Black Market x WYLD Agencies: Australian Style Popup Launch

Black Market x WYLD Agencies goes Australian Style

I get to attend the Black Market x WYLD Agencies: Australian Style Popup Launch at Orchard Central with Priscilla! Before I start blabbering… let’s check out the place!

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If you are wondering if this is a “high-class” (atas) event, yes, it is. But I’m definitely NOT an “atas” blogger, so what I do at such events (besides feeling awkward) is to ENJOY myself with the yummy food, and take loads of fun photos with whoever’s going with me!

Australian Foodies and Candies

wyld agencies
Delicious cheese, crackers and cookies!
australia candies
Yummy chocolates and candies

The amount of calories I have from this party is like my whole day (or 1.5 days) worth of calories! I was practically stationing at the cheese booth! Because they are absolutely delicious! The hosts are so thoughtful to provide yummy australian candies and nibbles!

What’s After Food? FUN!

black market
Just saying hi!
black market
With Australia’s iconic symbol: Koala Bear!
black market
I think I blend well with the Australian theme!
black market
Heart Koala So Muchie!
black market
But why koala steal my bag?
black market ootd
With Priscilla aka Pingerrain
black market skeleton
Him! Stronger than me?
black market skeleton
I think I’m stronger!

What’s Australian Style?

If you are noob beginner in fashion, (I’m an absolute fashion-idiot!) and if you are wondering what is Australian Style (like me), here’s some hints and tips I managed to find!
Australian fashion has a more casual approach. They like to use lightweight cloths while for the design, they want to be comfortable, with a casual attitude, yet with flair and style. (more information here)

black market
Evil Twin Pop-Up setup
black market
Priscilla say this is suitable for me -.- See what’s my response

So here’s some of the displayed brands!

Evil Twin (click to checkout their FB)

black market
Photo credit to WYLD Agencies

EVIL TWIN is all about left-of-centre everyday wear with a dash of avant garde. They are mainly grungy punk street styles with designer lines and glitzy, trashy 80’s influences. The pieces are fun and flashy and can be taken from AM to PM quicker than you can change from beat up cons to multi-inch platforms. Wear it and you make a statement (Yeah, I love to look good, but I don’t take this sh*t too seriously”)

Mink Pink (click to check out their FB)

mink pink
Image credit to WYLD Agencies

For Mink Pink, the designs are inspired by high-end designers, current trends, street styling and vintage pieces, emphasizing on playfulness and unique-ness specially for the fashions free spirits. P.S. Many celebrities are fans of Mink Pink and seen wearing them.

Mink Pink
Vanessa Hudgens wearing Mink Pink’s ‘Distant Traveller’ Palazzo Pants

Hunt No More (Check out their FB)

Hunt No more
Credits from WYLD Agencies

HUNT NO MORE has bold colours, wild prints and unique designs. It makes the wearer enigmatic, sultry and truly unique. With its startling colors and cavalier silhouettes, the label carries an attitude of charismatic nonchalance matched with bold taste. The label gives the wearer an independent and sultry grace, yet with sharp stylishness.

Somedays Lovin’ (Check out their FB)

Somedays Lovin'
Credits to WYLD Agencies

This is perhaps one of my favourite styles, as it’s closest to the “boyfriend tee” feel. Floral, casual, denim, It goes well with shoes as well as heels. Suitable for the Singapore casual wearing style, you won’t feel out-of-place or overdress with Somedays Lovin’.

P.S. All the above descriptions are based on what I found online, as well as what I felt, in case you are the type that need some words to describe the brands.

wyld agencies
Leaving our footprint signature at Black Market
wyld agencies
With Priscilla and Cheryl, who’s doing some video interviews!

POP-UP RUNS FROM 1 MAY TO JUNE 2013, Orchard Central, 02-10 ·

Do check out both Black Market No2’s and WYLD Agencies’ official websites!
Click to like Black Market’s Facebook Page and WYLD Agencies’ Facebook Page!
Check out what Priscilla wrote about the party here!

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