Why Doomsday is good


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Doomsday is here (So is Winter Solstice) and there are many rumours and sayings about why 21.12.2012 is Doomsday. Websites like were set up to provide information and explanation.

TV shows like Doomsday Preppers, an American reality television series on the National Geographic Channel show how people prepare for the end of civilization. The series interviews people who are preparing to survive the various circumstances through which life as we know it might come to an end, including economic collapse, societal collapse, electromagnetic pulse, terrorist acts, nuclear incidents, fuel shortages, war, pandemics, geomagnetic reversal, etc.

Even for Singapore, there’s the movie trailer called Judgment Day (2013) acted by various Singapore celebrities shared around. It revolves around “Doing what you want” and “Dying with no regrets”.

Why Doomsday is Good

Like what the trailer depicts, I agree that we should do what we want and die with no regrets. Of course, it doesn’t mean to just go around committing crimes but in the positive way. If you had wanted to learn dancing, go do it. If you want to learn singing, go do it. If you want to travel, go do it!

I’m not sadist, nor a pessimist, nor some psychopath who wants the world to end and all human to die. I feel that Doomsday is a day of reflection. I came across a “New Age interpretation” that today marks the start of a period during which Earth and its inhabitants would undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 21 December 2012 would mark the beginning of a new era. If this is true, ain’t it great?

Ask yourself:

Have I done something that I’ve regretted and never did make it right or apologise?
Have I NOT done something I have been wanting to do all my life?

For me, I can safely say, if the world is really to end, I would have no regrets (which doesn’t mean I will end my life LAR) A friend questioned my statement, she said, “You are not married yet, you have no kids, you’ve only had one relationship and it’s a very bad experience, you haven’t even achieved anything in your career!”

What she said was true, but I am looking at what I had, and not what I didn’t. My past relationship might have failed (badly) but I had been in love deeply, I had loved with all my soul while some people might not even have taken any of their relationships seriously. I had given him a second chance (despite him not treasuring it). I had been given the chance to shine, to do something I love.

This has always been my motto: Don’t regret what you did, and don’t do if you will regret it.

What about you?


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