The Savvy Shopper: Your Dulux Product Guide

The winner of the first challenge is Daddy M from Wacky Duo! Congrats! Now, I am now on Part 2 of the Challenge aka The Savvy Shopper! If you are wondering what my competitors peers are writing, feel free to visit the Dulux Singapore Facebook Page to follow our journeys! (Mui Wee… I’m the last ONE! :()

Tiffany’s Guide to Savvy Shopping: Your Dulux Product Guide

Dulux Product ListWhat Kind of Dulux Paint To Use? I think I’m actually the last person people will ask for advice regarding paint, since I’m neither married to own a HDB flat nor do I have any pesky adorable kids.

Dulux Product List 2But just for this challenge (and of course for my beloved faithful readers *wink), I’ve done all my necessary research on ALL the Dulux Paint products. So call me the DULUX expert NOW!

Dulux Product List3If you are thinking, “Yeah yeah, Prof Tiffany, so how can I trust your expertise and WHAT can you advise then?”
Well fret not, all my knowledge imparted to me are in this ->place (see below)
 photo Choose-Dulux-Paint.gif
Click on the Products tab and ta-dah, the Dulux Genie is here to help!

Dulux Wash & Wear

The experts recommended me the Dulux Wash & Wear, as it is especially good for families with kids and pets at home? But what if we DON’T Have either of them in the house? Well, I’ve NEVER dared to do any vandalising as my mum has been the parent ruling her kids with an iron hand, so it’s rather difficult for me to imagine having my home’s walls being in the state as the video below!

So, Dulux Wash & Wear with new KidProof Technology™ effectively repels tough stains. Rather than absorbing into the paint, most liquids form beads on the surface. The advance technology prevent stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film so spills and marks can be easily wiped away.

≈ 13 m²/L (Click here to see how to calculate)

Drying time
2 – 4 hours

Special Features:
KidProof Technology™, repels tough stain
Washable & easy cleaning
Colourguard technology, keeps colours looking fresh longer
Low odour, even when freshly painted
Environmentally preferred paint (Singapore GreenLabel certified)

Where Should You “KidProof”?
Playrooms | Dining Room | Kids’ Room | Kitchens

Things to Note:

Dulux Wash and Wear List
1. Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology™ removes most household stains by wiping with a wet cloth and detergent.
2. Dulux Wash & Wear which is formulated with KidProof Technology™ resists & repels most liquids stains, e.g. water, soft drinks, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, yoghurt, ice-cream and stains like: chalk, fluorescent pen, dust and mud.
3. Some stains will only be partially removed by Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology™, stains such as colour pencil, crayon, tyre mark, furniture mark, marker pen, newspaper marks, black tea, coffee, ball pen will remain challenging for complete removal.
4. Optimal stain removal performance of Dulux Wash & Wear is also subject to compliance with Dulux Wash & Wear’s paint application system which includes priming with an appropriate Dulux sealer and overcoat with two coats of Dulux Wash & Wear.
5. Staining on the walls should be removed and wiped clean immediately.
6. The design of Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology™ will delay the penetration of stains into the paint film, which enhances ease of cleaning.
7. However, prolonged staining on the wall is not encouraged as eventually the paint film will be compromised which will make stain removal more difficult.
8. Use diluted detergent solution and a non-abrasive sponge or a soft dusting cloth to remove any stain.

Why Need Dulux Wash & Wear?

After a close inspection on the walls of the various rooms in my house, I realised that they are actually pretty dirty! The stains are mostly at areas that are below eye level, or the very commonly used spots such as like the wall near switches.
Dulux Common Stains
As seen in the list of quality above, Dulux Wash and Wear is especially recommended for families with kids (you know you shouldn’t limit their creativity on your walls right?) and also for families who use the kitchen often (microwaved takeaways not counted!).

And if you want you room to look more spacious, try the Dulux Light and Space. I am quite interested to check out the Dulux Pure which has air cleansing properties! Great for times like this where the haze is so bad!

My Challenge for Dulux Wash & Wear!

I’m always challenged by brands and clients to do stuff, so this time, I will turn the tables around and challenge Dulux Wash & Wear to see if they are as good as it claim!Dulux Wash and Wear PreTestYou know how people indulge just before they start dieting? So before the walls of my parent’s bedroom undergo the transformation by the professional Dulux Painters, I decided to carry out some little pre-test on the walls to check out if stains are really not easily removed on walls with normal paint! So take some time to check out these few videos (There’s a few parts to it!)

Hope you guys enjoy the videos! So what other products do you want me to test on new wall painted with Dulux Wash & Wear? Comment below or on the Youtube video and I might just select your suggestion! People with constructive comments get to win little Christmas Gifts from me to you!

Promotion for You!

Dulux PromotionFrom now till 15th February 2015.
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For more inspiration online, visit:
Dulux Singapore’s Facebook Page, Website or Youtube Channel!

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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for the article. The article is written in response to Dulux “Inspired to Inspire” Contest. Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

21 thoughts on “The Savvy Shopper: Your Dulux Product Guide”

  1. First time to hear about this Dulux product. It’s so interesting!
    Maybe when it’s available here in the Philippines, will give it a try… especially in our new house! 😀

  2. I love your detail before and afters. I need to recommend this product to my apartment building since they don’t allow us to paint. I have white walls and they are looking a little worn down. Thank you for sharing in such detail. Definitely a paint worth purchasing.

  3. I can’t seem to watch your video! We’ve always used Dulux in our house, it scratches (I’m pretty clumsy though) but it’s almost as clean as it was when we first painted the walls a few years ago 🙂

  4. It’s my first time to hear about Dulux paint! But I was thinking of repainting my room lately and your post actually is giving me the necessary push to go through with it! 🙂 Is it available in other countries? Coz I’ve never heard of this brand in the Philippines.

  5. Don’t know if it’s available in here, might check if this is indeed available. Gives hope to a cleaner wall. 😀

  6. I got to know you more for your movies and acting, and here you are talking about paint, of all things! 🙂 Shows your impressive breadth of knowledge.

  7. Your video didn’t load. So I didn’t get to find out what products you have already tested. Well, how about doing a food stain test on dulux wash and wear? Squid ink pasta, how does that sound?

  8. Wow! This was the first time I heard of a spill/kid proof paint. I love your presentation and your videos. Really fun to read up to the last word 😉

  9. I have a toddler who likes to write on walls as she practices holding a pen, pencil or crayon. The Dulux wash & wear is the paint I need to get my walls repainted again.

  10. This is another fun challenge by Dulux! Love how they innovated their product in such way. Very helpful for the household and a great innovation for mothers out there! Hehe.

    Love the video! I was quite nervous while you were erasing the stains! 🙂

  11. As an aspiring designer, this is of great help with my designs. I love the part in the video where you became a minion and done some damage on your wall.

    Thank you for this informative product guide!

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