My Channel 8 News Feature (11 May 2013)

channel 8 news

I’m ON Channel 8 News~ Woohooo…

Thanks to Evelyn, the news caster aka my NUS CNM senior aka my in-charge (yes, I was a student reporter for back in 2009), I got to be on Channel 8 News! If you’ve watched the recent Star Awards 2013, she won the Best News Story for ATM Account Hack  狮城最大宗提款卡资料失窃案 She was working on a feature on bloggers and my first initial thought was… NO LAR! Don’t want, I intro someone else can?

So I gave her a few bloggers’ names, ranging from full time to part time. But she still want to interview me as I’m a “newbie” full-time blogger. (OK, I was a bit hesitant, but deep down who doesn’t want to be on news- of course must be for a good reason!)

So here’s the news clip, the filming location was at my hair sponsor: Clare’s Hair Spa Salon. And I managed to get my fellow blogger friend, Susan to be interviewed too! A few other full time blogger friends don’t want to be interviewed or they are overseas (Juliana LAR!) But I got her little entrepreneur beauty website up on news! It’s called Honeyzcube. Go support ok? So happy for her 🙂

Some Behind-The-Scenes

evelyn lam li ting
Evelyn Lam interviewing Claire, Clare’s Hair Spa’s lady boss
susan wong
Susan Wong getting interviewed!

Does she look nervous? Haha, I didn’t know that she didn’t know it’s a TV News Feature! Check her blogpost here!

channel 8 news
That’s me~

Oh gosh, I really gain weight liao. Face sooooo ROUND! But that’s me scrolling down the Facebook Group showing everyone’s photo, the 1 second fame some of my blogger friends were talking about. Haha… I really scroll finish, but they cut the video short OK!

channel 8 news
Hi, Cameraman!
Thanks Claire for helping me with the news interview
Thanks Claire for helping me with the news interview
channel 8 news
Group photo


channel 8 news
I neber say!

A fellow blogger friend just showed me a forum link (saw this on 3rd June… super lag) where there’s people discussing who I am, and how can I earn $10K when I’m a nobody (I feel like singing Nobody, nobody but you… right now!) It’s really amusing, because I’m NOT earning $10K nor do I have 10K monthly viewership! (Ok, perhaps only on certain months when I am super duper active). Although I really hope to be earning that much!

The news clip as shown above, and Evelyn said in GENERAL! She asked me how much can a blogger USUALLY earn. And I replied “From zero to more than 10K” depending on the popularity of the blogger. So it’s not me ok? 误会一场!(it’s just a misunderstanding!) So don’t ask me to treat or borrow money from me hor, I’m very poor 1! 🙂

Getting Don’s Lilac Hair Done!

Besides doing the interview, the other reason for going to Clare’s Hair Spa was to get Don’s Lilac Ash Hair done. He was supposed to be interviewed too, but he has some other appointments and couldn’t reach in time for the interview. Here’s some final “product”.

channel 8 news
Don and me~
Clare's Hair Spa
Nice colour right?
Clare's Hair Spa
Look at the back!
The Master behind the beautiful work

Go check out his blog review ok? Got *pweety pics of me!

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15 thoughts on “My Channel 8 News Feature (11 May 2013)”

  1. You are really great at TV gigs and guesting. No wonder people are speculating on your earnings. I have more than 10K hits a month and I don’t earn from it. =>

  2. You know babe – you’ve sort of grown on me over time as I read your blog. I like your honesty, to yourself, to matters around you. I see you growing up – in a nice, grounded, rounded way. Keep it up!

  3. Congratulations for being one of the popular bloggers in your country, enough to be interviewed on TV as an expert on the topic. You will earn that monthly 10K soon enough! – Fred

  4. LOL, I read the disclaimer and I agree with you. Some people just anyhow “report” or misintepret what others say. It’s a good thing your blogger friend saw that forum comment and highlighted it to you. As for popularity, don’t worry too much about it. Just continue to enjoy what you are doing right now with blogging and more fame will come rolling your way! That 10K (readership and income) is an attainable reality 😉

  5. Oh my! People usually get excited or overwhelmed when they hear about earning money so most people usually misunderstand the statements of people in tv or even in a daily conversation. And that should be changed because they can easily spread stories or even twist facts just because they misunderstood the statement.

  6. I love the new ‘do that you’re supporting. It shows your adventurous side and it looks good on you. I hope the forum comment’s been sorted out. Congratulations on the new feature. I’m sure you it was a good experience.

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