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Cult Skincare Label +REHAB LONDON is in Singapore!

If you haven’t heard of +Rehab London, it’s ok. I guess you have definitely heard of Russell Brand, Robert Pattinson and Simon Cowell! They are all supporters of this British Brand which had taken Europe by storm. And yes, you didn’t see wrongly, I am actually at a men’s skincare label launch. If you are wondering why, (I wondered myself too initially) it’s Malcolm (aka MalcolmSunny) my new blogger friend I know during the Brunei Trip who brought me there, and I’m glad I went!

Malcolm Sunny Tiffany Yong
Trying to take some photos within the frame on the mirror
tiffany yong
Getting My +Rehab London Tattoo done

So unlike the past events I went, here I get to do a little +Rehab Tattoo on my arm! I was discussing with the lady who painted the flag for me, how difficult it will be if she has to paint a Singapore flag, or a USA flag. Malcolm who took this photo for me, was quite amused and said an Indonesian or Japan flag will be easy.

Tiffany Yong

So “nonsense” aside, let’s check out the founders!

Lisa Hilton- Founder of +Rehab London

Lisa Hilton
Chatting with Lisa Hilton

So this brand is founded by celebrity hair and makeup artist, Lisa Hilton. Lisa Hilton has had over 20 years of experience working as a celebrity hair and make-up artist on movies and TV shows. Some notable works include My Week with Marilyn, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Downton Abbey, Madonna’s WE, Agenda, and more.

It was while working on films that Lisa felt men didn’t have access to natural products that specifically dealt with men’s skincare requirements. She would often have to shave her male client’s face more than once a day, on set and it left their skin raw. Her only solution at the time was to use women’s natural products which were often oily and viscous and unsuitable for a man’s skin.

Lisa was inspired to formulate an easy to use, fun and great value ethical men’s range. After two years of development and testing, Lisa launched Rehab London in September 2009 in the UK.

+Rehab London Singapore
Chatting with Monika, founder of +Rehab London Singapore(Natural and Free Living Pte Ltd

Natural and Free Living Pte Ltd was set up by sisters, Monika & Yuanita Tjia. +Rehab London, the first brand they have undertaken, which stays true to their company’s philosophy of promoting a global conscious lifestyle. For every product sold through Natural and Free Living, S$1 will be donated to the charity to further promote environmental responsibility.

+Rehab London’s Ambassador: Howard Lo

Howard Lo
Howard Lo

If you find him familiar, I won’t be surprised. Howard was one of the several eligible bachelors who took part in Singapore’s second English language reality dating program, Eye for a Guy 2 in 2005. His previous works in the local entertainment industry also includes hosting for Channel News Asia’s weekly talk show, BlogTV as well as being a contributor/columnist for local papers such as Today and The New Paper. He currently writes for ZDNet Asia at CBS Interactive.

+Rehab London emphasize on a fuss-free skincare regime, and Howard is a true representation of +Rehab London’s target consumer. He is a husband, tech blogger for ZDNet Asia and restaurateur in Singapore and Indonesia; this british brand is ideal for his busy lifestyle.

Demonstration of +REHAB LONDON

I was surprised how fast the whole demonstration on ALL the six products took. It was less than 20 minutes (INCLUDING all the introduction of the products) The time spent on the face was actually just a few minutes.

With just six, easy to apply and uncomplicated products, founder Lisa Hilton believes +Rehab London would appeal to the everyday real man. All products from +Rehab London are aligned with the brand’s ethical philosophy – promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle by only utilising sustainable all-natural ingredients such as anti-ageing Rooibos extract and healing Ginseng. Its global conscious efforts include using recycled materials for its packaging and having a strong stance against animal testing.

rehab london
Media and Writers watching the demonstration
Lisa Hilton
Demonstration by founder Lisa Hilton herself!
Lisa Hilton
Model looks like he’s enjoying it~
Monika, doing demonstration
Monika with male model
Howard Lo
Howard Lo demonstrating the use of Cold Turkey Gel

So for guys who can’t understand why girls take so long doing their cleansing or even makeup, no worries! You DON’T have to Understand! Because with +Rehab London, it’s still as simple as what you are doing currently! Just your basic CLEANSE -> MOISTURISE -> REVIVE (+SHAVE when you need to)

Testing out the Products

rehab london
Smell…. manly…

I went round opening and smelling all the testers. Most have very light or almost no fragrance. Most of the ladies (including me) love the smell of Revive Survive (Something I’m giving away!). I can’t really describe the smell, but it’s really manly, and girls feel happy after smelling it! I heard from Lisa herself that she created it that way!

The Cold Turkey Shaving Gel has a menthol smell which is really refreshing. So we got Malcolm and Adrian to try out the Shaving Gel.

rehab london
Me having fun watching the guys testing out the products!
Malcolm Sunny and Adrian Seet
A very manly Adrian~

After their shave, they tried the Calm Balm and then the Revive Survive. Revive Survive is a first in the local men’s grooming market for cell renewal, helps to visibly reduce signs of skin fatigue and increase circulation which leaves the skin feeling and looking rejuvenated and revitalised in just ten minutes.

+Rehab London Products

The full range of +Rehab London products is currently available for purchase via their website at or at all Beauty Horizon and Beauty by Nature outlets.

Photos with some Real Men

Rehab London
Nope, I didn’t try to touch him, in case you are wondering~
Rehab London
Envy Me!
Rehab London
Pecs Pecs! @@
Rehab London
With Howard Lo, +Rehab London’s ambassador
Rehab London
I feel tiny~
Malcolm Sunny
Malcolm Sunny, the man who brought me here to see the men
tiffany yong
How I take photos~

Products Giveaway!

Tiffany Yong Rehab London Giveaway
Tell me which product you prefer!

I have one Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox 125 ml (Retail price: S$24.95) and one 50ml Revive Survive worth $42.95 to give away!
In case you don’t know, +Rehab London is suitable for males from their twenties to fifties! So this definitely make a great Father’s Day gift or even a gift for your boyfriend/husband/fiancé/brother/cousin/friend!

How to Get it:

LIKE +REHAB LONDON FACEBOOK PAGE & Comment on this post:
1) Which product you hope to get (Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox OR Revive Survive)
2) Who is it for? (It can be for yourself too!)
3) One benefit you hope to get out of the chosen product
4) Where have you shared this post (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram -The more you share, the higher the chances!)
P.S. Only completed entries will be considered. Selected winners will have to email me their screenshots of shares on social media to be able to claim their prizes!
Giveaway ends on 14th June 2013 23.59

rehab london giveaway

Do check out +Rehab London Singapore’s Facebook Page and website for latest promotions!

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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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  1. Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox for my husband as he wants clean, refreshed skin:) liked and shared on FB

  2. Hope to have the Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox for myself to remove the dark dead skin and sebum so that I can have a brighter and clearer complexion.
    liked and shared on facebook.

  3. I like the Revive Survive for my hubby as it helps to keep his skin well moisturized in the air con office and home.
    shared on facebook.

  4. Mia C. Alegrado

    1) Which product you hope to get? I want the Revive Survive
    2) Who is it for? For my hubby as a Father’s day gift
    3) One benefit you hope to get out of the chosen product? Revive Survive visibly reduces the signs of skin fatigue and increases circulation leaving the skin feeling and looking rejuvenated and revitalised in ten minutes!

    4) Where have you shared this post ? Facebook, twitter

  5. I want the Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox for my hubby as he’s got rough facial skin. Hope he gets smoother skin! liked n shared on facebook.

  6. Vincent Lee Wee Ping

    I would like to get the Revive Survive for myself because i want to revive my skin and look young again

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