Letters to Heaven Ep 8 (Letter to Sebastian)

Letters to Heaven: Letter to Sebastian

Letters to Heaven is a docu-drama that celebrates the beauty of human bonds. From the undying connections between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, as well as husbands and wives, the programme features multi-racial profiles from all walks of life and accounts their attempt and effort in keeping that connection alive.

This episode was dedicated to Sebastian, a guy who loves singing but was found to contract cancer when he finally got in for Singapore Idol. The video below is a snippet of my part with “Sebastian”.

behind the scenes
Before my makeup!

I was actually rushing through my Cineleisure Next Online Sensation contest when I received the role. I felt really lucky and grateful to be given this role, as I didn’t audition for this production at all. When I received the script, the character was labelled as Idol Wannabe, and I was surprised by the amount of lines (tongue twisters too) she had to rattle!

letters to heaven
‘Sebastian’ getting read for his audition

This “Know-it-all” idol wannabe chatted with Sebastian before auditions and I heard from the director, that this is perhaps the only “happier” moment in the episode, before Sebastian found out that he was down with cancer. It’s a very different character from the ones I acted before… and if you noticed, she joked about the “terminal disease” and how it can be used to make him famous. This is something Sebastian did not do.

Letters to heaven
“Sebastian” and me!

I had absolutely no idea what the whole story was about before watching that episode. So it really “hit me hard” when I realised that what I said became true later on. I could relate to this episode particularly well, perhaps because I have a similar dream as Sebastian. Not to get into the Singapore Idol, but to be able to act full-time.

Besides feeling sad, and to remember Sebastian, it would perhaps be better to learn from him, not to give up on your dreams, as life is full of unexpected twists. Don’t take “tomorrow” for granted, as “tomorrow” might not come.

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18 thoughts on “Letters to Heaven Ep 8 (Letter to Sebastian)”

  1. Did you have to sing as a Singapore Idol wannabe? The lead actor does not look like a typical Singaporean? Is he from overseas? – Fred

  2. Looks like a good docu-drama series to watch. The story about a person battling the Big C is really inspiring. Congrats for landing a role in this one.

  3. Is this considered a soap opera or a short movie? It sounds like a soap opera to me. I’m glad you got a role in this episode and maybe they will use you for more productions. Good for you! 🙂

  4. Wow, I laughed a lot while watching the short episode 8 of Letters to heaven, the dialogue with Sebastian was so funny! I am looking forward to episode 9 to see what happens with the audition!

  5. OMG anyone with cancer should be boosted with a lot more confidence and esteem especially when they are already at the terminal stage. Joining Singapore Idol must mean the world for him.

    1. Yeah, Mia, that’s her real voice. I think it does not just hit home with you but with me. It takes a lot of courage and realisation to realise that tomorrow is not coming, or doesn’t exists.

  6. Clap! Clap! Applause to you tiffany! Wow, I didn’t know you’re an actress! this is it! I think you’ll make a good actress! Even with the snippets I can see you’re a natural! Keep it up! Kudos!

  7. not to give up on your dreams, as life is full of unexpected twists. Don’t take “tomorrow” for granted, as “tomorrow” might not come. — this is beautiful and well worth taking to heart.

  8. Very interesting story. One should never get up. Very motivational story that besides suffering with Cancer and got selection in Singapore Idol.

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