The Cycle Short film

The Cycle

The Cycle Filming Crew

The Protender Productions
Director: Bart Seng Wen Long
Producer: Jerena Goh
Director of Photography: Shannen Mok
Soundman: Junior Chew Bang Hao
Editor: Mariam Lim

Tiffany Yong as Mary Lam
Junior Tan as Alex
Hannah Wong as Jenny
Vivian Ang as Shu An
Joseph Jun Wei as Zhen Ye
Samson Wong as The priest
Willie Ong as Mr Liu (landlord)
Dionne Hoe as new couple #1
Leonard Teo as new couple #2

The Cycle Synopsis:
A couple, Mary and Alex, bought a flat at a cheap rate, not knowing that it comes at a price. The flat was previously occupied by Zhen Ye and Shu An, a couple who died in the house…

the cycle
I didn’t know that there was an prize giving ceremony! I thought it was just a night where the students get to showcase their films. This was a pleasant surprise!

FSV Location Filmmaking Awards Night 2013


Tiffany Yong for “the best actress”
Shannen Mok for “the best cinematography”
Mariam Lim for “the best editing”
Junior Chew for “the best sound effect”
Mariam Lim for “the best opening sequence”
The Cycle also won “Audience’s Choice” award

That's me and Junior Tan (Alex in 'The Cycle')
That’s me and Junior Tan (Alex in ‘The Cycle’)
The crew behind "The Cycle"
The crew behind “The Cycle”
Crew and Cast
Crew and Cast

Many Thanks to…

the Protender (previously known as What-The-Freak Productions) for the great editing, cinematography, filming… and of course, my hubby/fiancé (Alex-aka-Junior Tan) for the great acting…
Shu An-aka-Vivian for trying to protect me (sorry I tried to chase you away)…
Zhen Ye-aka-Jun Wei for “molesting” me…
Jenny-aka-Hannah for accompanying me to find priest and landlord… I’m sorry you died…
The priest-aka-Samson for getting rid of ONLY 1 ghost and not BOTH!

I was really lucky to win this award, and I felt that some of them acted way better than me! Hope to work with you guys again the next time!

Here’s the other works from T1A1 for viewing!



Drake Lim for “the best actor”
Samantha Ho for “the best screenplay”



Terawis Al-Shahid Ashraff for “the best supporting actor”



Best Direction
Best Poster

Passing Clouds


Shantay for “the best supporting actress”
Best DVD Cover

Drunk Luck

To know more about Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film and Media Studies, click here 🙂
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