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3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》 Movie Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of Calvin Chen, Fahrenheit, Alexander Lee Eusebio, Michelle Chong, romantic comedy movie fans

3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》

3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》 Movie Synopsis

“3 Peas In A Pod” is a story about friendship and love. Three university students studying in Australia (Penny from Singapore, Perry from Taiwan and Peter from Korea) are good friends whose lives are intertwined with one another’s.
3 peas in a pod
Just before they graduate and go back to their respective countries to embark on their working lives, the three friends decide to go on a road trip in the country they’ve been studying in for the last 4 years. Little do they know, this farewell holiday is a trip that would change their lives forever.

3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》 Viewer Rating: 3.5/5 ***

3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》 Movie Review:

3 peas in a pod kissing scene
Seriously, after watching the trailer, you might be wondering, a road trip, a trip that would change their lives forever? Erm, what could happen? The girl likes the guy, the other guy likes the girl, they fight each over each other and then they all “un-friend” one another? So will the kissing scene or Calvin baring his body be the climax of the film?

calvin chen
Well, I was wrong. Whatever I watched on the trailer was JUST the first half of the plot. The second part is the twist. And I can assure you, it’s a 180 degree twist. The plot was great and well thought out.

The actors (especially Calvin Chen) had performed WAY exceeded my expectation. Fahrenheit fans should know that Calvin was known for his “skinny body” in the past, but now, woah, once you see him flash his body, you will most probably forget how he looked like in the past.

Listening to the MV, sang by Calvin, might be romantic for the fans, ok for the rest. But during the movie, I was tearing when he sang. The song and lyrics were touching and meaningful (kudos to Michelle Chong & Calvin), and I actually felt that he had stolen the limelight from the other two leads.

I was actually able to guess the plot before it took place (pretty much from the scene where Peter kisses Penny), but many of my friends were shocked by the ending. Well, a clue to those who have yet to watch it, the director had dropped a few hints here and there, during the plot (P.S. Observe the way Peter kissed Penny). But overall, the whole relationship-issue was really beautifully portrayed. I couldn’t help but cry over the relationship between the 2 Peas.

alexander 3 peas in a pod
I could hear fan girls cooing over Alexander Lee Eusebio throughout the show, (and yes, squealing at the kissing scene). I love his favourite lines in the movie, “Hey, Speak Eng-ga-li-shi”, so Singlish, yet so Korean. His English was great, something that made him “stronger” than Calvin, the supposed-good-in-studies-nerd. There was a small part about abs and body competition during the film, which made me wonder how the film will be like if Choi Siwon was to act as Peter instead? (Imagining all the abs :P)

3 peas in a pod movie
As for Jae’s performance, it is not bad for a first timer. There were a few parts where she’s really natural. But perhaps I was over-critical, I thought she did better for the scene during her audition as compared to the final cut. It felt a little too forced, and there were some parts where the audio (including narration) was a little too loud that it got a little hurting on the ear.

*Critic from the cinematography expert: Cinematography-wise, the scenery of Australia was amazing, but the overview was not very clear. Definitely did not do justice to the whole setting.

Conclusion: Well, I’m definitely not going to spoil the surprise by revealing the ending here. The film deserves a thumbs-up for the plot! Watch the film to understand what I’m trying to say!

Once again, thanks Huat Films for the tickets to the Gala Premiere!
3 peas in a pod premiere

P.S. Those who REALLY REALLY REALLY want to know can try commenting below. I MIGHT just … reveal something.

Do You Know?

This is the first time all the three main leads (Calvin Chen, Alexander and Jae Liew) acted in a movie.

Jae Liew was selected by Michelle Chong out of 800+ girls who auditioned for the role.

Michelle Chong’s directorial debut, Already Famous, earned S$1.4 million on a S$900,000 budget in 2011. 3 Peas In A Pod has an overall production budget almost twice that — S$1.7 million.

Behind The Scenes/Interview

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3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》 will be in cinemas on 14 November 2013.

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45 thoughts on “3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》Movie Review”

  1. Hey,may i ask you one question?? Where can i watch this movie,i wanted to watch this movie very long time ago already,if you can tell me where to watch this movie,i will be very grateful of you Tiffany!! =) Anyway,thanks!! =)

    1. Hi Xiang Qin, sorry for the late reply! I’m currently in BangKok and is unable to check on my side. If you refer to 3 Peas in a Pod’s facebook page (, they’ve actually announced that the DVD is already out last year! It should be available at DVD shops in Singapore like Poh Kim, Kinokuniya, Popular etc.

