Shunji Matsuo 5: Pre-Wedding Hair Makeover

shunji5bThis particular trip to Shunji Matsuo was quite special as I went down with Juliana (from to get our Pre-Wedding hair done for her big day (She’s the bride and I’m the maid-of-honour!). Unlike the past where people get their hair done one night before and couldn’t sleep the whole night (that’s what happened to my cousin!), this time we had our hair done 10 days in advance instead!

shunji5cAs both of us are sponsored by Shunji Matsuo, we frequent the salon often and each has a stylist we trust. Both William and Fannie understand the condition of our hair, and according to Juliana, we should fix our hair salon treatment (especially for big occasions like wedding!) approximately 1-2 weeks before your big day. If you book the appointment too late, then you won’t have any time to fix anything if things go wrong.

shunji5hP.S. This Shunji Hair treatment was done on 19th of November, exactly 10 days from Juliana’s wedding, and for those who have been following my articles, it was also the day where I decided to stop using Black Paint. And as you can see, the breakout was so bad that make-up and Juliana’s beauty camera couldn’t fully conceal the acnes.

shunji5gI decided not to photoshop these images so that you guys can see how bad it was. Yes, I had makeup on. But ok, I’m actually supposed show you the hair dyeing process. 😛
My hair roots are dyed first, and after a while, the dye is applied on the middle portion of the hair so that there’s a gradual change in the colour instead of two colours.

shunji5fAs my hair had undergone treatment and Cosme Cream Japanese Straightening some time back, the whole treatment was faster than Juliana’s, who was colouring her whole head.

shunji5eI decided to hang around and accompany her while working on my laptop. It’s really convenient as Shunji Matsuo provides WiFi for their customers too. I get a cushion block so that I can sit and work on the chair directly.

shunji5dLet’s take a photo before she’s done! P.S. Beauty mode concealed my pimples! Oh should I say, I was angling my head towards the side with less pimples…

shunji5aWho am I imitating? #MickeyMouse

#Bobbliana’s Happily Ever After Wedding

Juliana Bobby Lightbox1Here’s some photos from Kwang, Juliana’s Wedding Photographer and some photos taken on my iPhone.

Juliana Bobby Lightbox2Princess Belle with her other Princess bridesmaid.

Princess BelleJuliana has her hair coloured by William into a unique green shade much to her husband’s dismay. It was strategically planned by William, and the colour green soon melted away over the following few days to leave a rich warm brown shade, just like Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. (Click here to check out her Bridal Beauty Log)

shunji5 bobbliana1Some people wondered why I did not do any curling or hairdo for her wedding. I dislike having a lot of hair spray on my hair as it takes me really long to get the spray out, so having natural flowy hair is good enough!

shunji5 bobbliana3The dresses were specially custom-made by Juliana at Love Potion Singapore to fit our body shapes. We all love the dress so much that we couldn’t stop taking photos!

shunji5 bobbliana4I requested for the toga-design so cover the birth-mark that I had at the back. But the rest of the pretty princesses had their dress made according to the original design.

shunji5 bobbliana2I love how the colour of my hair complements with the whole dress without looking odd.

My Cozy Room Juliana's Wedding DayIf you are wondering why was my bangs so long, Fannie said the short bangs would make my face look really rounder.

shunji5 bobbliana5The brown hair was seamlessly beautiful and there weren’t any noticeable transitions between the newly dyed hair and brown hair. Thanks Fannie for the simple yet beautiful hair! 🙂

Quote ‘Tiffany Yong‘ to receive 10% off any chemical service by international director stylist: Fannie
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20 thoughts on “Shunji Matsuo 5: Pre-Wedding Hair Makeover”

  1. I am so glad you did stop using that Black Paint when you did! Even now, a couple of weeks after reading it I am still angry at their reaction… at your reaction to it! You both looked absolutely stunning on the day and how lovely to have your hair done with your friend – fantastic pamper day! Sim x

  2. The wedding dress is so gorgeous, getting inspired by princess Belle who is my favorite Disney character and creating a dress out of this vision is marvelous. You also look so beautiful and stylish in your dress!

  3. Your buddy bride is also a blogger? So interesting that you can have a salon sponsor the hair and makeup of the entourage! That is one perk of being a famous beauty blogger like you. – Fred

  4. Fanny’s right about the bangs. I don’t like mine short coz it’ll make me look like Dora the Explorer. Lol. I think the timing of the hair color’s just right, gives you enough time to get use to it or if you didn’t like it, you’d still have time to fix it. The color looks great on you though.

    What’s model of the camera that Juliana was using in the photo where you girls were at the salon?

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