Jeremy Chan

Lucky Boy (天公仔) Movie Review

Lucky Boy Movie Poster 2017

Lucky Boy (天公仔) Movie Review | by Recommended Audience: Fans of Wang Weiliang 王伟良, Venus Wong 王敏奕, Jeremy Chan 田铭耀, Terence Then 邓国强, Chew Chor Meng 周初明, Chen Xiuhuan 陈秀环, Priscilla Lim 林茜茜, Melody Low, Boris Boo 巫培双 and comedy movie fans Lucky Boy (天公仔) Movie Synopsis LUCKY BOY chronicles several decades of the …

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Funamania 2012 | By It was really fun chaotic at FUNaMANIA 2012 (haha, that”s why it”s called Fun-a-mania right?) Thanks for watching the video.  I know it”s really short as there were a lot of parts where I couldn”t capture (because I was busy taking photos with the celebrities! haha) But I will elaborate more …

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