      If you are not from Singapore, you might want to check with the official facebook page admin as I’m not from their company!
      Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for your blog ! I didnt had a chance to watch it 🙁 Damn NC16 , im 14 . The movie isnt showing online x.x I’ve always wanted to watch it though , Thank you so much for posting a movie review ! Helps me to understand the movie btr hehe .

  3. Hi Tiffany,

    I’m glad you’re answering certain questions regarding the show. I was just curious, what exactly did Peter wrote in his email to his dad (in Korean). Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi LilPrince,

      I really don’t remember what was written. If I’m not wrong, it’s something along the lines of how he doesn’t want to marry the korean lady and he won’t go back? Was there 2 emails or letters? I will need to rewatch it to recall. It’s more than 7 months ago when I last watched!

  4. Hi! You’re really good at this! I didn’t notice those little details which could mean that they’re gay!
    I have a few questions 🙁
    1. Why is it that Peter was treating perry so coldly throughout the film?
    2. What happened between perry and penny after she ran out during the funeral?
    3. Why did penny run out during the funeral?
    4. Did Peter plan to commit suicide before he mentioned the road trip at the start of the film?
    5. Was Peter gay before the road trip? (Even before the break up with the angmoh girl and he got drunk)
    6. Why did Peter want to go for the road trip?
    7. Why did Peter look uncomfortable/weird when he saw perry and penny together? (Eg in the wine cave, hiking)
    8. Why did perry put toothpaste on penny’s toothbrush?
    9. Why did perry ask penny (in the bar) if she chooses perry or Peter?
    10. Why did perry look sad when Peter gave penny the bracelet?
    11. Why did perry look sad at the first part when they were at the rocks and penny says “gorgeous”?
    12. Why did the two guys firmly object to penny sleeping on the double bed? Did they want to sleep together?
    13. Why did Peter ask perry if he’s in love with someone now? (In the bar)
    14. Why did Peter get perry the zombie drink? (Showing dislike)
    15. What happened to perry and penny in the end?

    But honestly this movie just gives me nice feelings, especially when they are driving with the song in the background :))
    By the way! I have a more personal question for you: do you think that Peter and penny or perry and Peter would’ve made a better couple

    So sorry for the long list of questions!

    1. Wow Crystal, that’s a loooong list! As it has been sometime since I last watched the movie, I’ll try my best to answer them! Do let me know if you disagree with any of my answers!

      1. Why is it that Peter was treating perry so coldly throughout the film?
      – He didn’t really treat Perry coldly, if you remember, Peter was always “crying” together with Perry and Penny. I guess there were certain parts where there were moments where they were like “frenemies” fighting for Penny, it was more of a “I thought you love me, but why are you so good to Penny, I am jealous” kind of cold.

      2. What happened between perry and penny after she ran out during the funeral?
      3. Why did penny run out during the funeral?
      I will answer 2 and 3 together. Penny ran out after discovering the fact that Perry was all along secretly in love with Peter (upon looking at the album project P?), and was disgusted how Perry had used her as a shield or pretend to like her. I guess they stopped contacting one another after she ran out. I couldn’t really remember what happened there after.

      4. Did Peter plan to commit suicide before he mentioned the road trip at the start of the film?
      This is a good question. I believe he was kind of suicidal and emotional, and was relying on medication/supplements, but might not be planning to commit suicide… It might just be the problems building up, such as his dad forcing is to get married; him graduating from school and going into the society; and him being gay,… I will love to ask Michelle Chong this question if I ever meet her in person.

      5. Was Peter gay before the road trip? (Even before the break up with the angmoh girl and he got drunk)
      Yes, I believe he is.

      6. Why did Peter want to go for the road trip?
      He wants to spend time with his friends before they all return to their respective countries and get into the real world to work.

      7. Why did Peter look uncomfortable/weird when he saw perry and penny together? (Eg in the wine cave, hiking)
      He is jealous that Perry is being so nice to Penny, because he wants Perry for himself.

      8. Why did perry put toothpaste on penny’s toothbrush?
      He put it for Peter too, and put toothpaste on Penny’s so that she wouldn’t suspect much.

