Lynzabel Lee’s 2014 Tarot Forecast

Ever wonder what is your 2014 going to be like?

A little note from Tiffany: Hi everyone, Happy 2014! I’ve always been amazed by divination like horoscopes, zodiac, tarot and numerology. I often use them as a guide, an assistance if I ever feel lost in making decisions like: Should I let go of this particular project or go ahead? It is taking up a lot of my time and I don’t have a good feeling about it (intuition). But I don’t want to lose this opportunity if it is a good one! So that’s when I reach out to the tarot cards for guidance.

Here, Lynzabel Lee, a tarot reader had helped to come out with a quick overview of 2014 for everyone according to your birth-date. Do try it out and share with your friends!

How to do this?

Take your date of birth: Day + Month + 2014 and add up the numbers.
Person born on 26 Dec will be: Day (26) + Month (12) + (2014) =
(2+6) + (1+2) + (2+0+1+4) = 8 + 3 + 7 = 18,
which is = 1 + 8 = 9 (refer to Tarot Set 9: that will be your forcast for 2014)

Person born on 3 Jun will be: Day (03) + Month (06) + (2014) =
(0+3) + (0+6) + (2+0+1+4) = 3 + 6 + 7 = 16,
which is = 1 + 6 = 7 (refer to Tarot Set 7: that will be your forcast for 2014)

2014 Tarot Forecast:

Lynzabel Lee 2014 Tarot Forecast
Page of Swords signify a new beginning: a fresh new start.
It is a time to clarify your goals, be clear of what you want and work on them! You must, however, be able and willing to change, and act upon what you want.

Ace of swords reversed: There may be delays, glitches or frustrations as you get your plan going: but do not give up!

The knight of wands reversed is not particularly negative but it also indicates delays in messages or paperwork.

Lynzabel’s Advice
Focus on your path and lead the way with hard work. New projects and initiatives will appear and you need courage; take to the helm like a leader and lead with confidence.
Likely to make money easily this year and its a great year to start a new job or business. Promotions is possible and some travel is indicated or there could be separation from people, places or situations.
Lynzabel Lee
This is a year of co-operation and development; a period of wait and see time.
5 of swords reversed indicate a time for you to ‘go with the flow’. Do not push or hurry things as aggressiveness or resistance can cause problems. Be prepared for detours and stagnation.

8 of pentacles: This year is a test of your patience and emotions. Sure-ness of purpose will guarantee success. Your craftsmanship will be rewarded by increased income, opportunity and respect.

The empress is a card of emotional control and making things work congenially towards a common goal.

Lynzabel’s Advice
Remember, this is a time of co-operation. Contribute and help others if you can. Details must be taken care of as and when they surface. Overall, it is a year that tests your self-control and emotional sensitivities. It is also a good year for nuturing and relationships.
Lynzabel Lee 2014 Tarot Forecast
The Star reversed indicates that you are not presently in touch with the source of your unconscious energy and may be feeling restricted or disconnected. You may thus be inclined to scatter your energies and undertake too many things.
Seek your own path in a private way. Your inner need is great; re-energize yourself, and attune to your inner needs. You may experience self-doubts or your vitality may be too low to accomplish the actions required.

The Magician reversed also indicate losing connection with the earth. He is not grounded, lack purpose and self-discipline. This can lead to mental or emotional disturbances.

You are like a magician who require a stronger connection to the heavens or earth. You lack the right motive, plan, enthusiasm or practicality to successfully complete what you have in mind.

Lynzabel’s Advice
This can be a disastrous year for business and is not a good year for finances.
However, on the Art front, this is a good time to get your work published; you will probably gain recognition especially in relaton to the arts, entertainment and communication field. Follow your heart when you feel lost; as the heart knows reasons that reasons knows not.
Lynzabel Lee
This is a year of hard work and slow but steady progress. It is also a year to get things in order. 3 of cups reversed is a sign for you to get ready for frustrations and more situations where you may flare up.
Look at your current and past performances in a very hard light; get organized and bring yourself down to earth.

