Content Creator

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment.
It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."
- Bruce Garrabrandt

With a unique combination of the skills developed from her acting and performance on TV, crossed with her acquired knowledge of working with big brands from her days as a high-profile blogger, Tiffany Yong has a knack for learning the marketing needs of her clients as well as the identity of their label, and artfully expressing them in the form of poignant or catchy short videos.

Below are an assortment of the different videos she produced in collaboration with the respective brand partners.

Love at Second Sight 《二见钟情》

The Love At Second Sight series is a 3 part web-series featuring the same story, but told from the point of view of 2 different characters, and subsequently from both of them at the same time. Each episode solely dedicated to featuring a single brand of its own. Koi Plus; an upscale cafe concept featuring premium quality tea. Gaston Luga, a Scandinavian-concept backpack brand hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. And lastly W Eye Clinic; a private eye care clinic located in Suntec City.

And despite each one being such vastly different businesses, they are woven organically into the stories, much like what one would expect from those viral Thai commercials. Tiffany aspires to produce adverts that focus on story first and foremost with the goal of creating not just a one-time catchy post, but instead, memorable pieces that would survive the test of time, and remain re-sharable even years after it was first released.

Couple Fights Series

Couple Fights are short 1-minute plus videos featuring brands via fast-paced short fight scenes in order to present brands in a new rarely seen flavour. Especially in the current social media landscape with an over-saturation of content for F&B services, this is a sure way of standing out from the noise.

Brand Collaborations

Gone are the days where one can stand out with simple and straight-forward advertorial videos. Here’s a few sample videos showcasing punchy and upbeat pieces that is sure to help your brand stand out from the rest. 

Travelogues and Staycations

Who says good-quality travelogues have to be expensive? Here are some visual snacks to quench your wanderlust produced by just a small team. 🙂 

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