Annabelle Skin Slimming Blu Review: Thin But With Cellulite

Annabelle Skin Slimming Blu Review: What’s there to lose? Cellulite!

There were many baffled responses when I told my friends that I’m going for slimming treatments with Annabelle Skin Salon. “Huh? What’s there to cut? You are so slim already!” Sad to say, I am petite, but not exactly skinny. Like most Asian girls, I have a heavier bottom (Pear shape body) and I am bugged by the problem of flabby thighs with cellulite.
Annabelle Skin DisclaimerWhat’s cellulite?
Cellulite are pockets of excess fat that have squeezed between the bands of tissue connecting muscle to skin and often appears to be bumpy. Think honeycomb and orange skin. 🙁

I often wear  knee-length dresses to avoid exposing my flabby thighs, and hidden from public eye, I actually have a pretty bad case of cellulite on my butt and thighs despite working out pretty often. So if you are wondering, where’s the fat hidden in me, here’s the “ugly truth” o(>.<)o

Annabelle Skin CelluliteEw. right? A common problem among the women (Yes, women get it more than men!), cellulite is usually caused by genetics, poor diet, fad dieting, slow metabolism, lack of physical activity, hormone changes, dehydration, total body fat, thickness and colour of your skin (what? so racist!)

Slimming Blu Treatment Process

So after consulting Annabelle Skin, we decided to go through 8 sessions of their customised anti-cellulite and spot-slimming treatments so that I can share with my readers if you ever want to know more about the effectiveness of such machine.
Annabelle Slimming Blu 1The first treatment I had, was the Slimming Blu Machine which uses an infrared ray generator combined with electro–stimulation. This machine is designed for not just anti–cellulite treatment, but also achieve lymphatic drainage, total body shaping, slimming, anti–wrinkle treatment, lipolysis (breaking down of lipids) and electro-shaping.

Annabelle Skin Measurement TakingI know this seems really weird and un-necessary to show the picture of getting measurements done. But previously, I had this experience in another slimming centre where the therapist took different the measurements of my body differently every treatments. In the end, the measurements fluctuate and I never knew if I managed to slim down or not! Here at Annabelle Skin, I was asked to stand on the same spot, in the same position (with my hands supporting my boobs, not that they need any 😛 ), with legs the same width apart, and taken by the same therapist every time. And I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m wearing a disposable bra and G-string too.

Annabelle Skin Electro StimulationBefore using the Slimming Blu, my fats and muscles have to be “stimulated” with the EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator). The fundamental principle behind the functioning of EMS is that the brain dispatches a signal in the form of a nerve impulse to the relevant motor point of the muscle requiring it to expand and contract.

The electrodes are placed on specific points and a mild current is applied to get the muscle expand and contract,  duplicating the effects of a vigorous physical exercise without having to exert the effort (aka lazy exercise). I do know that there are people who question the effectiveness of such machines, which is why I am here to review and see if it is legit!

Annabelle Cling WrappedThere after, I was wrapped up with cling wrap to help shape the body, as well as to promote excessive sweating in a particular area of the body, which can help force toxin out of the body through perspiration. This is not my first time trying this, and I was in fact pretty skeptical because the last time I tried this, after being wrapped for 45 minutes, the amount of perspiration were insignificant (my metabolism is pretty low). However, I wasn’t using the Slimming Blu back then, so I guess this is a good gauge to see if it works!

Annabelle Skin Slimming Blu TreatmentSlimming Blu has an adjustable cover with fine infrared lights and it generates the most suitable types of current with personalised programs. The infrared radiation is beneficial as it improve lymphatic drainage; body regeneration process; cell metabolism and activate the microcirculation.

These effects, together with electrical stimulations make the muscular system do aerobic and anaerobic work necessary to lose weight. At the same time, the muscles and tissues will tone up, especially the localized fat.

Annabelle Slimming Blu ResultsAs you can see, my targeted area were all soaked with perspiration by the end of the 25 minute treatment! If you are thinking “This is just water loss! Not fat loss!” at this point of time, I had the same thoughts initially too. The therapist told me how the first treatment was to condition the body parts to start working and the subsequent treatments will come in to solve my cellulite worries.

Annabelle Skin Food Log BookAfter the treatment, I was given the little green book, where I have to do a little food log on what I have everyday. The therapist advised me to take less carbs, more protein, vegetables and drink plenty of water! When I’m dehydrated (which I often am), my cellulite will appear worse!

P.S. Drinking water will encourage the body to release fluids rather than work hard to hold onto them. It also strengthens the collagen in the skin, flushes toxins through the kidneys, improves circulation and increases skin elasticity and smoothness.

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So stay tuned and look out for the next post on more of Annabelle’s slimming and anti-cellulite treatments! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Annabelle Skin Slimming Blu Review: Thin But With Cellulite”

  1. This looks like a complete treatment against cellulite. And yes, cellulite is a woman’s enemy so it is always great to hear about ways to fight it!

  2. You’re so slim and I wouldn’t believe you had cellulite within. Looking forward for the final results after all sessions. Btw, you’re indeed bold to share these pics with us.

  3. Wow! I’ve never heard of this treatment before. Just like you my thighs are just the same and I hate them. I had no idea the color of your skin played a role in that. I wonder if I can find this treatment here and try it out. I need this!

  4. I’m affraid of having cellulite. Is that your body in the picture? Brave. I wonder if cellulite is also inherited. Wacha think? Would definitely look forward for the next post of this slimming process.

  5. You’re so bold in showing us every step of the way!! Anyway, I really appreciate your effort in showing us how everything works. Would love to see the results after your 8 sessions!

  6. That’s quite interesting. Cellulite is definitely common in women and it’s one of the things we can’t easily treat with creams and lotions. Thanks for sharing the entire process. Hope it works great!

  7. What a brave post to show all those all-too-personal photographs. I am sure a lot of people can relate to the problem, and discover a way of solving it.

  8. I Love Paars by: Lee

    I also have cellulite probs on my thigh. I hate when im aitting and all those nasty cellulites are so visible. I wanna see the result after you finiah the sessions.

  9. Hi Tiffany. This was a very informative post. Thanks for sharing this with your readers. I will share this post with my folk.

  10. Debarpan Mukherjee

    This treatment is really worthy for everyone who actually wanna become slim.Nice review and you’re looking great too after this sliming treatment done.

  11. This is the first time that I’m hearing about this treatment. I am excited for you. I bet you are going to look super toned after all your sessions.

  12. Ohh my mom also has the same problem. She’s mostly thin all throughout the body except for the thigh area and behind. Did you get advise on the estimate time the cellulite will reduce when you follow the recommended diet?

  13. Your post is in detail and explains the treatment properly. I too hv cellulite issues like many women so a good review.

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