GRACE Thai Movie (网络惊魂 อวสานโลกสวย) Review

GRACE Thai Movie (网络惊魂 อวสานโลกสวย) Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Nuttasit Kotimanuswanich, Parisa Pinyakamolchart, Napasasi Surawan, psychological thriller and thai movie fans

Grace Thai Movie

GRACE (网络惊魂 อวสานโลกสวย) Thai Movie Synopsis

PLE is an ordinary high school student who loves spending quality time with her best friend, CARE, who is popular for being cute. Together, they create a Facebook page for Care to share her personal photos and videos to garner ‘Likes’ from the public, in hope of becoming a popular internet idol. Grace Thai Movie Stills 2GRACE, who used to be a famous internet idol, and JACK, who is Care’s number one crazy fan, follow Care’s personal life closely on Facebook. The two use Care’s publicly available personal information to plot a kidnap plan. Grace then later shows Care that the world is not a bed of roses, and how the internet can wreck her world havoc, and attempts to ruin Care’s life forever…

GRACE Thai Movie Viewer Rating: 3/5 ***

GRACE Thai Movie (网络惊魂 อวสานโลกสวย) Review:

This is the second cyberbullying related film I have caught (the first one was Unfriended), this covered more on online fame and how social media brought about the lack of privacy and in turn trouble.
Grace Thai Movie Stills 6The editor used intercuts to bring out the backstory of Grace, the ex-famous internet idol turned psychotic stalker. With only the difference in her personality to depend on, it was difficult to differentiate when was the past and the present.

Grace Thai Movie Stills 3Being in the same line, it wasn’t difficult for me to understand the lure and addiction of online fame. As a skilful seamstress, Grace has a pretty face to pair with. But betrayal and jealousy drove her to lose trust in people. There were many actions of hers that doesn’t seem to make much sense, but well, you can hardly rationalise a mentally unstable person’s action.

Grace Thai Movie Stills 4Care, the internet idol was the subject of Grace’s jealousy when Jack, her so-called boyfriend can’t stop stalking her. As her life was so publicly displayed, it was easy for both Grace and Jack track where she was, and kidnap her. But her retaliating actions after being kidnapped was self-destructing. Insulting your kidnappers and making them angry when you are in hostage was suicidal. There were provokes which were unnecessary and all I could say is, that didn’t make sense.

Grace Thai Movie Stills 5Logic aside, Jack (Nuttasit Kotimanuswanich) as an odd and lecherous otaku was brilliant and flawless. His weird obsession on Care was so realistically carried out that the actresses paled in comparison.

Watch it, and you might just start getting paranoia about what you share on social media.

Do You Know?

Grace Thai Movie Stills 12Ple aka Black Cat acted by Latthgarmon Pinrojnkeerathi (Pim) also acted in a Thai Horror Film called Ghost Coins เกมส์ปลุกผี (鬼铜) in 2015.

Friendship Mario MaurerApinya Sakuljaroensuk (Saiparn) is a one of the top Thai teen stars who does acting and hosting. She also acted with Top Thai actor Mario Maurer in 2008 for a film called Friendship.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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GRACE (网络惊魂 อวสานโลกสวย) Movie is out in Shaw cinemas on 5 May 2016.

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17 thoughts on “GRACE Thai Movie (网络惊魂 อวสานโลกสวย) Review”

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  2. I haven’t heard of this film in the UK but it sounds good, I like the plot. It is definitely a current issue with the online world we are now living in. Great review.

  3. ive never watched thai films before. i like how this covers the other aspect of cyber bullying etc. its definitely a very known issue

  4. This sounds like the typical teen type of movie that my teenager would be interested in. I’m sure the younger crowd would love this.

  5. This movie should be good and eye-opener. Now-a-days, there is too much of social media and we have to know where to draw line.

  6. Sounds interesting… Anyways, as soon as I came to the last line of your review, I did laugh a bit – irony of a fb page for a movie that talks about the scary side of fb page… Lolz…

  7. Definitely a food for thought for everyone. People need to filter and learn to watch what they intend to put out there in the world. The Internet is already saturated with inappropriate stuffs from every quarters. I love the message, great content to train the mindset of today’s generation!!

  8. This is a relevant story that is apt to the current scenario in our society. We really have to think before we click and sift the information we want to put out there for everyone’s consumption.

  9. Wow, this surely an interesting movie! I used to watch movies alike before since I only consider recommendations and I guess, I’ll soon watch this ever I get my schedule fixed. 🙂

  10. Interesting. I’ve always loved the themes from Thai movies, but this one sounds a bit too disturbing. Anyway, i’d love to see their performances in the movie

  11. Very millennial issue this cyber-bullying. Reminds me of “Unfriended” but with Asian sensibilities. There are so many issues online now because the anonymity gives them a sense of misplaced boldness.

  12. It sounds like a great movie, really. It’s all about teaching kids or teens that oversharing in social media can lead to bad situations. I think the message is perfect, and it’s enough to make kids realize that they need to watch what they share online.

  13. Seems like a very timely movie . With the increasing popularity of social media nowadays, this movie is a great reminder to all that some things are best left private lest you find yourself at risk of facing the dangers that lurk online.

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