      9. Why did perry ask penny (in the bar) if she chooses perry or Peter?

      10. Why did perry look sad when Peter gave penny the bracelet?
      Because Perry like Peter, but Peter did not give him anything. And I believe both of them were doing some odd competition, trying to fight for attention. I guess it will be easier to understand if you treat it as they were trying to fight for Penny’s attention, and indirectly, making one another (meaning Peter and Perry) jealous.

      11. Why did perry look sad at the first part when they were at the rocks and penny says “gorgeous”?
      I don’t exactly remember this part, but I believe he is sad that after the whole trip, they will have to go on separate ways, back to reality.

      12. Why did the two guys firmly object to penny sleeping on the double bed? Did they want to sleep together?
      Yes. I believe so. And it’s a gentlemen-thing that they don’t want girl to sleep with guy when they are not a couple? Plus they don’t exactly like Penny in THAT way.

      13. Why did Peter ask perry if he’s in love with someone now? (In the bar)
      He might be testing whether if Perry is gay or if he’s straight. (here’s my guess:) Both Peter and Perry did not openly express that they are gay, but I believe Perry’s little actions during the trip kinda made it obvious (to Peter) that Perry likes Peter. So When Peter ask Perry if he’s in love with someone, it’s just like how a girl will ask the person she likes if he is interested in someone else now when she realise that the person is no longer showing as much care and concern to her as before.

      14. Why did Peter get perry the zombie drink? (Showing dislike)
      I kinda forgot what happen then. Not sure why. Maybe he was trying to be sarcastic and imply that Perry is like a zombie?

      15. What happened to perry and penny in the end?
      They all went back to their own countries, work and continue their own lives (according to the film).

      Hope this helps! Sorry if I misinterpret your question or didn’t address your question!

      1. Thank you so much for your answer, it was really helpful!:) by the way, do you think that Peter and perry secretly liked each other even before the trip? And if Peter was gay before the trip, why did he go out with that Caucasian girl?

        1. I do know Perry has been liking Peter secretly from the start. But I don’t think he knows that Peter likes him back.
          I believe Peter was trying to conform to the societal norms and pretend to be straight.

  5. Awesome show. Watched 5 times.
    1st time I watched, I got confused at the end and don’t quite understand or rather unsure and had to asked friend to confirm if what I thought the plot as it is , especially the meaning of 3P, the part Penny slap Perry all of a sudden and Peter commited suiside..
    2nd time then get clearer picture and realized I missed quite a few important scene like ‘Ms’ Perry Yang in the result slip (Probably gender changed) but yet again if changed do Perry still have that sharp thing that Penny felt? *Lol*. And also didn’t realized Perry means rock too. I know Peter means rock though.
    3rd time get the whole picture now as like Michelle Chong say have to watched 3 times to understand the plot better. The more time you watch the more stuff we get out of it. Sat at the 1st row near screen here.
    4th time to support her show because got to take a pic with Michelle during Asian TV Awards. Sat at last row here
    And 5th time because it’s last day of night screening! Sat somewhere in the middle. Haha 🙂

  6. Hi Tiffany, just stumbled across your blog from 3 Peas in a Pod official Facebook. I caught the movie and was equally shocked by the twist! I thought the story is so well-scripted and Michelle Chong is a true talent! I would say that I totally enjoyed the movie and love it so much!

    However, I would also like to comment on your blog post. Personally, I thought it was very well written and I truly believe it will help 3 Peas in a Pod in promoting the movie. However, I think you should not reveal too much on the storyline (those you have replied in the comment box). As you have seen 3 Peas in a Pod, we know that the twist is the whole gist of the movie. I think it is very unfair to the rest of the audiences who have not caught the movie – Especially that you have shared your blog link on 3 Peas’s official facebook page. I think the audiences should share the same enjoyment from the movie without knowing the twist beforehand.

    Also, I think it is better if you could direct your readers to private message Michelle Chong on Facebook if they have any enquiries on the movie, should they not understand. I think Michelle is very open to answering to every questions the viewers have! (I saw it from her twitter).

    Hope you can remove the content of the twist ASAP as the film is still currently screening in cinemas and many still have not caught it!

    Nonetheless, I love your blog! Cheers 🙂

    Michelle Chong Facebook:

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your feedback. Indeed it was a dilemma for me as to whether to reveal the details or not. But you were right about content been shown when it’s still in the cinemas.

      I can’t exactly remove readers’ comments now, but I will set a disclaimer to inform people of spoilers at the comments section. I am trying to find a method to privatise the comments until after the movie is over and will do so once I find one.

