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The Flu

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Recommended Audience: Fans of Jang Hyuk, Cha In-Pyo, Su Ae, Korean movie fans

The Flu Korean

감기 The Flu Korean Movie Synopsis

A human trafficker is infected with an unknown virus and dies in a Bundang hospital. In less than 24 hours since the death of the first patient, more similar cases are reported all over Bundang. Fatalities rise rapidly even before the government can react properly to the virus and more of its citizens are getting infected every minute.
The Flu Korean
The airborne virus turns Bundang in utter chaos and as a desperate measure the government shuts the city down to prevent further outbreaks that could spread to rest of the country and the world. Citizens of Bundang are forced into quarantine zones, as some risk their lives to save those they love, while some risk others to save their own lives…

감기 The Flu Korean Movie Viewer Rating: 4/5 ****

감기 The Flu Korean Movie Review:

I was down with a bad cough on the day I watched this film. Throughout the show, I did not dare to even cough, swallowing back any itch I had. There’s a tendency for movie-goers to feel dodgy and suspicious of anyone who is coughing or sneezing around you after the film.

The name of the movie speaks for itself, airborne virus, 3.4 infections per second, 100% fatality. A film with many different stories, showing people’s desperation, hope, violence, love, vengeance, and camaraderie. The actors were fantastic, there were comedy amongst the anxiety. The fly in the ointment was the poor visual effects of the explosion scene. It was so bad that I couldn’t help shaking my head at the sight of the fake fire.

Here’s a few points why you should/should not watch The Flu:

The War Epidemic Hero

Hyuk Jang
Don’t you think he looked more like a soldier out of war than a rescue worker out of a plague? His obsession with the female lead was a little foolish, but I guess that made the tensed film a little sweeter. I thought the character Ji-goo was a little to be to be true, risking his own life to keep a stranger’s ill kid safe and helping the locked up shoppers in a shopping mall when there is an airborne virus spreading. Is that even possible in real life?

The Doctor and The Mum

Soo Ae
The character In-hye was perhaps the next most conflicting role besides the President. She’s an immunologist who helped to develop the vaccine for the avian flu but when her daughter was infected by the virus too, she tried to hide the fact and smuggle her into the non-infected zone.

The doe-eye angel

Park Min Ha
Get ready to be shocked by the girl. I thought the role of Mirre was just to be infected and play “sick”. But her act at the climax brought tears to everyone’s eyes, whether you want it or not. Yes, including guys, with testimony from my male friend, who was touched at several moments in the film. I won’t give too many spoilers, but she’s definitely Korea’s next Moon Geun-young.

The Comedian

the flu korean movie
Korean films love to have one or two hilarious characters as the lead’s sidekick. I am usually irritated by these characters as they will usually mess up the situation or cause some danger. But here, Bae Kyung-ub (Yoo Hae-jin) will always turn up at the right time, with some witty comment, saving the day.

The handsome president

Cha in pyo
Like all films, the politicians are usually the cold-blooded ones. I was surprised to see a some-what familiar face (In-Pyo Cha 车仁表) as the President. He acted as a President who got hold of the news by the time the virus was full-blown. Fighting against the other politicians and foreign powers, he did a great job bringing out the dilemma of a decision maker and giving the cold government a little touch of humanity.

This film really got me thinking, what would I do, as a decision maker, if such a plague happens in Singapore (touch wood!). Will I really close down the city and prevent people from leaving the country, transporting all the important figures out of the country and burn all the dying citizens? The fear and concern the cold-blooded ministers had were real. What if the uninfected had contracted the disease within the 48 hours? There’s so many what-ifs that I am seriously glad I did not have to make such a decision.

The irritating Victim

the flu korean movie
An interesting part of this film was the human traffickers who started and spread this whole epidemic, were victims of the situation, yet the nuisance of the story. He seemed only capable of trying to create a mess, and not knowing the seriousness of the whole situation. I wasn’t trying to be heartless when he went demented because of his brother’s sudden death. But the level of his anger seemed to have sustained throughout the period of the time the quarantine was on, making me feel as if the whole event started and ended in less than a day, instead of the few days stated in the movie.

There are actually many more interesting characters, like the unnamed soldier who sacrificed himself for his illed mother, the selfish ex-soldier who tried to kidnapped Mirre (the little girl), the illegal immigrant (Mongsai?) aka the sole survivor from the container of dead immigrants. The panic, despair, and desperate struggle for survival of a hopeless city was carefully shown.

This is a great film to watch, but try not to eat anything during the film, it felt weird, as if I was eating infected food when watching. Oh, yes, and do watch till the end (after credits) for a nice little surprise.

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감기 The Flu Korean Movie will be in cinemas on 3 October 2013.

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6 thoughts on “The Flu Korean Movie Review”

  1. Loved the movie. We watched this ‘coz Mong-Sai came from our university and he organized a film showing for students. Everyone were shouting and clapping and reacting to the scenes, everyone loved it. Some even took pictures with Mong-Sai after the screening.

    It was really disappointing though, ‘coz Mong-Sai is not really an extra character but his name is not on the cast list on IMDB or other sites. He did well for a non-Korean and a first timer in the movie scene. I know him personally and I really think he’s good especially on theater. 🙂

  2. I like the movie so much and this movie is a great movie. Give me motivation to do more research and cure for humankind.

  3. this movie is like the worst movie i’ve seen in 2013. Wayyyyyyy too much korean melodrama, i feel like puking during the show. not recommended at all and i feel like i am wasting my time watching this crap at the first place..meh!

    1. Haha, I guess you are not a fan of Korean Drama? Well, it might be a little over-exaggerated (the effects/symptoms of the virus etc), but I thought the girl did act well! Thanks for your feedback! I might be too lenient on the film, got a soft spot for the girl!

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