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Extraordinary Mission (非凡任务) Movie Review

Extraordinary Mission Movie Poster

Extraordinary Mission (非凡任务) Movie Review | by Recommended Audience: Fans of Huang Xuan 黄轩, Duan Yi Hong 段奕宏, Lang Yue Ting 郎月婷, Zu Feng 祖峰, Xing Jia Dong 邢佳栋, David Wang 王耀庆, Mak Siu-Fai 麦兆辉, Pun Yiu-Ming 潘耀明 and action crime movie fans  Extraordinary Mission (非凡任务) Movie Synopsis Police officer Lin Kai is …

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Office (华丽上班族) Movie Review

Office (华丽上班族) Movie Review | by Recommended Audience: Fans of Chow Yun Fat 周润发 , Tang Wei 汤唯, Sylvia Chang 张艾嘉, Eason Chan 陈奕迅, Wang Ziyi 王紫逸, 郎月婷 Lang Yue Ting and musical/comedy/drama movie fans Office (华丽上班族) Movie Synopsis: Billion-dollar company Jones & Sunn is going public. Chairman Ho Chung-ping (Chow Yun Fat) has …

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