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insworld institute

Insworld Institute: Providing high quality British education in Singapore

In case you don’t know, Insworld Institute is a private school which provides British education in Singapore. They have high School Programmes like English for Academic Studies (EAS), Junior Secondary (Edexcel International Tuition Programme), High School (IGCSE Level), Junior College (Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level), Undergraduate Programmes, LCCI Business in English and BTEC HND Level 5.

Their classes were held in small groups, with 4-12 students per class to ensure that they are able to cater for each student’s individual needs. Insworld provides Edexcel IGCSE and A level Fast Track Program of 12-18 Months which offers both a cost saving opportunity as well as an efficient way for students to move forward with their studies compared to 24 months offered by most schools. (Click here to know more)

Talent Showcase

So we were invited to the institute to grace the opening of their art gallery (so honoured!). But before that, one of the students did a short musical performance for us, which totally reminded me about my love for Ruby Lin, Huan Zhu Ge Ge (环珠格格) and how I went to learn Gu Zheng just to be like her.

Opening of the Art Exhibition

insworld institute

insworld institute

insworld institute
The students behind the art (or should I say in front of?)

insworld institute

insworld institute
JasmineVictorina, Me, Michhysaurous and Apple! (Click their names to check out their blog!)
With the Principal Mr Matthew Cole and the Marcom & Sales Manager Mr Stephen MaCann.
With the Principal Mr Matthew Cole and the Marcom & Sales Manager Mr Stephen MaCann.

The principal and manager were two fun-loving people! Thanks for treating us like VIPs!

My Favourite Artpiece

insworld institute

I didn’t really notice this piece of art as Michhysaurous and Apple were camwhoring in front of it for a long time. When I finally got to see it, I was quite captivated by the black silhouette of the person (Michhysaurous say she can’t see it. But I guess everyone else can right?) LOL. To our surprise, the person who created it was the Director of Student Services, Dakila Carbarloc!

Director of student Services, Dakila Carbarloc (Creator of Sleep)

Where’s Insworld Institute

No 2 Serangoon Road, The Verge #03-18, Singapore 218227
Tel: (65) 6732 1728


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