Veteran and The Rookie 老将与新秀 BTS Day 3

Veteran and The Rookie 老将与新秀 BTS Day 3

Final Day!

YEA!! My breakouts recovered in time, and it’ll be so much easier for Grace to put on makeup for me~

We were actually not told what to prepare for besides being at the make up area and be prepared by a certain time. But luckily, I was doing some last minute homework the night before, watching Bryan Wong’s show like “Share Something” and I realise that he’s supposed to be hosting another show on the day (Sat) we are supposed to be filming… hmmm… something fishy is going on…Was it what I thought it was?

Makeup for the day of outdoor shoot!
At Marina Square doing some shadowing~

Muahaha… I GOT IT right! It’s S.N.A.P (熠熠星光总动员) *dance around*

Not that knowing this beforehand help alot… but at least I was not shocked nor surprised! Wee~ We were given a chance to shadow Bryan and Kym while they are hunting for pretty girls…and observe how they approach the public and chat with them… It look simple… but… sigh…

S.N.A.P Super Seniors and Super Juniors

IT’S NOT EASY AT ALL. Constantly being camera-sensitive is super hard, especially when you have another person beside you and you have to interact with them. One mistake I keep making is having my side profile constantly towards the main camera… (until the camera crew also cannot take it and shoot me!)

I didn’t really have a problem approaching strangers, perhaps because of my past part time job where I have to approach strangers during roadshows.

Our task: To find pretty girls and get their numbers/photos all by ourselves

James, my competitor is really funny and (most of the time) full of sh*t. haha… his reaction to certain topics was also really good. I’m the complete opposite of him. I am SO used to just shutting up when people make comments, as sometimes being witty and being rude has a very thin line of difference.

HE keep calling me to take photos of the girls and him (and send him after that!)

But get me to describe food… I can go on and on and on forever… haha… But too bad, the task wasn’t about food at all. 🙁

Who will win the final battle?
Veteran and The Rookie
Live show starting soon!
bryan wong
Wrap up… filming 2 variety show at 1 go… my 师父is 果然强!
Small chat on shoes~ 师傅穿名牌货!
Veteran and The Rookie
Shifu is finally willing to take photos with James, after 3 days and 7 times of pleading…
filming with bryan wong
Camera rolling…so who will the winner be? (I know I’m stoning)

bryan wong

tiffany bryan wong
YAHOOOOOOOOO… It’s a wrapped! That’s more than 10 hours of work!!

filming crew
It’s a wrap! With the super funny camera crew!

I learnt alot from these camera crew… They taught me many things that I can’t learn just from watching the variety shows… a word to describe my feelings after these filming…. 荧幕前一分钟,荧幕后很多人做工! 当然还有要做很多功(课)!
Translation: A minute on-screen, there’s actually many people working behing-the-scenes! and you have to do a lot of homework!

Production crew: Jasmine, Izza and friend!

Veteran and The Rookie 老将与新秀 will be aired on Channel U at 9pm on Friday 12 October 2012.


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