Hong Kong VDay Trip 2: Victoria Peak

Hong Kong VDay Trip 2: Victoria Peak

Victoria PeakI had a HARD time dragging myself out of the warm bed (ok, it’s cold, but warm under the thick thick blankets). After our buffet breakfast, we went to the Peak. Yipee…. I’ve always watched HK dramas and how they say materialistic girls aim to live there as it’s the “Bukit Timah” (aka atas area). I wore like 3 layer of clothes and look like a dumpling!

Hong Kong the Victoria Peak TicketsTrip to the Peak

Peak Tram StationCan’t help but it really reminds me of Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

The Peak TramwaysThe train to Hogwarts aka Victoria Peak

The Peak TramOff we go….

Hong Kong Victoria PeakI saw this SUPER BIG Prosperous cat and immediately thought of a friend who love to put a fat cat as her display pic on FB. so cute right? Secretly made a wish to get rich. muahaha

tiffany yong hong kongaw, how I wish I can take a seat and have “afternoon tea” pretending I’m some upper class autocrat.

HKtrip21Make a wish under the artificial wishing tree…

Hong Kong HousingNice wallpaper. it’s a representation of the housing in HK- like the HDB in Singapore

The Peak in Hong KongWelcome to the Peak…

HKtrip27A place for all couples to leave their wishes 🙂 so sweet
After strolling around and camwhoring, we finally “digested” our breakfast buffet and here comes LUNCH!
(Truth: We are very hungry all along because of the cold weather and was trying to find a good place to eat.)

Finally we settled with this atas Chinese restaurant called 天一酒家 TIEN YI for dim sum (the bf ex is a dim-sum lover) and here comes the foodie!
天一酒家 TIEN YIPrawn Chee Cheong Fun

天一酒家 TIEN YI Shrimp dumplingCrystal clear shrimp dumpling

Tien Yi Char Siew Sou (Baked BBQ Pork Puffs)Char Siew Sou (Baked BBQ Pork Puffs)

Tien Yi Shengjian BaoShengjian Bao (生煎包)

Tien Yi Bird Nest Egg TartBird Nest Egg Tart
The food at Tien Yi was so-so, according to the bf (he’s the expert la). The service was not very good, in the sense that I need to wave like mad to get their attention and they seem to be trying to dodge my call. Hmpf! So much for the expensive food! I will introduce a nicer and cheaper one in Part 4!

We left The Victoria Peak without going to the famous Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Museum as it was flooded with tourists! I wanted to take photos with like EVERY SINGLE figurines there, but according to the schedule, we would be behind time if we were to go for it. 🙁 So I told ddd that we shall go there next time when we have more time 🙂

Gavin Heng Mirror ImageBye Victoria Peak!

Wu Chun AdvertisementBump into an ad of Wu Chun… @.@ #FanGirlMoment

Hong Kong street foodHungry again… let’s try some street food!


This was not a sponsored trip. Reviews are purely based on personal opinion.

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  1. Ana Rose | Roads and Pages

    We went there in the Victoria Peak last June. Unfortunately, I was already too tired to enjoy the scenery. We spent our whole day in Disneyland and my boyfriend asked me if I would like to see Victoria Peak. It was an unforgettable place for me because it was the place where my boyfriend and I got lost. So lucky that we were still able to find each other.

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