Steps to Attracting Your RIGHT One

When Will I Meet The Right One?

A little note from Tiffany: Are you always attracting the wrong type of guy/girl? Have you asked (more than once) when will you meet your Miss/Mr Right? Here’s an article which may help you…

I was surprised when I first received this article, then I was worried. Will my readers be skeptical when they read this? But then, I think again, these are the exact methods I tried when I first broke up 3 years back, and then again 1 year later when my ex betrayed me once more. These steps helped me through my toughest times (although I used them for healing rather than romance). Remember the part where I mentioned that “When one door closes, the other open” in the article where I talked about my relationship? Sometimes, we can’t depend on people around you to be there all the time, the person who can help you is Yourself. I hope this article written by Lynzabel will help you too…


A lot of people come to me and ask, “When will I meet the right one?”

First of all, understand that the Universe is wonderful. It is filled with “mana” or “un-manifested substances” in between spaces. These can manifest and give you what you want. As long as you are sending out the right frequencies, it will somehow attract and manifest the right person into your life.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we have tons of problems and issues; we have poverty consciousness. We give out wrong frequencies, expecting to meet the right one. Sometimes, the right one comes along, but we unconsciously push them away, because we are not able to accept them.

When there are subconscious issues such as self hate, feelings of inadequacy, etc., the subconscious brain sends out frequencies that attract or repel certain people towards or away from us. Our actions and physical behaviors may do the same.

In other words, we attract to ourselves those people and things in resonance with the type of vibrations we send out. Our ideas about our self-worth go out into the universe like a magnet and pull into our environment the type of person who conforms to our OWN INNER IMAGE.

miss right

Perhaps, at the conclusion of a disastrous relationship, you have said to yourself, “I didn’t know my partner was like that.” Maybe you didn’t on the CONSCIOUS LEVEL, but the SUBCONSCIOUS always knows and that area of the mind governs our lives.

At that level of subconscious, we know what we are doing even if it is to destroy ourselves. If our old tapes are programmed for negative and destructive relationships, that’s precisely what we will get UNTIL WE LEARN HOW TO CHANGE THOSE NEUROTIC TAPES.

People will threat you the way you threat yourself, so begin to examine carefully the way you have been acting towards yourself. Observe the messages you constantly give yourself. Adults who were the children of critical parents or divorced parents often have internal issues. So here’s some ways where you can change (besides physical makeovers) yourself, your confidence and your subconscious to attract the RIGHT one.

I will be focusing on the method of “Affirmation” this time round, but if you wish to know more about the other methods, do write in the comment box below to tell me what you hope to see the following month!

Affirmations: Raising self esteem


1. Always talk kindly to yourself.
Treat yourself with love and respect and never call yourself names or degrade yourself for inappropriate actions.
Every morning, before you open your eyes, tell yourself,
“I love you, ______________(your name), you are a most wonderful person.”
Supply yourself with love, nobody can give you love and happiness except yourself!

2. Give yourself at least one compliment every day.
Be proud of yourself, compliment yourself every time you accomplish something.

3. Acknowledge and praise yourself verbally.
Use affirmations as much as you can.
Some examples:
I, (your name) love myself, I’m a lovable person.
I now feel loved and appreciated by my parents, my friends and everyone who is important to me.
My days are filled with love, joy and abundance.
I now give and receive love freely.
I deserve love, and I am a lovable person.
Everyday, I am growing more beautiful and more radiantly healthy!
I am irresistibly attractive to men (or women).

Write your own affirmations if you like, and make it a point to do something nice for yourself everyday, something that makes you feel great and nurtures your spirit. Nurture yourself the same way you would like someone else to take care of you. When you feel loved inside, you make room for love to come to you.

Tips for writing affirmations for love:-
The first thing is, you have to be very clear about the particular kind of person you desire.
Take out a piece of paper and write down the qualities of your ideal mate.
Would you like to have similar qualities, or would you prefer to counter balance yours?
Another important question to ask is your objective.
Do you want a marriage, somebody to just have fun with, etc
Always use your name in the affirmations. It’s ok if you forgot to use your name sometimes, but using your own name further impress upon your subconscious.

Here are more examples:-
I, (your name), deserve love, and the type of man I desire is coming to me now. He will be interesting, kind, warm, loving, faithful, financially stable, emotionally mature, and he will like children.

I, (your name), am now attracting a man who is affectionate, intelligent, successful, wealthy and responsible.

I, (your name), am now attracting a woman who is fun, loving, affectionate, confident, and desire to stay home and take care of our family.

4. Specify the Time Period.
I, (your name), am now sending out the mental vibration of love, and the type of person I desire will be attracted to me, I will meet him this spring, and we will be married by end of the year.

Never have doubts when saying your affirmations, you must believe them to be TRUE and IS happening at the present moment. Many people believe they do not deserve an ideal mate. if you feel this way, use affirmations to convince your subconscious mind that you are worthy of love

I, (your name), deserve love.

The most important ingredient for attracting love is to live with and for yourself first.
You must be careful not to violate cosmic laws by manipulating the will of another.
Make affirmations for the type of person you want, but NEVER specify a particular person. Leave that to spirit. If that person is cosmologically right for you, it will happen.

But I really want to be with this Guy/Girl!
If you really want a particular person, you can come and see me, I will see if the two of you matches by date of birth and I will see if there is anything I can do for you. But most of what you can do, have already been suggested here. If you force things, there can sometimes be cosmological backlash.

Self-hypnosis programs

There are plenty of guided videos for self-hypnosis for love, relationships or healing on Youtube. Here’s two examples:

These are something you listen to every night before you sleep. Find one that resonates with you. You may change them as and when you like, but stick to the same category, that is love and relationships. Whatever you do, its not an overnight cure. Stick with your program, whatever you are doing, until you see results.

Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it may take months or even years depending on your subconscious “trauma”. But never give up, cause you deserve the best.


rose quartz

Rose quartz or any heart opening crystals to heal your heart and send out loving vibrations.



Meditation helps focus and quiet your mind, eventually reaching a higher level of awareness and inner calm. It also exercise the control of your mind. It is the first step in Loving YOU first. Letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you stimulates the energy to put yourself first. And you can achieve that with the help of mantra.

Repeating of mantra

Mantra, according to the dictionary:
Any sacred word or syllable used as an object of concentration and embodying some aspect of spiritual power.

Mantra may be a word, or a phrase to help boost your confidence, raise your happiness or help you through a tough moment.

Here’s some examples:
1. Keep your head up and your heart open.
2. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy.
3. I am a magnet for joy, love and abundance.

P.S. Never specify a specific individual. You can send the person love and blessings, this is to open up your heart chakra, whatever you sent out will in some ways come back to you.

Remember, nobody can give you love and happiness except yourself. It always starts from internal to external, never the other way around. Love yourself first, and radiate your love outwards.


lynzabel leeBy Lynzabel Lee
Lynzabel does tarot reading and numerology. During her free time, she also hand-paints dresses. For a detailed reading, you can contact her at or 8155 5692.
*Rates: $27 for 20 min or $79 per hr*

Article with reference from the book: Mind Magic.

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  1. I think one really has to learn loving his self first before he get to find true love. Because if we cannot love ourselves, how can we love others? I love your post and your advice!

  2. Oh wow some of the tips I was surprised to see! No one can really answer when will you meet the love of your life. It will just happen. Love yourself first and then you will attract love.

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