Hehe. – Fred

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