      I really appreciate the feedback. 🙂

  7. Hi i’ve just seen the movie today and it left me terribly stunned by the ending. So may i ask about the part about lee teng and calvin ? what’s that about ?

    1. Hi Sandy, don’t be too sad!
      Calvin’s job /career require him to hire a designer (aka Lee Teng) and photographer to take some fashion photoshoot, which was why they met and took some photos of the model together.

      I guess it was just a method to tie all the loose ends together and end the story.

    1. Hi bun,

      You caught me there. I am eating as many supplements as Peter too, so I didn’t know how eating those makes one happy?

      But I guess it may just be a figurative statement like “You don’t have to keep buying new clothes to feel pretty.”

      However, I do know that eating supplements as a habit might make one feel like OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder) where if I didn’t take it for one day, I feel like I might get sick soon or feel really uncomfortable. So maybe it’s that meaning?


      1. hmm, however if i remember correctly, when penny gets emotional and screams at him after their kiss, she said something like why you do take pills everyday, does it make you happier? correct me if im wrong, haha, i couldnt manage to remember that part .__.

  8. Hello, could you help to answer some doubts I have?

    Is there a possibility that Perry changed his sex? Because ‘Ms Perry’?
    Has Perry always been gazing at Peter instead of Penny? I didn’t realise until the flash back..

    Do you think Michelle wanted to portray Peter as gay too? And how would Peter have realised that Perry likes him? I didn’t notice anything other than his odd expression when Perry was singing in the bar?

    Please share your insights :

    1. Hi Confused,
      1. I can’t imagine Calvin as a female, though the possibility is quite creative. Would love to ask Michelle Chong that question!

      2. Yes, Perry has been looking at Peter instead, since Penny is always hanging around Peter, it’s easy to be mistaken 🙂

      3. Yes, I think she is portraying Peter as a gay as well. I think the part where Perry(calvin) browsed through the camera and came to the image “I love you too” expressed Peter’s own feelings for Perry.
      As for how Peter realised Perry likes him, I guess this whole thing is a vibes thing? If you overlook the part about Peter and Perry being 2 guys, but view them as 2 individuals, two people can actually know if they like each other.
      Sometimes, all these “love” stuff might be not obvious to the other people (like Penny). But if you remember, Perry once told Penny that he know everything about Peter (because of Penny), which is an indirect hint? I think both Peter and Perry don’t wish to be seen (by the public) as gay, which is why they have a Penny as a shield/ filter.

      Hope it helps! 🙂

  9. hi tiffany! was googling “3peas in a pod ending” and cam across your beautiful blog! I just watched the movie and was left terribly confused! From the beginning Peter was plotting to get closer to Perry? Why couldn’t he just get closer to him, what is with all the name switch and everything? & from the camera phone there’s a project P? i Thought it was a plot to kill Perry from the beginning? Im so confused! I don’t see where it hinted that Peter and Perry were gay and in love i guess i was too distracted by Penny. & was penny so blind to not notice that Peter and Perry were both gay ?!! hahah sorry for my rants, i am really hoping to understand this movie better

    1. Hi munchkinariela, Yes, Perry(calvin) was planning or (plotting, in your terms) to get closer to Peter (Xander).

      It’s a good question why he went through all the hassle, but just like how a guy likes a girl or vice versa, I guess it’s easier to get closer to the one you like if you have a common friend or if you are friend with his/her best friend. And in normal situation, trying to walk up and say, hi, I wish to be your friend doesn’t work well?

      Project P is just a name where perhaps Perry wanted to make a gift or album or a project with Peter’s photos?

      Miss Michelle Chong made the narration and film from Penny’s view for a reason 🙂 So that it will make sense to you (the viewer) when the truth is revealed as you are blinded by Penny’s crush on Xander too? Perry was really good with hiding, but one clue might just be the part where he took a picture of Peter when he’s in the bath tub (but not of Penny in bikini when she came out)!

      As for Peter, according to some guys, it’s no surprise to them that he’s gay came from him crying for unknown reason from the start. And I noticed it from the kissing scene as mentioned in my entry.

      Hope I managed to somehow answer your doubts?

      Here from you soon!

  10. hi..just watched the movie..but something can’t figure out..if peter don’t like penny but he bought her a wristband as a gift..was he just want to make perry jealous?

