My Cozy Room: Anti-Acne Facial + Illuminating Facial Review

Be Acne Free 10: Is My Cozy Room Solution to my Acne Problems?

From the previous post, I shared my experience on how my skin got more break outs and sensitive after using Black Paint products for 2.5 months. I was recommended by Juliana, who had her Bridal Facial Treatment done at My Cozy Room to try to solve my problem there. In fact, I received the invitation in October, more than 1 month before Juliana’s wedding, but at that time, I was still holding on to the fear that my face might get worse if I go for facial instead of continue using Black Paint, and that I should trust that Black Paint will help my skin get better.

Who Can Save My Skin in 10 Days?

My Cozy RoomI made an immediate-next-day appointment with My Cozy Room on the very day I decided to give up on Black Paint as the big day was nearing and I can’t imagine facing so many people with my bad skin like that. It was really 临时抱佛脚 (embrace Buddha’s feet in one’s hour of need-seek help at the last moment) when I visited the salon on the 20th November, just 9 days before Juliana’s Wedding and Celine, the owner was quite shocked by the condition of my skin. She told me how my skin was extremely sensitive and extremely clogged.

My Anti-Acne Facial Treatment – 90 minutes

20th November 2014: 9 Days to Wedding
My Cozy Room Before FacialWith my face condition like this, all I want is for the bumps to stop appearing so that I can at least conceal the scars and look presentable in front of the camera and audience. I went ahead with the facial with a “Do-or-die” mentality, for I have already lost trust in any products and services.

After the initial cleansing, the therapist took about 45 minutes or so to do my extraction as 95% of my pores were clogged up! I will be lying if I tell you the extraction doesn’t hurt, but with my skin in such a bad condition, I was more than happy feeling all the “houseface-keeping” in progress.
My Cozy Room Anti Acne FacialThe whole treatment took the therapist 150-minute instead of the stated 90-minute. According to Celine, this “My Anti-Acne Facial Treatment” is a stem-cell facial treatment to relieve pimples and blemished skin. The treatment has natural ingredients like witch hazel and horsetail extracts which are known for their astringent and healing effects.It also help regulate the skin’s pH and inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause blemishes.

My Cozy Room After Facial1My face was really red after after the facial (I know it looked kinda scary), but I felt so light and empty. I could actually feel my skin soft and without those irritating bumps beneath.

After Facial Care

My Cozy Room BABOR SamplesI was provided a week’s worth of the BABOR Skincare product samples, which is Germany’s No. 1 professional skincare range to use. Besides the mild cleanser, the BABOR CLEANSING Cleansing Gel & Tonic 2 in 1 is a double-action cleanser that contains a cleanser and toner to deep cleanse skin quickly and simply in one easy step to combat existing blemishes and prevents new ones from forming. I like the BABOR Pure Daily Purifying Cream, a light 24h anti-blemish care for clearing blemished skin and encourages reddening and irritations to subside faster. My skin feels really supple and soft but not oily after using it.

My Illuminating Premium Facial Treatment – 120 minutes

25th November 2014: 4 Days to Wedding
It’s every girl’s wish to look good on every single occasion, not just on their big day. 4 days to the wedding, and although my skin had improved by a lot, it was still a little scabby. Celine encouraged me to come down for another session of facial, this time, with the 2014 award-winning luxurious treatment which was said to be able to soothe diverse skin problems – from dull, dehydrated, enlarged and clogged pores to acne or even skin sensitivity or pigmentation. (Skeptism-mode-triggered: Oh really?)My Cozy Room Before Illuminating Facial

According to Celine, this treatment won the “Best Pre-wedding Facial” as the editor’s face was not as red as compared to other salon’s facials and she did not suffer from any post-facial breakouts. I’ve also read the bride-to-be, Juliana’s experience on the treatment (Yes, she was raving how good it was!) and I still think it is most probably a marketing gimmick and only works on people with minor skin problems. So here’s how I look before the “My Illuminating Premium Facial Treatment” (Above Image)

My Cozy Room BABOR productsThis treatment uses BABOR’s premium range of skincare infused with Alpine Rose stemcells, and this treatment is customised with different types of products for people with different needs and problems. I was provided the BABOR Ampoule- New Skin (requires additional $28 top-up) meant for irritated and sensitive skin.

BABOR is the world inventor and largest manufacturer of beauty ampoules instant beautifiers, just behaves just like tonics, and their ingredients are absorbed by the skin 8 times faster than a moisturiser. The ampoule helps strengthens the skin’s resistance to external influences and regulates the skin’s natural oil and moisture balance, especially good for dry skin lacking in lipids.

My Cozy Room After Illuminating FacialFor ultimate indulgence, this facial uses a Premium Alginate Peel-off Mask Kit that covers face, eyes, lips and up to the neck and it locks the products in the skin for maximum absorption. It has a super cooling effect which reduces the redness that come from the extraction. Comes with a pampering head, shoulders and hand massage.

Other Benefits of “My Illuminating Premium Facial Treatment”: Tone up the skin, Minimizing & close up pores upon extraction, Wrinkle care, lifting, anti-aging, Lymphatic Drainage, Skin Rejuvenation & relaxation.

Results: With Makeup

29th November 2014: Juliana’s Big Day; My first bridesmaid/Wedding Emcee Experience
My Cozy Room Juliana's Wedding DayThis was how I looked with my usual basic make up on (Nope, I didn’t get a professional make up artist to do my makeup, so I was using Rachel K’s BB Cream and Compact powder! Well, if you look closely (this is an unedited photo- besides the cropping of course :P), my face wasn’t completely flawless. There were still some pigmentation around the chin area which I couldn’t conceal completely with my usual make up. But I was amazed by the effect of the facial and how much my skin had recovered over the short period of 9 days! Well, I believe the photos of evidence (above) speaks louder than any words of rave. Ain’t it?

Update: Without Makeup

My Cozy Room post facialSome people were asking me for photo without makeup, so I found this photo which I took on 5th December, a few days after the wedding, and this is the results. I think it will be some time before all these scars and pigmentation are all gone, but I was glad I had the emergency facial from My Cozy Room to save my “face”.

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

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PROMOTION 1: My Anti-Acne Facial Treatment at $88 (Usual: $188)
For 1st 20 customers: Receive a complimentary BABOR Mild Peeling Facial Scrub (travel size) worth $38
PROMOTION 2: My Illuminating Facial Treatment with 50% discount at $144 (Usual: $288)
For 1st 20 customers: Receive a complimentary BABOR Skinovage illuminating Serum (travel size) worth $68
Simply quote Tiffany Yong’s Special Discount” when you make your appointment!

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  2. My cozy room boutique spa seems so cozy indeed, the atmosphere is so pleasant inside, and the most important thing is that their procedures do take effect! What an amazing acne therapy!

  3. It actually looks good, given that you had to overhaul the situation in less than 10 days!! Maybe if you continue the illuminating premium facial treatment your skin will eventually get even better?

  4. You look absolutely stunning and after the last post I am so glad you got good results! The salon looks lovely! Sim x

  5. Amazing results,in only 10 days. How is your skin now after this process tiffany? Has acne disappeared?

  6. Really so difficult to deal with acne when you have an important occasion and if you will be talking in front of many people. I am pretty sure your confidence carried you through successfully. – Fred

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