Responsibilities will increase, physical resistance is low. Relationships seems to be going no where as indicated by the 2 of cups reversed.

Ace of wands indicates delays and you could be hesitating due to lack of resources or confidence.

Lynzabel’s Advice
Do not worry; all is well. Just continue to work hard and there will be small rewards and achievements. You are now building a foundation for future progress.

Lynzabel Lee
7 of pentacles also represents a time of reflection and planning for the future. Take time to plan your future steps. Your decisions are likely to have significant consequences. Ask yourself, ‘Where am I heading?’ and ‘Where do I want to be in a year, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now?’

Page of cups reversed indicates a disappointment within a partnership or relationship. It can also be disappointing news, or news that is delayed. It can be a time of awaiting news of where you stand in a situation, or confirmation in regards to a job etc. This card indicates uncertainty regarding the offer (situation)
or delayed confirmation. It can also indicate disturbances through dreams or visions. Take regular walks or excercise in nature to return you to a state of balance.

10 of wands reversed means that you have burdened yourself with too many responsibilities; sometimes to avoid facing up to the truth. Learn to delegate your work load. Decide which areas of your life warrants attention and commitment.

Lynzabel’s Advice
This year, you will be likely to change jobs, relocate to another country etc., Loss or separation in also indicated this year. Take time to plan for your future and be clear where you are heading, or if your burden is too heavy, what should you do? This is a year of major change: a roller coaster year; but you will emerge stronger than ever!
Lynzabel Lee
7 of pentacles:This is a year of financial rewards and also increasing responsibilities. There will be deepening concerns for family and loved ones. You may be required to handle adjustments to plans and finish earlier projects.

Emperor teaches the meaning of power and how to use it in this world. The emperor personifies the idea that what is worth having is worth fighting for. This year you will be called on to make some adjustments in your life and sacrifices for family and friends. You are the protective force that preserves harmony.

7 of swords signify caution in handling your affairs; discretion and discrimination are required. Use of diplomacy and evasive tactics may be called for.

Lynzabel’s Advice
This is a slow moving year. It is a good year for love, marriage and creative pursuits. Can have financial rewards, progress and possibility of birth in family.
Lynzabel Lee 2014 Tarot Forecast
6 of wands is also a card of victory, good news and success. It is a good time for creative pursuits and money making ideas as indicated by Ace of wands.

The Emperor here is an indication of male protective forces at work here. Let the protective father figure in you reconcile related issues.
Lynzabel’s Advice
7 is a spiritual number; this is a year for meditation, inner-contemplation, soul-searching etc. Use the energy of 7 to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

It is also a good year for research, study, writing, analysis, knowledge and reflection.
Lynzabel Lee
Knight of pentacles reversed describes an inability to consolidate long term plans, or delays in achieving progress. You may be forced to rely on others at this moment.

King of cups reversed is and indication for you to let go of past resentments and issues.
However, if you continue to dwell over past issues and quarrel or pick at the same problems, nothing constructive can be achieved.

The Fool is a card for spontaneous action. A time to leap out of a situation and live in the moment.
Lynzabel’s Advice
This is a year of big decisions and major achievements. There will be opportunities for advancements and recognition. Activity is the key to success. Power and status potential is at a peak. This is a time to exude self confidence, authority, leadership and control.
Lynzabel Lee
4 of wands indicate good times for you. Be more involved and giving to others. A good time to do charity from your heart.

7 of wands indicate that your persistence and determination to issues will finally pay off.

10 of pentacles indicates that all is well as you discard the old, get ready to welcome the new with a fresh start beginning 2015!

Lynzabel’s Advice
This is a tear of completions. Finish old projects and let go of old ways that no longer serves you. Throw away clutter and eliminate old debts.
Wishing all a Happy New Year; May all your wishes come true.

lynzabel lee

By Lynzabel Lee
Lynzabel does tarot reading and numerology. During her free time, she also hand-paints dresses. For a detailed reading, you can contact her at or 9192 6609. She provides readings at a rate of $3/min. Check out for more information

With Reference from Gracy Yap and The Everything Tarot Book

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