Bleeding Steel (机器之血) Movie Review

Bleeding Steel Poster

Bleeding Steel (机器之血) Movie Review | by The Epiphany Duplet Recommended Audience: Fans of Jackie Chan 成龍, Show Lo 罗志祥, Ouyang Nana 欧阳娜娜, Erica Xia-Hou 夏侯云姗, Callan Mulvey, Tess Haubrich, Leo Zhang 张立嘉 and action/thriller movie fans Bleeding Steel (机器之血) Movie Synopsis Special agent Lin Dong (Jackie Chan) suffers a huge personal loss during an …

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Beautiful Accident (美好的意外) Movie Review

Beautiful Accident Movie Poster

Beautiful Accident (美好的意外) Movie Review | by Recommended Audience: Fans of Gwei Lun-Mei 桂纶镁, Chen Kun 陈坤, Wang Jing Chun 王景春, William Wang 王元也, Ouyang Nana 欧阳娜娜, Ho Wi-Ding 何蔚庭 and romantic comedy movie fans Beautiful Accident (美好的意外) Movie Synopsis A unique romantic drama about mistaken identity and the possibility of second chances. When …

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Mission Milano (偷天特务/王牌逗王牌) Movie Review

Mission Milano (偷天特务/王牌逗王牌) Movie Review | by Recommended Audience: Fans of Andy Lau 刘德华, Huang Xiao Ming 黄晓明, Ou Yang Nana 欧阳娜娜, Wong Cho Lam 王祖蓝, Shen Teng 沈腾, Michelle Hu 胡然, Evonne Sie 谢依霖, Wong Jing 王晶 and action comedy movie fans Mission Milano (偷天特务/王牌逗王牌) Movie Synopsis Mission Milano is an adventure about …

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