    1. HI Kaelli (Not sure if I called you by the correct name- correct me if I did…) Hmmm… Your guess is a good one.
      But I guess you can also see it as a friend who has always been closest to you suddenly being close to another guy friend? It’s like losing your best friend?

      And maybe that’s why Peter buy her a gift, trying to get her attention back? Hope it sounds reasonable (I can only guess the reason too :))

      1. Hi Tiffany, yup kaelli is correct. Thanks for your reply! Think it gets reasonable now. 🙂 But after knowing Peter is actually the person that Perry loves, feeling sad for Penny where Perry uses her as a chess in his plan, and none of the guys love her in the first place at all. =(

    1. Hi Annie, I understand how you feel. But it’s like wanting to know more about the show without wanting the spoilers? It’s quite a dilemma for me too. Well. hope you get to watch the film soon, k? 🙂

  11. What’s wrong with the kiss between Penny and Peter? What did it hint? Watched the movie yesterday but didn’t see anything from the kiss.

    1. Hi Yy,

      If you realised, when Peter kissed Penny, his hands were only by the side, just with the mouth touching. Initially, I thought it might be just made like that so that i won’t be too R-rated. But then again, the way Peter kissed show that he’s not interested in girls at all.

      It’s just a personal thought that for normal guys, even if they don’t like/love a girl, after kissing, they will still have reaction and want to continue further. The high chance is that Peter is a gay (at the point of time when watching the scene)

      1. Hi, dont really get it, but he did undress penny alittle? why isit so? And also didnt get the part where perry switch penny’s results by printing secretly in the school’s office? his name is a “Ms Perry Yang”? 0.o??

        1. Haha, you are really observant! There’s nothing wrong with undressing Penny, since he was supposed to make out with her?

          As for the “Ms Perry Yang” part, I can only guess it’s either a typo OR Perry did that on purpose so that the office lady or Penny won’t notice.

          Hope it helps!
          P.S. Write as a new comment instead as a reply as the box gets smaller!

    1. Hi Joan,

      I’m not the script-writer, so I can only guess the reasons. Yes, both of them are gay. Michelle Chong only revealed that Perry (aka Calvin) is gay initially, but at the last moment, when he scrolled through the camera, it actually shows that Peter is gay too.
      Peter committed suicide perhaps for the reason that he loved Perry but he can’t tell his dad, and also he had to marry the korean wife when he go back to Korea. He has everything (money, status, looks, brains), but he’s unhappy because of his secrets. He cannot tell anyone, and can’t be himself.

      Hope this reasoning is sound! 🙂

      1. If Peter loved Perry, he should be enjoying Perry’s attention, love and relationship and not behaving so grumpy through the whole trip where it is so scenic and romantic.

        Committing suicide is definitely not the only choice to Peter, especially where he had “everything else” (if it seems so). His role does not show that he has the “brains” if he cannot straighten out his thoughts and work out a realistic alternative in pursuit to be himself and enjoy his other gifts in life.

        The assumed “looks” did not give him self-confidence to get on with his life…

        My personal thoughts – the ending instills negative vibes to viewers, death is not the solution nor the end. It takes more courage and strength to live on and work around with what one has to “be himself”.

        Even though the “twist” shocked many viewers, but it sends chills and sends misconception about life.

        1. I disagree. Peter was jealous of Perry’s showering of “affections” towards Penny. That’s why he behaved so grumpy throughout the trip. Remember, he did enjoyed the moment when Perry took off his shirt? And sending gifts to Penny is just an act to counter-revenge on Perry; thus, making him going through the same suffering as Peter is.

          And committing suicide is the Korea’s way of freeing themselves. This runs deep in them, nobody can actually lift off these roots in them.

          My bosses are Korean, they are pitiful souls, in fact. The immerse pressure they’re withholding is nothing we can imagine and withstand. Let alone, gay Korean. So what Michelle Cheong is telling, is the world, LGBTQ people are living in. Surviving and co-existing with the straight people while hiding their secrets is not something easy.

          What misconception of life? You need to interact more with people like us, to understand us. Especially in modern city like Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan.

          Be more understanding towards everyone else.

        2. Hi Wala, Thanks for your opinions. It is an eye-opener as I’ve never thought of the social problems in Korea. Suicide might be the way Korean’s “free” themselves, but somehow, I don’t think it is the only way. But I’m really thankful that you speak up and show us the other perspective/angle. 🙂

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