The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) Review

The Whispering Korean Movie

The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of So Joo-yeon 소주연, Kim Min-Kyu 김민규, Choi Hee-Jin 최희진, Kim Young 김영, Kim Tae Min 김태민, Park Jin 박진, Choi Sang-Hun 최상훈 and Korean horror movie fans

The Whispering Korean Movie

The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) Synopsis:

One wrong turn and a group of teens were led to an abandoned amusement park. Six high school students, who finished their college entrance examinations, accidentally discover a colourful yet haunted house with eerie rumours to it. Ignoring all signs of warning, the students decided to explore the premise. Inside there, the students start to hear the whispers of death and vanish one by one, as unstoppable, extreme terror engulfs them.

The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) Viewer Rating: 2.5/5 **

The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) Movie Review:

Fans of classic school horrors will enjoy watching this directorial debut from Choi Sang-hun. A group of students on a road trip chanced upon a deserted amusement park, and decided to explore the haunted house for the sake of live streaming. While the premise was quite straight-forward – a group of teenagers making stupid choices and suffering the consequences of their decision, I like how relevant their motivation for entering the cave.
The Whispering Korean Movie CastKim Young (the Got7 Jackson Wang look-alike) is Jo Woo-Sung, got the team to enter the haunted house for a selfish reason, doing risky acts on live shows for money and fame. This is very relevant in the current times seeing how many people are doing that – from swallowing live eels to fulfilling dares posted by netizens in hope to become famous.

The Whispering So Joo-yeonAs fresh faces, the actors did a pretty decent job showcasing their distinctive personalities, but the story was somewhat lacking. The budding romance between Eun-ha (So Joo-yeon) and Min-Woo (Kim Min-kyu) were kept vague and unexplored. Eun-ha could hear whisperings from the dead, but there were no explanation why it was so and if it started after her best friend went missing.

There were plenty of baseless jump scares created for the sake of scaring. The characters started off as a group of close friends but ended up as individuals when horror started happening. The whole plot were so similar to The Mimic yet the relationship of the characters were so weak, and it made the ending felt somewhat disappointing and unappealing.

Do You Know?

The Whispering So Joo-yeonSo Joo-yeon made her debut in an advertisement in 2017, landed the leading role with her ability to contain any emotion and narrative. 

Kim Tae Min The WhisperingKim Tae-min makes his acting debut in as ‘Dong-il’, a teenager who drives his friends down the wrong path and takes them to the eerie haunted house with scary rumors. He first appeared in Mnet’s “Produce 101”.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) is out in cinemas on 26 July 2018.

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16 thoughts on “The Whispering Korean Movie (속닥속닥 | 窃窃私语) Review”

  1. Have seen it. As usual, there are some jump scares that I’ll say less than 10 which is nice. That way, you can focus on the plot more than being afraid of getting scared unnecessarily.

    I love the ending as it’s an open ending. You can think whatever possibilities that could happen to the characters. I would like to think something bad happened to them.
    The choice made by the first leading actress was understandable when you think about what she had been through prior to that decision.

    They did a great job at acting given that they were new in the industry.

    Overall, I’ll give 8/10

  2. I do not know Asian cinematography very well, especially Korean. Definitely something to check, because I am curious.

  3. I’ve heard about this movie from my k-pop obsessed friends and now I am excited to watch it! I like So Joo-yeon so much.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of horror but it seems this movie will keep you on your toes especially when they start disappearing one by one.

  5. I love movies like this. It might seem weird because of my age, but teen movies are always fun to watch, even if they are scary movies.

  6. Ah pity about the so-so review, but it is becoming such a thing for teenagers to take up dares without thinking about the consequences. Hopefully there’s a good lesson to be learnt in The Whispering. The last bit in the behind the Scenes video you shared looked quite terrifying

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