Fidelity is a choice

Fidelity is a choice | By

Michael Palmer and Laura Ong

I read Xiaxue’s duper long post on “Politics and Adultery”, and was surprise that I agree with her arguments.

Yes, many people may think, politicians are human too, and they make mistakes. Just like the Edison Chen scandal, the public may blame him for the photos and scandals with the various female celebrities, but hey, did he publicise it? Did he go round telling people what he did? I feel that the blame should be the person who took those photos without his permission and put them online.

So does this apply to the politicians? Nope, I don’t think so. Politicians are the pillars of a country, they are responsible and involved in influencing public policy and decision-making. So if they can’t practise what they preach in their personal lives, why should the citizens do so?

Google searches on politicians – link with scandals?

It is actually quite disheartening to see all these news surfacing, especially in Singapore. I thought politicians in Singapore should be SMART enough to know how these affairs can cost them of their future. You can say you are a man, a human after all, but “With great power comes great responsibility”. So if you want that power (and the money) then, don’t complain about the hu-ha when you make a mistake. Hey, you are given such high pay for a reason right?

I just feel that if there is really a mistake in a marriage, be it no love, personality clash etc, it isn’t shameful to divorce. But I just can’t stand it when one is tries to step 2 boats at the same time. Human are human for a reason. Human are supposed to be the smartest creatures on Earth. Because we can think, we differentiate what’s right and wrong, we have soul and moral values. Why do you still go ahead and do it when it’s wrong?

This argument can go on and on, I seriously wonder why is adultery not classified as a crime in Singapore?

Is fidelity dead?

Besides, Xiaxue, another blogger friend, Grace Tan also discussed her view on infidelity. Despite all these news on adultery, extramarital affairs, and even my personal experience on betrayal, I still do believe that there’s love that last, there are still relationships that are “till death do us part”. Just like Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his late wife, their relationship and love was touching. Many-a-times, a marriage or relationship breaks down because of the lack of communication and the refusal to face/solve the problems there and then. People escape by searching for new excitement. This is a whole new topic on relationship and there are hundred and one reasons on why people can’t stay committed in a relationship.

But my one advice for all the people out there: Get out of one relationship PROPERLY and THOROUGHLY before getting into another. Because, there’s something called Karma.



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