Hong Kong VDay Trip 3: Sweet Dynasty

Hong Kong VDay Trip 3: Sweet Dynasty

I think there’s some Chocolate Festival at the Shopping Mall we went. There were sooooo many large delicious sinful looking desserts around (inedible thou) haha… But we had fun taking photos with every single dessert. 😛

Chocolate Fondue That’s one BIG Chocolate Fondue! I can bathe in that! Here’s a strawberry for you.

HKtrip51It’s raining… Chocolate! I’m never a fan of cupcakes, but somehow, this made me crave for one (not so big thou!)

Giant Chocolate donutLeave me alone… I’m not hungry (with this Gigantic Donut)

Gigantic macaroonsYummy macarons!

Tiffany Yong Hong KongI’m Gretel… trying to eat the chocolate lamp-post before the wicked witch gets me!

HKtrip57When it rain chocolate and strawberries, which one will you eat first?

Gavin Low Tiffany YongThe meaning of Cherry is… Cherish…

Dinner at Sweet Dynasty 糖朝

Yea, it’s dinner time! We went back to Sweet Dynasty as we hadn’t try the main dishes there. So here we are, back again, going for new orders! I’ve forgotten the name of the food by the time I upload all these, so pardon me if I’m wrong, kays? 🙂

Sweet Dynasty 鱼香茄子Eggplant in Casserole (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce) 鱼香茄子

河粉Hor Fun 河粉. It looks a little like Pad Thai, but definitely doesn’t taste like one.

Sweet Dynasty Chicken Noodles鸡丝面

HKtrip66Fruit dessert! Dipped in dry ice, the visually appetising dessert are made from fruits. There’s honeydew, watermelon, and many more other fruits are frozen and cut into the shape of a ball~

Sweet Dynasty 糖不摔糖不摔! My all-time favourite. I know we can get this in Singapore too, but I always have a soft spot of chewy glutinous rice and this was boiled in ginger syrup. The warm rice balls are absolutely heavenly!

Chocolate trufflesChocolate truffles- sinful dessert
The main dishes at Sweet Dynasty were actually quite alright. Not fantastic but it has almost all the Hong Kong famous dishes there. I love the dessert though. My weakness for yummy dessert 🙂


This was not a sponsored trip. Reviews are purely based on personal opinion.

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