Tiger Beer: Have you been good this year?

Tiger Beer Festive Party: I’ve been good this year because…

I went for my dreams and made it!

So I took part in the “Have you been good this year” festive contest and won myself 3 tickets to the biggest Tiger Beer event of the year! Woohoo…


Bling bling blue wristlet with my tiger beer coupon!
Bling bling blue wristlet with my tiger beer coupon!
The 2 friends I brought along -Alfred and Fonzie
I’ve been really good this year

Tiger Beer also promoted the Drink Savvy campaign, encouraging people to come by public transport instead of driving. They even provided a shuttle service from opposite Peninsula Plaza from 7 – 9pm so that people are able to get to the party place!

Having fun with the Big beers
Having fun with the Big beers
Say: Beer!
Say: Beer!
I’m not drunk. It’s just the angle when the shot was taken!
The 2 guys with the santarinas
The 2 guys with the santarinas
Forced to take a photo (I mean… Alfred)


Merry Christmas!
tiffany yong
I got my beer!

Confession: That’s my first time drinking one cup all by myself! In the past I would just take a sip whenever my parents drink.

This look more clubbish!

DJ in da house!

Tiger Beer Singapore has invited DJ Ko Flow, Keven Lester, Fingerscroxxed (DJ Doopz and DJ Nomsta) to mix up the best music and turn up the heat!

great deejays
great deejays
Credits to Tiger Beer Singapore
Heating up the place!

Photos with Bloggers and Celebrities

tiger beer
Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷 spotted!
Hong Peng and me~
Peggy and me (P.S. She’s so tall la!)
Take home gift!

For more Cool photos, check out Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Album!

Hope you’ve been good this year!
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Drink responsibly, do not drink and drive

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