OMY, What a Sushi Tei-licious Christmas Dinner!

OMY, What a Sushi Tei-licious Christmas Dinner!

OMY.SG held a little instagram contest amongst the omy bloggers, and winners get a christmas dinner sponsored by Sushi Tei!

sushi tei
Original photo

I decided to use a photo I posted on instagram just few days before and do a little add-on using the app “Balloon” to put the speech bubble and the word OMY! into the photo. Ta da~

My winning entry! My santa is so shy after being kissed by me!

Other winning entries

I have included the bloggers’ instagram name, so do follow them if you like their photos!

It was pretty fun knowing different bloggers and we were served a 10 course meal by Sushi Tei. The environment was pretty dark for me to take photos, so it came did not come out as nice I wish it too 🙁

sushi tei
Sashimi Salad $9
Raw fish and raw vegetable
sushi tei
sashimi moriwase – Asama $30
Bluefin tuna, yellowtail, salmon
sushi tei
Kani Mentai Mayo Roll $8
Deep-fried crab meat sushi with mentai mayo
Asari Butter $14Asari clams sauteed with butter and soya sauce
Asari Butter $14
Asari clams sauteed with butter and soya sauce
Hanasaki Ika Tempura $6 (5 star ***** rating)
Squid with smelt roe tempura
Homemade Meat Gyoza $6
Homemade pork & Chicken dumplings
sushi tei
Kaisen Chankonabe $28
Traditional sumo hotpot with seafood & assorted vegetable (yellow-tail, scallop, salmon, prawn)
*Choice of soup base: Shoyu, Moso, Spicy

Priscilla has kindly send me some of her photos for me to upload. They are so nice!

Golden Roll $16 (5 star ***** rating)
mango, king prawn sushi roll
Photo Credits: Priscilla
A kiss for the BIG prawn
Photo Credits: Priscilla
omy blogger
A common scene when you are dining with bloggers
Iceball – Fruit Sorbet (5 star ***** rating)
Ice cream waffle
Photo credit to Priscilla
Coffee Bon-bon
Photo credit to Priscilla

It was a really great meal! By the time it reached the dessert, I have already given up taking photos and just want to eat them all. The dessert was memorable, and of course my love for salmon made the meal better.

omy bloggers
Hui Zi, Priscilla, and me!
Photo credit to Priscilla
omy blogger
Hui Zi, me and Magdalene
Photo credit to Priscilla
omy blogger
Ruilong and me – Doesn’t she look like 簡嫚書 from 南方小羊牧场
Photo credit to Priscilla

Visit Priscilla’s blog for more yummy photos! Like Sushi Tei @ Paragon Facebook Page or visit Sushi Tei official site for more information!

Once again, Merry Christmas! xoxo

Event invitation from and Sushi Tei.
No monetary compensation was received for the food review.

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